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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I purchased Affinity Photo last month and I cannot find how I received my Product Key. Is there a way to retrieve it. One more question. I installed Affinity on my laptop. Can I use the same product key for my home desktop or do I need to purchase another license. Please let me know, Thanks, Yair
  2. Hi there. I'm not sure you can help me. I know Page Plus is not available any more. However, I purchased a copy of Page Plus 7 a few years ago, (probably about 6 years ago) and loaded it to my laptop. I have since purchased a new laptop and the technician was able to copy all items from my old laptop and reinstall the software, but I couldn't register PagePlus7. I have all the information, including product key. I registered this online originally and I can't find anywhere I can go to find out how I can re-register. I am using the software but I would like to use it legally. I am on Windows 10. Can someone advise how I can re-register.
  3. Hello, I purchased all the Affinity programs through the Microsoft store but none of the product keys show when I log into Serif. I tried to register the programs and the system gives me an error. I wanted to register the software so I had a record of it in case my computer crashed. Could someone please update me on how to go about doing this?
  4. I just want to be absolutely sure I have understood this part of the text without any mistakes. "As a private individual, you can download, install, use and run for personal use, one copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running either (depending on your purchased license) Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) or macOS (“Mac Computer”) that you personally own or control." (Found in https://store.serif.com/en-us/help/ ) So to give an example of my situation. I am a private individual, I have an old Mac. I wish to get a new one. I have purchased digital licenses and I can instal and use them on both computers. True or false? I worry that if I instal the cool new software on my old computer I have to buy them again for the new computer.
  5. I recently purchased all 3 Affinity packages, Designer, Publisher and Photo, after trying it first. My friend had already installed the software onto my desktop PC and entered her Product Key, prior to myself buying the product and I was using it for a week or so. When I decided to buy it myself, we uninstalled the software and then reinstalled, hoping to use the new product key I had obtained. But when I logged into each program, it only asked for my email and password, which I used to register on the website. I would like to use my version of the program, which I purchased and not my friend's version - which she uses on her own PC. Could somebody please advise. Thank you, Paul.
  6. Hi, thanks for the great product! I am using photo & designer for windows. In the next days my mail address will be changed and i do not renew my old domain. To install affinity it is required to use the mail address and the product key. Two questions: - is it possible to change the mail address which i am using to register the product? - how to avoid the restore (if possible) of the product key if someone is getting my old domain and send mail to the support? Regards, Marco
  7. I am moving from a Mac computer to a Windows platform. I bought a Publisher and Photo license in my Mac App Store. Is there a way of migrating this license onto a Windows license? As I purchased it directly over the appstore I don't have any license key.
  8. Hi there. I bought affinity designer from the microsoft store, but I didn't get sent a product key. I want to use it on another laptop (also on windows), but it's asking me to pay again. Have tried using my order number as a key, but it doesn't work. Have been through my purchase info on the store and through my email and can't find anything. Please can you help. Screenshot below of my confirmation of purchase email. thanks! Gudrun
  9. I just purchased Affinity Designer in a Black Friday deal via Store App on Win 10 Pro. Kindly guide me on how to find my product key for the same as I would like to share it with my Family using Affinity Designer on different Machines at home.
  10. Hello I have bought Affinity designer by July 23 nd 2017 my paypal transaction number was the following 1TL32317VH025020V the product key does not appear under my account history. I have sent an email to affinityorders@serif.com but gmail says that it cannot deliver the email. As I am using a new computer I need to reinstall the software and enter the product key. Please let me have this product key asap. Best regards, Guy Fauquembergue.
  11. Product key as in where am I supposed to apply it???????????? Let me back up a bit. I downloaded the free trial version for my Windows desktop. I bought the license once the trial period had ended and was prompted to do so. I received an order number and product key but was not instructed as to where I'm supposed to use it. I can't open the program now that it has expired. All that it will do now is take me to the page to where I already paid. Don't tell me that I have to download the stupid thing again and enter the product key there because I have metered internet access and will pay an overage fee and suffer through another 90 minute download using my Verizon hotspot. I literally live in the woods and don't have a direct internet line to my house.
