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  1. I've just installed Affinity Photo 1.3.5 (from the App Store) and have a problem downloading the samples. The only ones that seems to work are The Visit & the Elephant King. The others acquire a small red X when I click on them. I'm running OS 10.9.5. It's not a huge problem per se but I would like to be reassured that I haven't downloaded a faulty version... I also note that the full screen toggle keyboard command is not Cmd Shift F as stated in the dropdown window. It is, in fact, Ctrl Cmd F. It remains to be seen if there are more malfunctions/inconsistencies. A cursory preliminary
  2. i am attaching picture of some box in Affinity designer when i on snapping i see thin hairline between objects please help
  3. Hi there - I have just updated Photo from 1.8.6 to 1.9.1 and have lost all functionality - when in Develop mode none of the panels with adjusters will open. How can I revert to older version? I have iMac 27inch with latest OS. URGENT Regards
  4. Shot on a super sturdy tripod, Nikon Z7, VR/IBIS = OFF, Z 24-70 2.8 S @ f/8, @ 24mm. NEF (0, -2, +2 stops) directly loaded into "New HDR merge", Auto align images set to Perspective, no noise reduction, Tone Map unchecked, Auto remove ghost: tried both, no difference, this is kinda not aligned:
  5. I got problem with Affinity - all software (Photo / Designer / Publisher) won't open. Windows 10 / Surface Pro 7 I tryed disable CL, but can't find that XML (I'm newbie on Windows).
  6. So i tried to make a donut then convert it to curve with line subtracted in its center but i got a problem...i noticed it didn't subtracted correctly as you can see in the image What could cause that and how do i fix it (i tried moving the line and the subtrack it but without any luck.) Any suggestions to fix? Thanks!
  7. [English version below] Hallo zusammen, ich erstelle Pläne und Grafiken für digitale Präsentationen (Fachgebiet Architektur). Folgendes Problem: Ich stelle die gewünschten Farben in Affinity Designer mit dem HEX-Code ein. Wenn ich die Grafik exportiere, wird diese immer mit knalligeren Farben exportiert, als eigentlich eingestellt. Ich benötige PNG, JPEG und PDF-Formate. Mit allen Formaten, mit allen denkbaren Einstellungen habe ich bereits herumprobiert. Das Programm, das Dokument und im Export haben die gleichen RGB-Einstellungen und ICC-Profile. Eine zeitlang ist bei der Einstellu
  8. I am running on Windows 10. I am unable to paint black on any mask, adjustments or pixels; painting white is fine on a mask or an inverted mask. Painting black has no effect. mask_problem.afphoto
  9. Hi Affnity, Hi Forumers! I (ab)use Affinity Photo to edit my astrophoto, I find Affinity Photo a great piece of software! However I'm facing a problem that I can't solve: the tiff files out of AP don't work in any star stacking software. I tested Sequator, Starry landscaper, Deep sky star stacker, Iris and Siril. All report the message "unable to read files". Strange, because with jpgs everything flows. I wrote some line to the developers and that is the answer I had: "TIFF is not fully standardized. Although they are called TIFF, some formats or fields may be incompatible
  10. Hello Everyone, For some reason, it seams that tabs won't apply trailing underscores (or any other character for that matter) when tabs are applied from right to left. Here is a screenshot explaining the problem (sorry my version is in French but I’m sure you can understand the few fields)… …but maybe it is just an issue with me using the tools. Thanks in advance for your help. Yours, ——naq2
  11. I am currently making a weekly planner using affinity publisher and it is freezing a lot. for example if I simply scroll up or down it might freeze or if I click on something it will freeze for 2 or 3 seconds. It isnt really a problem until I am moving things around then it freezes A LOT. I have checked the specs of my laptop and it is more than capable of handling publisher, I also use affinity designer on a daily basis and it does not have any such problems even with multiple applications open. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
  12. I have a substantial issue I am hoping to resolve. I do a lot of architectural retouching, and I often copy-paste small elements all over an image, often from one side to another. I always have to distort/perspective/warp these objects to make them match up. Every time I move or distort an object on a layer, the layer increases in size by the amount of change. So if I copy/paste a region of pixels, then move it across the image to the other side, Affinity thinks the now transparent pixels somehow still have content, and increases the layer size accordingly. If I Command-Click the lay
  13. Hi, so I have quite a strange issue. I was making a logo for my friends winery. I painted it and then digitalized it so she would get vector to use right. I was just in Designer persona for vectors using brushes from this library. The issue is that when I am in the affinity designer the logo itself looks ready, with transparent background etc. but when I export it to eps, white backgrounds behind the shapes appear. I was doing a little research, ticked all the boxes which was supposed to be ticked nothing helped. Then I tried to put the bad eps file back to Affinity and see what is the pr
  14. The App develops my photo without warning and without me touching anything. The issue occurs in the middle of edits and the screen blinks and develops my photo prematurely when I'm not touching anything on the screen. Device: iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch 1TB File: Fujifilm X-Pro 1 RAW file .RAF Video: https://youtu.be/OlfIgFUOSTc It's not a great video as I haven't used Affinity Photo in many months because of this problem, but the issue happens consistently, ie. every single time I edit a RAW file. To just watch the issue, please watch: 2:52 and 12:16.
