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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted to try a custom pressure setting on a line. But when I go to the pressure area of the stroke panel, it seems like nothing I do affects my stroke. Also, sometimes when I try to move one of the handles they both move down at the same time. https://imgur.com/a/eqzgPb1 (gif of my problem) I have these 2 identical stokes. One is a copy of the other, and as you can see for some reason, one won't let me add the pressure or even a custom brush to it. Also, on the one where I could add the pressure/brush. Is there a way I can tweak that to make it more pointy? It would be nice if I could use a brush/pressure setting so I don't actually have to draw shapes which is what I first started to do... P.S. everytime I tried to include a gif in my upload it failed.
  2. Hello there, I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm doing exactly the same thing to the exact same type of stroke. On one I'm able to change the width and on the other I'm not. 2022-04-25 22-10-55.mp4 Also, I'm sorry to bring up stuff that's been posted already. But I've seen posts of people asking for a better "Stroke width tool" similar to AI's one since 2014. And there is still nothing added or changed. Anyways, am I doing something wrong? Do I missunderstand how pressure properties work? Or what exactly happens here? Best regards
  3. Hello, 90% of the time when I use the vector brush in Affinity Designer with a drawing tablet and pressure control, my line ends look extremely ugly: This is caused by extremely low pressure values that are applied to the beginning and end of the line: I have already tried to flatten the pressure curve of the brush, but had no success with that: Does anyone have an idea how to fix my problem? Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. I don't know if this has been reported already, but thought I'd report my first bug šŸ™‚ I discovered that if you set any kind of pressure profile on a path that has rounded sharp corners; it breaks the stroke of that path. Both lines have round caps and joins. Interestingly enough you get a correct result when you expand the stroke. I'm currently using Windows version Thank you Serif for such an awesome program!
  5. I have two separate curves in affinity design, when I use join with the node tool the Pressure curve of one of the paths is used in the now merged path, which basically changes the entire pressure of the stroke. Iā€™m exporting the file to use for embroidery so a lot of paths are to be merged in a long one and its more accurate for me to do the pressure of each section before merging. Am I missing a step or a setting? I just need the pressure paths to merge as well. Thanks! FullSizeRender.mov
  6. When using the vector brush and trying to adjust the pressure curve the stroke doesn't respond. I had the same issue earlier when using Affinity Designer on my iPad. Only after reassigning the brush to the stroke through the Brushes panel was I able to edit the pressure curve. Please see the attached video for example. Edit: I forgot to add that the brush was unresponsive to pressure applied while drawing the stroke with a pen tablet. brush-pressure.mov
  7. Hello! So, I've been having some trouble with the pressure curve points. I don't remember if it had also occurred on Designer, but it's pretty common in Photo. I create a line and, when I'm going to set a custom curve, the first and last points are moving in sync. How can I solve this? Sometimes, after lots of clicking, I get them to move individually. Check it out: 2018-09-27_01-00-11.mp4
  8. Each brush has your own brush pressure curve setting. But, it's really boring keep changing the pressure curve for each brush. It's that way on Designer and Photo. I'll love to have one global settings, as Krita do.
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