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Found 7 results

  1. Currently, pressure profiles and dashes are mutually exclusive. I would like to have both a pressure profile and a dash applied, no more workarounds please.
  2. Hello there, I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm doing exactly the same thing to the exact same type of stroke. On one I'm able to change the width and on the other I'm not. 2022-04-25 22-10-55.mp4 Also, I'm sorry to bring up stuff that's been posted already. But I've seen posts of people asking for a better "Stroke width tool" similar to AI's one since 2014. And there is still nothing added or changed. Anyways, am I doing something wrong? Do I missunderstand how pressure properties work? Or what exactly happens here? Best regards
  3. For any stroke that has had a brush style applied to it, if I try to revert it to a solid or dashed line style using the Style buttons in the Stroke Studio panel or Context toolbar, the pressure profile for the solid style or the dash parameters for the dash style have no effect. For example, for the solid line style, I can change the pressure profile curve & that curve is shown in the small Pressure: window but the object's stroke does not accept that profile. Likewise, setting dash parameters does nothing at all. For both, the stroke remains a solid one of uniform width. For the default texture brush styles & some others like the DAUB Vector Set Vol 2, clicking the solid or dash style buttons does not even change the stroke style at all -- the stroke continues to use the brush style even though the solid or dash style button is shown as selected. So is this because I am not using the correct procedure to revert the stroke style, a bug in the app, or something that resetting brush styles or clearing something on app startup should fix? I would prefer not to do any resetting or clearing if I can avoid it.
  4. I would like to have an ability to use stroke-pressure profile for (vector) brush as well, not only when I use pen tool (with mouse). This feature is in Illustrator and I am missing it in Designer. EDIT: I mean to have applied custom stroke profile immediately as I draw (using vector brush) with stylus on gr. tablet. OR if not possible then to have chance to create my own custom vector brush with typical narrow cat eye/pupil shape as workaround. And in both situation have chance to change stroke aftewards (which probably works well now).
  5. Allow for saving pressure profiles and be accessed as a dropdown menu- similar to brushes.
  6. Greetings all, Not sure this is a bug, or a change in functionality, but I thought I would bring it up. In the latest Beta, it seems we lost the ability to delete points in the pressure profile window... AD 1.4.2 - If you select a point in the pressure profile window and hit DELETE, the point is deleted from the profile. AD 1.5-BETA 5 - If you select a point in the pressure profile window and hit DELETE, the stroke is deleted from the canvas/artboard. BTW... love the symbols and constraints functionality. Looking forward to the full version and moving AD into my Web Design workflow. Regards, John
  7. Hello, For some reason, the pressure profile is not working when I try to adjust the lines in this file I'm working on. It works in my other files, but not this one. I even tried copying and pasting the elements into a new document (thinking the current file was corrupted), and it still did not work. Please help! I have attached the file.
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