  15. hi. After yesterday's update, all tools not working. Any ideas why? I will just add that in all affinity programs as well
  16. I update my old PC and now i cant open affinity photo at all. I try to uninstall and now I cant even open the setup exe, it just pop for a sec in the taskbar and then disappear. My PC is very old but is still capable enough to run affinity photo just fine. I7 2600K with no overclock ,8GB dual channel DDR3 1333Mhz RAM, z68 chipset, and SSD. I don't know what to do.
  17. Hi,I've just purchased a new computer. I visited Affinity site to re-download the software onto this. There appears no way to do this without purchasing again, which I obviously don't wish to do. How do you transfer or download my purchased copy? Thank you.
  18. So I’ve been trying to export this picture that I made to PDF and it isn’t working. Random lines show up and letters are missing. Even some of the color that I put in has moved and isn’t showing up. I don’t know what’s going on at all. I’m trying to do PDF print and PDF for export so that I can use this as a logo. All of the layers are normal Would it be better to use PNG instead for printing a logo? I need the vector to come out beautifully. Gin Glow RGB final?.pdf Gin_Glow_RGB_).pdf
  19. Hello, I have the sony a6400 and for some reason affinity is displaying the colors way too dark. The Windows preview shows the image in the right colors and also of course the sony memories app. I attached a picture for it. I guess it has nothing to do with the camera settings since other apps can handle it. This problem is driving me crazy and i already resetted Affinity with the CRTL method. The upload is not taking png's and the error when uploading is -200 (Maybe change that?).. Not very helpful so i had to convert is to jpg for the upload.. Sry the interface is in
  20. I need some help. When I open a raw file in Affinity photo (see appendix 1), AP makes the raw file darker (see appendix 2). When I reduce the darkness in develop persona the final result is too light. How can this be solved?.
  21. Hi! I had a trial version, but I decided to buy the full version. After activating the product, I cannot install the update. Oddly enough, I can't uninstall an earlier product. The first two screens are for update and installation, and the last one shows the problem during uninstallation. Please help. btw I was looking for the Affinity.msi file. He is nowhere to be found.
  22. Started using Serif back in 2010 (full suite). My PPx3 was working like a champ on my 10 year old laptop (Windows 7 SP#1 64) which I use to retouch and repair photos I get from my fellow Vietnam vets. Last year sometime, I think following a Windows update, the program would not longer operate, locking and crashing after the opening windows tries to access the 'home base' for news, etc (I surmise). Did what I could from the instructions in this thread and others to restore operations. Nada. Bought a 2nd hand CD of PS10x in hopes of it working on my older laptop. Actually got it to load and it
  23. Hi, I have a question. I received a PSD file created in Photoshop and when I want to open this I get an error. Can somebody help me with this? I attached the error and the file I can't open. ART_designinstagram_MV2019052.psd
  24. Hi, so I found the warp mesh tool and really, really liked it, in fact I am doing a job where I need the warp mesh tool. Up until yesterday it worked fine, today when activated all I get are the four corner points as you would get in the perspective and indeed click on the warp mesh tool and the perspective box opens and click as I may, where ever I want, I can´t get any drag points anywhere else in the image. What´s going wrong? PS. It´s working again, kind of, just needs the mouse to stay longer on the warp mesh tool
  25. I have several weeks left in my trial. I had downloaded Affinity, working well. BUT this is no longer the case. The Affinity Icon is in my dock. Affinity shows in my top bar (after the Apple logo) and the drop down menu works . But clicking the Affinity Icon in my dock ..nothing comes up. !! Nothing of Affinity shows on the screen. What can I do to bring back Affinity to my main screen? Using a 2016 MacBookPro Mohave OS
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