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Found 89 results

  1. Hi, i'm new to these forums and the Affinity suite, please forgive me if this has been brought up before, a cursory search did not return relevant posts for me. I'm looking for a way to synchronise presets in the develop persona between computers and Affinity Photo and Affinity Photo Beta. There seems to be no UI for this, but perhaps these presets can be synchronised between preference storage, where are the develop presets stored on macOS?
  2. De ingesloten presets worden niet weergegeven.
  3. Hello there, today I bought Affinity for Ipad. I have ipad pro 10.5, I do a lot of HDR merging and post processing. I succesfully imported photos in batch of 3 (coming from Nikon D500 and Sony RX100 Mark IV ), while the import and merge from D500 produced the expected image, the import and merge from RX100 produced a photo with very dark tones, while the original were balanced. My question is, are HDR presets available like in the MAC OSx version ? I could not find any options after the import, and before the import there was no remove ghosts option. Is there any timeline foreseen to implement this features ? thanks
  4. I have my app set to use US English as my default. It's a waste of time to have to switch from A4 / mm to US Letter size / inches every time I make a new document. Doesn't it make sense for the New Document panel to check first what my default language is and then give default options based on THAT instead of assuming I want mm & A4 page sizes? Also, can you add a checkbox for margins (and bleeds when that arrives) that copies the values to all sides of the document? thanks for all you do.
  5. Can you export/import adjustment presets? (as in Adjustment panel, next to Layers panel on the right)
  6. s it possible that I miss the preset filters like Acid Bath, Dramatic, Maximum Grid etc in the 1.6.6 version? I mean the ones in Tone Mapping Persona: Presets -> Default/Extreme/Crazy/James Ritson Customs
  7. I have a weird issue with my Wacom stylus. When using Affinity Photo it works, almost everywhere. Selecting tools, moving image boundaries etc. It also works in the Adjustments / Layers / Effects area. I can select one of the bars - for example 'Exposure' - and then move the Exposure slider left and right. All good. The issue happens when I try and select a Preset for those adjustments. I tap the stylus on the preset thumbnails, and they 'flash' once as if they have been selected. But nothing happens to the image. I thought it was a Wacom / Affinity issue but then I happened to try selecting the Preset thumbnail with my finger rather than the stylus (I have the Wacom touch pad version). My finger is able to select the presets, the thumbnail flashes and the image changes to suit the preset, however, the stylus can not, despite the thumbnail flashing to indicate it has been selected. With both my finger and the stylus the thumbnail flashes to indicate selection, but only my finger actually change the image. Any ideas?
  8. Hello this is my first topic, I will probably buy windows license because I believe it is a great tool for developing raw xtrans-III files, I am using trial version right and I do not find 2 things: 1.- fujifilm color presets 2.- lens correction presets regards
  9. This is just an idea for later versions of Affinity Photo; I was thinking it would be really nice to have Lightroom Presets compatible with later versions of affinity photo. Although they are different applications, they are still similar so maybe Lightroom Presets could become usable in Affinity photo! (Just an idea but would be very useful) Kind regards! Hanan
  10. Hello, I'd like to know if there is any way to add and/or remove page size presets from the list New Document window? I don't use formats such as A0/A1 etc, but very often use B4 and B5 - I'd like to have them on the list so I won't have to enter each time the size manually. \ If currently there's no way to do so, I would recommend to do it in a Scribus way:
  11. Hi, not sure if I have just missed this feature, but there should be a preset for android, that gives you all the 5 folder to export to and the correct sizes (x1 MDPI, x1.5 HDPI, x2 XHDPI, x3 XXHDPI and x4 XXXHDPI). Is there also an option for changing the color on export ? this would be handy for when I export icons that is both black and white.
  12. The presets in Tone Mapping are useful. It would be handy to have such presets other personas. Apart from being useful for saving and standard 'fixes', these would appeal to beginners and help ease them into the overall programme. Other programmes, notably On1, make use of presets everywhere. Yes, I know that with the complexities of layers it would be tricky in Photo persona, and that there are kind of presets available under the Adjustments panel, and also that macros may be used. But I'm sure you good folks might find a way to make this work.
  13. These requests are to improve workflow. I tend to export using the same specs (type, dimensions, quality, etc) and to the same location 80% of the time. It would be nice if I could create either: A custom default of the export dialog and location, OR Be able to create multiple export presets (or scenes or scenarios or whatever you want to call them), OR Have the option to Export same as previous (using most recently used settings) Also, in the Locations dialog, why does it always default to iCloud? And in manage locations, why can't I move one of the other locations above iCloud (which does not appear in the list at all)? I never use iCloud so it is sort of annoying to have to go through the extra layers every time to pick the cloud service that I do use. Finally, I hope that Photo will take advantage of iOS 11's file system for Export (or Save As?). Thanks!
