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Found 95 results

  1. Hi Affinity team, (Sorry when using wrong terms in my post. I use German localization so I have the English terms not at hand.) Since 1.5 we have sticky settings which is basically quite useful but, in my opinion, not the perfect solution. I have certain problems with the current implementation: Some tools share the same setings, e.g., all retouching tools seem to use the same settings which is not always useful. Some tools have no sticky settings, in particular, the crop tool where I really miss it. For example, in the majority of cases I want to crop by preserving the original ratio, but the tool always resets to unrestricted. Also I want to always use shading of the outside of the crop area. (In fact this new feature is so useful that I just want to have it as standard instead of an option.) Different types of images and tasks require different settings. Filter and adjustment layers have no sticky settings at all, which would be quite userful. Altogether I would prefer to have customizable presets instead of sticky settings, ideally with the possibilty to store and load own settings to quickly switch them. I think of settings files that can be edited from the preferences dialog. Also nice would be a button or rightclick option by which I can simply store the current setting of a certain tool. Also for live filter I would like to have a possibility to store multiple presets (like there are already for adjustments). The new macro feature is a bit of replacement, but only a bit since I have to explicitly record macros. Maybe you could think about such an improvement. Thanks, Naqoy
  2. When working with textures for 3D work, we usually want to use so called "Power of two" resolutions, because they are more optimized. So I'd like a new category of presets: "Power of two", i.e. 128x128px, 512x512px, 4096x4096px etc. From 1x1px to 32768x32768px.
  3. Suddenly, all my custom export presets that I had defined have disappeared! (I remember recently changed the UI language from German to English and v.v., and I had one system crash - both should not cause this, but I could have??) I am sure they should be included in my backup - which file do I need to restore from Time Machine to get them back? Taking a quick look, I did not find aything suitable named SerifLabs or Affinity in my Library folder...
  4. Hi, Is there a way to create a custom "filter" in AF made up of several adjustment layers? I know you can save presets for adjustment layers individually. I am talking about saving a preset that involves several adjustment layers and possibly filters. For example, I came up with a workflow that creates an effect that i want to be able to reuse but I see no way to save it, except for saving each adjustment layer individually. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I wanted to save a Curve preset, so a clicked on "add preset" in the curve adjustment layer, but after that I lost track of it. I cannot find a way to recall that preset nor a way to manage/delete them... where should I look for it? The help tool is not helping...
  6. Hello, Saving presets in the various panels - Basic, Details, Tones - is easy enough. But where are they actually located on the computer? I'm asking because I want to be able to back them up in case I need to restore them after a clean installation of my system. As of today: Mac OSX 10.11.6 Thank you, Wally
  7. You can select "Letter," "A4", or whatever... and it doesn't change the dimensions of the paper. Screen grab attached. This is version 1.4.2. brokenPageSize.mov
  8. Hi all, Forgive me for asking a possibly taboo question, but I am wondering if any of you know if there are presets available for purchase that work with Affinity Photo. A lot of the photographers I work with use Lightroom, and they swear by their Mastin Labs presets. I am starting to feel at a major disadvantage for not using Lightroom with purchased presets, mainly from a time saving standpoint. The Mastin Labs settings really seem to take their editing to a new level - one I am frankly having a hard time reaching on my own. I am considering moving my work over to Lightroom because of the compatibility it has with things like this. Thank you!
  9. Hi, Where are the adjustments saved on the hard drive? I need to migrate the adjustments I've saved on my current Mac to a new Mac. Thanks!
  10. How to manage preset's? Create, Delete, Rename Preset is always disabled in my Affinity Photo. Please see also attachment. This is always grey and you may not click it. I really would appreciate any help! Best regards, Roland
  11. Hi All, Since Aperture in now officially dead, I'm considering using AfinityPhoto instead of going to dreaded Adobe Photoshop. Over time though, I've collected Photoshop & Lightroom presets. I'm wondering if I can import the presets & use them in AfinityPhoto as I would in Photoshop? Thanks for any help. Kevin
  12. Hi All, Trying to figure out how best to save the changes/settings after I've worked on a RAW file. I've looked in the Affinity Help and so far while looking in the Basic Develop Persona section I found mention of "Save Presets" and an icon associated with it. (see the screen shot attached). I've also found a mention in the forums of adding presets via the pull down menu above the Basic/Exposure settings (screen shot also attached) It's difficult finding specific topics in the built in help as some things are mentioned once but can not be used as search criteria to find out more info. Having used Photoshop previously I think some of the trouble is terminology and a bit of semantics, but it would be good to clear up what means what, and how you might be able to see changes after you save a Raw file as when I return to a changed and saved Raw/af.photo file the sliders are all back to zero, which is not what I'm used to using Photoshop. So, questions: 1. How does one see what changes have been made to a Raw file after adjustments have been made and the file saved and re-opened, as it seems on reopening all the sliders are zeroed and not showing the changes that had been made? 2. Where can the "Save Presets" icon shown in Affinity Help be found on screen or in which menu? 3. Is there an equivalent of an .xmp file created after adjusting a RAW file? 4. Do you have to "add preset" via the Basic pull down menu each time you want to save your adjusted settings to each and every file instead of it re-opening with the settings already done and showing on the sliders? 5. Is "adding" the same or equivalent of "saving" presets, or are they two separate things doing two different jobs? (tried to illustrate this with another screen shot) Think that covers it.
  13. Hello, I've created custom export settings in Export Persona (a Jpeg export), it currently shows up at the bottom of the list of export options. Is there a way to put my custom export settings to the top of the drop down selection as that will probably be the ones I want to use? In Photoshop, I really like that the program shows the size of the final file when I'm saving. Could the dialogue box in Export show the final file size? I'm exporting. Then switching to finder to 'Get Info' to find out the file size of the image.
  14. I usually have a startup point set for the Unsharp Mask filter when I'm working on a photo. But in Affinity Photo every time I open a new photo to work on, the settings in Unsharp Mask are reset to default. Is there a way to set those as a preset? Also, any thought to providing something equivalent to Actions in photoshop for dealing with repetitive tasks? Thanks Don
  15. Hi! I have some awesome actions and presets that I used to apply in photoshop is there a way to use it in AP too? (Your beta is awesome btw, thank you SO much)
  16. Scrolling through all the pre-sets can make the menu unwieldy. In the interests of tidiness can these have a drop down option to display them, or a pop up when you access that part o the menu. Rather than always there? Action in preferences?
  17. The new beta works well with the B/W sliders. I saved a raft of B/W presets (too many) how can I remove some of them? ie:- delete a preset?
  18. Hey fellow AD'ers! I recently added an Intuous Pro tablet to my setup, and was looking around to see if anyone had some great presets/configuration ideas for integrating the numerous buttons on the tablet with AD. Thanks for any input!
  19. When creating a new document, will there be more page presets for film i.e. NTSC DV or PAL DV Widescreen? For film (often with a transparent background) it would be usful to be able to change the colour of the transparency grid with darker options available Rather than just a grid, is it possible to have the safe area guide?
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