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  1. I have made 10 free tone mapping presets. I have not seen any tone mapping presets for affinity photo so I made some for anybody who might want them. Of course they will not all work with every photo like all presets but I hope someone finds them useful : ) To upload them just click on the zip. file, then in the tone mapping persona on the presets menu; click "Import Presets", Enjoy! Thanks! Hanan Edwards Presets.zip
  2. I do a lot of design, photography and website work. One of the things I run into a lot are needing specific page sizes for various websites or designs. In photoshop I would be able to create a preset for a image size that I could go back too, and not have to remember the dimensions of. For instance, creating slides for a website slideshow. Some may be 800 x 600, and another website would have one that is 900 x 300. Is there a way that I can save those presets in the drop down list when creating a new project in Affinity Photo so I can have it labeled "Tom's Website Slideshow" so I know which preset it is? It would make it a lot faster than having to go back and lookup what the size parameters were for each website. Thank you
  3. Adding the ability to export document presets would be extremely helpful for environments that use multiple installations of Affinity apps. To clarify to what I am referring here is a pic:
  4. Hello! Is there a way to export/import document presets? To clarify exactly which presets I am referring to, below is a pic. I know that APub stores such things under the user profile, but cannot find a location where these particular custom presets are stored. Thanks, Chris
  5. Hello, today I've been having fun with the Tone Mapping Persona and I wanted to share these 20 portrait presets with you. Of course, you can use them on anything that is not a portrait, too. Enjoy! Antonio Santos 20 Portrait Presets.aftonemap
  6. I've tried removing the Ctrl+Y from the wireframe shortcut, and exporting and importing the saved preset, but no matter what I do the little triangle won't go and nothing happens. I can't get Ctrl+Y back as my Redo, very strange as to why they changed a universal command to one that I'll honestly never have any use for. Has anyone had any luck while changing their command back?
  7. For everyone who is also looking for this 😁 The actions to manage custom presets are located in the panel menu:
  8. In Presets LUT I imported presets (i.e. Black and White2 .cube) > it gives the option on right click to Move to Category . . . BUT no list to move it to. Just shows default (of LUT) Is there a setting I need to change? or any advice would be welcomed. Affinity instructions say they will import to the category chosen, yet LUT is the only category I can find to Import (with a cog wheel) to, so it happens to be the chosen one when importing. Maybe I'm doing it wrong or didn't understand something? I have a lot of presets I would like to use and being in their proper category would make life so much easier. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, One of the best new features in Affinity Photo 2 is the Live Luminosity Range Mask. Not only that, but, it has the ability to save presets. Clicking on the "hamburger" icon near the top left of the panel allows three options, create preset, rename preset, and delete preset. Once created, I can rename and delete the preset if the name is highlighted with name present in the preset box. However, once the program is closed and reopened, it will stay in the dropdown list and be usable, but, it is no longer highlighted in the box, which prevents it from being renamed or deleted. How is it possible to delete the ones I don't want or rename these? It also would be nice to rearrange these to keep them organized. Best Regards, TV
  10. Hey guys just a small one: When creating a new document Preset in Photo you can now specify an icon for the Preset. This helps a lot with clarity on the new document page. However there seems to be no way of changing the icon afterwards and whenever editing a Preset and clicking the "save and override current preset" button the Preset icon reverts to its default icon. So i think there should be a way to change the icons later, possibly in the rename dialog and icons should persist when editing.
  11. Hi to the community I am looking for the place on the Mac where the presets of my studios (Publisher, Designer, Photo) are stored. Also I wonder if the StudioLink at Publisher in Designer / Photo mode can use the saved studio presets for the separate apps, too? Is it possible to import / export the studio presets as you can do this with the shortcuts? I am a little confused when it comes to the shortcuts-export/import and StudioLink: I have created a set of shortcuts in Designer, Photo and Publisher. Are the StudioLink-Shortcuts of Designer and Photo stored within the Publisher-export-file? Can one save the context-bar as a file? As it seams the custom layout is not saved within the studio preset. It would be great if Serif would make all these presets somehow exportable so one can reuse it on all the computers one have / at the agency. It is to tricky to go the "Application Support" subfolder and grab these files (strangely there is no Folder for Designer there). Thank you for any suggestion.
