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Found 10 results

  1. I had yesterday three times the problem that my project I was working on disapear at once, no warning or crash reports. this was happening I was using a frankandtoon brush where I was clicking several times behind another. The brush was very small in size. No hardware accelaration on. someone has this also? Afterwards I could started further with a a not saved backup.
  2. MY graphics design teacher assigned us a project but its a Photoshop project. I usually use affinity photo because i like the interface a bit more and it doesn't crash on my computer. I would ask my teacher to help me decipher this project from a Photoshop tutorial into an affinity photo tutorial but school got shut down because of corona so now there is no way of doing that. Can someone help me out here and explain what this guy does in his video in affinity photo terms?
  3. Well ! The title says it all, Affinity Publisher is missing/lacking of the essential Export Persona. On a workflow like mine where i use Affinity Photo to process everything pixel, Designer to Process everything Vector and make them all converge to Affinity Publisher for project finalization. So, 80% of my exports happens there because Affinity Publisher does it better when it have to print stuffs ! Please bring a shiny but powerful export persona to Publisher.
  4. Hello, I can’t figure out how to delete unwanted projects. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'am Maciej from Poland. I designed a concept car based on my 1995 sketch. This is my own design project. Regards All colors...
  6. Hello, I have an urgent request: Affinity Photo, as good as it is, should handle a software crash and being able to recover even unsaved projects. I already lost hours of work because of this missing feature. I use Lightroom as main raw developing software (AP isn't that good yet tbh) and link it to Affinity Photo, so the edited product when I close Photo will be in Lightroom for the final touches. Except when Affinity Photo decides to crash for no good reason (like while making a selection)... then everything done in Photo is lost instantly. I expect that when I restart Affinity Photo it tells me "sorry I crashed but I am able to recover the last projects you were working on if you wish so and tell my developers what happened so that they can fix me". Thank you very much! Best regards, r.v.
  7. Hi all, brand new user so please be gentle with me! I have created a project with multiple layers. What would be the best way of opening one of those layers (or group of layers) in a new affinity document? Do I need to export it and then re-import? If so what is the best setting to use to maintain all the editing options? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  8. New project entirely done in affinity...called EDGY! Modelling and drawing phase...after texturing, shading and colouring...(listening to EDGE OF TOMORROW and CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER while designing...love my job!).
  9. Here is my completed zombie project!!!! First one entirely with Affinity Designer!
  10. Here's an idea...Who thinks it would be a good idea to have artists with different skills needs and abilities to meet up here and develop/finalise that project that would only gather dust on that proverbial shelf in our heads? If old and new, modern and old etc got together then something great could be about to take place. Look up Peter Gabriel's WOMAD record label for art/poetry/paper trail influences, to see what might work for you.
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