  14. 1. would love to use my arrow keys to toggle quickly through all the luts in my folder. instead of having to click on the lut box i would love to just use my keyboard just as i can in 3dlutcreator. 2. would love to see a lut manager or gallery where i can see rows of thumbnails of the image with different luts already applied. this guy already made one and i think it rocks but would love to see it in affinity photo https://www.colorgradingcentral.com/lut-gallery/ 3.would also love to see false color like this guy has made a plugin for resolve and premiere https://timeinpixels.com/false-color-plugin/ this plugin is amazing and i would love to see it built into affinity photo! 4. would love to be able to import LR presets and quickly go through all the lightroom presets using Affinity pro. 5.would love to be able to use my PS actions with affinity photo! 6. would love to import .mov files and h264 and h265 video files into a timeline with affinity pro just like i can in PS 7. would like to make auto color some kind of lut layer. so what this means is when you click on auto color it creates a lut for that exact auto color profile and that way when you export to LUTs you can also include that auto color layer in the lut creation. of course you could use a hald file but its faster to just click on export to lut and have it work automatically. 8. when i click on the paint brush to paint something it would be nice to see the exact color right beside the other paremeters (width, opacity, flow, hardness, etc. in PS the color is right besides the params and that allows me to work quickly. 9.would like to see support for this plugin: http://software.tiffen.com/products/dfx-products/ofx-pro-plug-in 10. since NIK is free and google will stop using it is there a way you guys can work out a deal with them to continue to support it in your program natively? i think google NIK is awesome!
  15. Hi, the tone mapping presets disappeared from the tone mapping persona. They used to pop up automatically when I selected tone mapping but now I can't find them and I don't know how to turn them back on! Maybe I did something to turn them off involuntarily but I can't figure out what it was. Please help! Thanks!
  16. Hi, the tone mapping presets disappeared from the tone mapping persona. They used to pop up automatically when I selected tone mapping but now I can't find them and I don't know how to turn them back on! I must have done something to turn them off involuntarily but I can't figure out what it was. Please help! Thanks!
  17. It would be great if there was the ability to Import and Export custom RAW presets, with .ACR presets not being compatible due to the different systems.
  18. I use Lightroom and have a bunch of presets. I am wondering if I turn to Affinity Photo, can I import the presets that is from Lightroom? Or shall I treat Affinity Photo as an instead of Photoshop, not Lightroom?
  19. I see how to save presets for Curves, but I don't see how or where to apply them. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  20. Hi Affinity team, (Sorry when using wrong terms in my post. I use German localization so I have the English terms not at hand.) Since 1.5 we have sticky settings which is basically quite useful but, in my opinion, not the perfect solution. I have certain problems with the current implementation: Some tools share the same setings, e.g., all retouching tools seem to use the same settings which is not always useful. Some tools have no sticky settings, in particular, the crop tool where I really miss it. For example, in the majority of cases I want to crop by preserving the original ratio, but the tool always resets to unrestricted. Also I want to always use shading of the outside of the crop area. (In fact this new feature is so useful that I just want to have it as standard instead of an option.) Different types of images and tasks require different settings. Filter and adjustment layers have no sticky settings at all, which would be quite userful. Altogether I would prefer to have customizable presets instead of sticky settings, ideally with the possibilty to store and load own settings to quickly switch them. I think of settings files that can be edited from the preferences dialog. Also nice would be a button or rightclick option by which I can simply store the current setting of a certain tool. Also for live filter I would like to have a possibility to store multiple presets (like there are already for adjustments). The new macro feature is a bit of replacement, but only a bit since I have to explicitly record macros. Maybe you could think about such an improvement. Thanks, Naqoy
  21. When working with textures for 3D work, we usually want to use so called "Power of two" resolutions, because they are more optimized. So I'd like a new category of presets: "Power of two", i.e. 128x128px, 512x512px, 4096x4096px etc. From 1x1px to 32768x32768px.
  22. Suddenly, all my custom export presets that I had defined have disappeared! (I remember recently changed the UI language from German to English and v.v., and I had one system crash - both should not cause this, but I could have??) I am sure they should be included in my backup - which file do I need to restore from Time Machine to get them back? Taking a quick look, I did not find aything suitable named SerifLabs or Affinity in my Library folder...
  23. Hi, Is there a way to create a custom "filter" in AF made up of several adjustment layers? I know you can save presets for adjustment layers individually. I am talking about saving a preset that involves several adjustment layers and possibly filters. For example, I came up with a workflow that creates an effect that i want to be able to reuse but I see no way to save it, except for saving each adjustment layer individually. Thanks!
  24. Hi, I wanted to save a Curve preset, so a clicked on "add preset" in the curve adjustment layer, but after that I lost track of it. I cannot find a way to recall that preset nor a way to manage/delete them... where should I look for it? The help tool is not helping...
  25. Hello, Saving presets in the various panels - Basic, Details, Tones - is easy enough. But where are they actually located on the computer? I'm asking because I want to be able to back them up in case I need to restore them after a clean installation of my system. As of today: Mac OSX 10.11.6 Thank you, Wally
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