  12. Hello All - I purchased Affinity Designer in December of 2015. I have a new Macbook and I would like to download it. I'm having an issue finding a product key (it sounds like that's what I'll need to avoid purchasing again?). I have an email with my receipt but I don't see the download when I look up my account. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  13. I just downloaded Serif WebPluse Starter Ed. I am having trouble getting the activation Key. Is there any help so that I may use your product.
  14. I purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on July 8 2017 and I did reinstall of softwares numerous times. Today when I have done my Windows reinstallation and starting the program Affinity Designer I have been asked for the Product Key. Since it was emailed to me, I entered the info in the required spaces but am being told it is invalid. Does the key expire? And if not, can I reinstall the version that was working as needed? Or do I have to purchase the product again?
  15. I just bought Affinity Designer yesterday, but I have a slight setback with the computer's battery, so I need to use another for a week or two. I tried to download the beta version again and validate it with the same product key. But it says the details are invalid. How can you make it work? Is there a way to disable the software on one computer to turn it on in a second?
  16. Hi, I bought Affinity Photo in March. In the meantime, my e-mail account has been hacked and I have a new mail. Now I bought Affinity Designer. But find my product key for Photo no longer.Only for Afinity Designer...;( Have looked through all the old mails, but find nothing more. I need the key for my new notebook. Heeeeelp !!!! Am I right here ????
  17. I recently logged on to my computer (Win 10 PC) to find that the shortcut for my Affinity Designer program was not appearing properly. When attempting to run the program, it remarked that files for the software could not be found. Fearing the files may have somehow been corrupted, I re-downloaded the software and launched the program as an admin. Upon opening, a message appeared informing me that the Product Key was Invalid, after which the program closed out. Following this, I went all the way back to the original emails I was sent from Affinity upon my purchase, and from there I downloaded the software again using the link they had provided for me. Installation of the software gave me the option of removing the previously existing files or repairing them, so I clicked on repair. After this was completed, I launched the program again, only to find the same message informing me that my Product Key was Invalid. Can someone please provide assistance on how to fix this issue, as I am in the middle of several projects that I would like to have completed in a timely manner.
  18. My Affinity has stopped working. I downloaded and installed Affinity Photo OK on 10 April and it's been working fine since but today (24 April) I tried to open and message says 'Invalid product key' - there was no obvious alternative action. I deleted the program and downloaded again, same problem? HELP?
  19. A few days ago I purchased and installed Affinity Designer. I already had Affinity Photo installed on my PC, but after installing Designer, every time I open Photo I'm greeted with an error message about some "Invalid Product Key" (see attached image). I don't know how to fix this, and would like to be able to use both programs. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
  20. Just purchased Affinity online, I am installing it onto my Windows PC. During the install it comes to a point where you enter the product key(given at time of purchase) and your email. Both my key, and my email are correct and it is still saying they are not. what can I do?
  21. Hi all. I just bought Affinity Photo since my trial was expired but apparently there was no way of resetting it, planning to use the 14 days money back policy should I find the need to (but really hoping to stick :P). Anyway, since I use mainly a Windows PC, I bought the Windows version thinking I could somehow use the license key on Mac OS. Now I'm looking for a Mac download to use AP on my MacBook but apparently the only link to the Mac App Store, which obviously asks me for a new purchase. Is there no way to download a "licensable" version of AP to use the same key? Or I should buy it again for Mac?
  22. Hello, I`m totally new here. Just bought Affinity Photo and it`s now downloading on one of my computers. I think I read somewhere that you can use the Product key more than once. So I tried to download it for my laptop too. I went on the homepage and signed in - it just says that I can buy it here. But I already did? How can I get it now for my laptop too? I hope you can understand what I mean, english is not my first language! Thank you so much!
  23. Hello, So, I have Affinity Designer installed on my computer. I am planning to do a clean install of my computer and am wondering about the Affinity Designer product key. I am wondering if I am able to simply uninstall Affinity, then do my clean install, and install it again with my email and product key, or if I will have to do something else for it to deactivate. Thanks for any help. I am running Windows 10 Creator's Update (64-bit) on a custom desktop.
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