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Found 6 results

  1. I have an Epson ET-7700 ecotank printer on which I would like to print astro-photographs using Affinity Photo. So far results have been disappointing. The photos look dull and somewhat lack lustre and, although I appreciate they will not look as good as on screen, I feel they could be better. These photos are not for exhibition. They are just for pasting into my notebook or sticking up on the wall occasionally. This is not a question about how or where to get photos printed professionally. Does anyone have any advice? Some background info: All images are opened in Affinity Photo as tif 16 bit unsigned integer. I usually do a bit of resizing, changing DPI to 300 etc in Affinity and save as afphoto format. I am printing onto Epson Premium Glossy PhotoPaper which I can select within the printing menu. I have the drivers for this printer installed. They are updated. I use the printer for everyday printing, no problem. I have watched lots of YouTube videos on how to print in Affinity Photo including about ICC paper profiles, Soft Proofing blar blar blar but absolutely none of them have been any help whatsoever. Does anyone know: # Whether one should select ColorSync or Epson Color Control in the Color Matching menu? I’ve tried both without much effect. # Within the Color Sync menu there doesn’t seem to be a profile for the Epson Glossy Paper. Should there be? # If adding a soft proofing layer should one be able to select Epson glossy paper. The profile simply isn’t there in my case. I can boost the exposure a bit which helps. But I feel there should be a more systematic approach. Any thoughts/advice appreciated.
  2. Hi I did raise this issue a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I had resolved it, but it has just come up with another customer. I have designed some printable note papers and sent them out as zipped PDF files. The layers in the images are printing as a black block rather than the actual grouped layers. I have attached a picture of what the print preview shows and what it actually being printed, as well as my settings for export. Please can someone help me in layman's terms, as I am not very literate in the technical stuff. I am using a MacBook Air and the 2 people who have had issues printing are both using MacBooks. Everyone who has used a windows pc has had perfect results, as have I. Many thanks, Louise
  3. I can't manage to make a borderless print of my 8x11 inch photos. I think I am using the correct printer setting (borderless 8.5x11 inch paper). I usually use an Epson 8500. Can someone tell me how to do this?
  4. I use affinity designer for sublimation printing, I have an epsom ET7750 and print 12 x 12 images. when I send an image to the printer it sounds like the image os printing, but the image is so faint it looks like their is no image there. I have printed in word and other programmes and they print fine, its just this programme that I have an issue with.
  5. Dear Affinity community, I have a mystery that maybe one of you might help me to resolve ! I need to print a black and white vector drawing on a booklet. I made it with multiple black and white shapes or lines with Affinity Designer. When I print it directly from Affinity Designer (with file > print) it looks great : the vector lines look very sharp and the white color from my design is replaced by the color of my printing paper : this is exactly what I want ! I don't even have to export it first ! The problem comes with Affinity Publisher. When I insert this drawing in my composition (with file > insert) in order to illustrate my booklet ; I can't print it in the same way. Either my outlines look pixelized (like a low resolution .jpg file) Or my white color appear slightly different from the color of my printing paper (a very light grey) and I dont want that. I just want it to be transparent and replaced by the white color of my printing paper. Trust me, I tried every solution I could find on the internet to fix these problems (different export format, bend options, "erase white paper" option...) and nothing works. If anybody has a solution I would be very grateful for your help ! Thanks, in advance ! All the best, Lanval
  6. Hi guys! I have a problem I cannot really understand. Hope that someone can explain how to make it better: I crated some pages with some text & some symbols. Normal work ... After finishing I created a pdf file which looks great on my screen and sent this pdf to a printing press. The result was bad. The symbols have a dark background. The thing I do not understand ist WHY? I used the same symbols before with InDesign and the result was ok and printable. Same symbols with publisher: not ok. Pls see the pics to get a better idea what I mean. The pen is an imported PNG-file. The plate is a clipboard copy from affinity photo. I talked to the printing press hotline. They told me that there are transparent parts included and responsible for my problem. So I rastered the images and sent a testfile to them: same result :-( Software was: Publisher Any idea to solve the problem? Thanks a lot, Charlie
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