  12. ’Allo again, mes amis … today the Big Question is: ‘How Come It Don't Do It Like Dis?’ … You've heard of and seen the excellent series of tutes produced by Olivio Sarikas, yes? He does an excellent job. In this particular tute, he examines Affinity Photo's built-in quirk that automatically applies a series of pre-sets to the RAW image(-s) opened in Developer persona. Note that, in his vid, he selects the ‘Exposure’ tab and clicks the ‘Undo’ Swirly Arrow to remove the presets and display the image in its as-shot state. I have tried and tried and tried yet again to have Affinity Photo duplicate on my Mac this same behavior. Nuh-unh, Charlie. It don't be playin' dat. The picture brought remains as unchanged after clicking the Reset circular arrow as if it had never been clicked. The same applies to every other ‘undo’ arrow for the rest of the settings in that panel. Here’s the link to the tute if you want to see it for yourself … undoing the preset(-s) is the very first thing he covers, so it's not a long wait. All feedback as to how to make this work outside of the vid is appreciated. Please advise if this ‘sauce’ works for you on your machine, too. Thanks.
  13. I wish that affinity had more content that is available for photoshop for affinity photo. I have been looking for presets and there are packs that are on offer that are only for Photoshop that you cannot get for affinity photo. We are not all experts on creating files of our own, photoshop has plenty of content available especially creative filters and presets, please, make similar conent available for affinity photo. I know poeple are busy, but why not ask, people who are making content from independant sites to start on affinity photo. Thanks
  14. As the title says, when I try to create, delete or rename a preset through More ▸ Manage Presets option in the Export dialogue box, it is greyed out and unavailable. This happens in Publisher, Photo and Designer, all versions 1.9.0, on an iMac running 10.14.6. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  15. Greetings, I have come simply to ask these two questions regarding the Windows 10 system. 1. Is it by any chance possible to disable floating windows? Trying to move them in the order that suits one better is starting to get quite difficult when the windows pop out non-stop. And if it isn't a possibility, please add it to the system. 2. I have heard of mac/ipad capabilities to import/export document setup, I use Designer most of the time where I create a bunch of new presets but once I come over to Photo I realise that they aren't saved over there as well. Any way to transfer them over on Windows?
  16. Hi all, when I use a custom page template in Publisher ( / Win 10), I can temporarily change the settings for a new document, e.g. the page number. Unfortunately, the currently used page number is then taken over into the preset and affects the next new document, which I think is a big bug. A preset is a preset - without saving it again, the page settings cannot be changed permanently, or do you see it differently? Regards, Felix
  17. I think it would be nice to be able to store distort equations in a similar way to the procedural texture equations preset panel. At the moment it seems the only way to store distort equations is to either jot them down in another app somehwere, or store them in a macro. When you store them in a macro you lose the equation, so you can't go back to it, which is kind of annoying. I've currently got my equations building up a text document, but working like that doesn't fit the nice workflow that the other features have. Also, with the procedural textures panel if you accidentally apply before storing the preset you lose the equation, would it be possible to have a persistent edit buffer that populates the dialogue with the last equation you used, rather than it opening with a blank panel each time? It's really easy to spent time messing about to get an interesting pattern and then pressing apply to see the pattern properly (with the anti-aliasing in place), before saving it as a preset ... then it's gone, you've lost all that effort!
  18. This problem occurs in all three apps - not just Designer. (Affected apps: Designer 1.9.3, Photo 1.9.3, Publisher 1.9.3) Now on macOS 11.4, but this problem was previously observed in macOS 11.3. File > New… Select one of the standard presets. For example, A3. Create new document, design amazing things, close it. File > New… Type in non-standard page width and/or height The previously highlighted standard preset should probably be deselected at this time. Still… Create new document, design more amazing things, close it. File > New… The manually entered layout dimensions will still be present. But the standard preset should definitely not still be highlighted at this stage - see A3 in the screenshot below. If it's deemed correct behaviour for the standard preset to be highlighted, the layout dimensions should be restored. Since this would clear the manual settings, I doubt this behaviour would win wide support. 😀 Obviously this is just a minor bug, but it has caught me out a few times recently.
  19. I have been creating my own bank of presets based on ones that came with Obscura 39. I give them a name which indicates the original preset from which they are derived, with my own additional relevant tag. Over time I have amassed a list of custom presets, but I'd like to re-order them for swiftness of application. For example, I have 3 custom preset variations based on the Mercury 50 preset, but they have been saved at different time intervals, which means there are several other custom presets saved between them in the list. Since I now have about 20 such custom presets, with the list ever-growing, I'd like to be able to order them, at least alphabetically, so I don't have to hunt around for them, or forget that I might have a specific one pertinent to a particular project. Is there any way to do this? When I reach perhaps 30 or 40 presets, it will be sensible to create a new presets folder, each time I create a new custom preset, and move them all, one-by-one, in alphabetical order to the new folder. Workable, but tiresome...
  20. Hello again, all … Yes it's me and I'm back again for Round MMXXI(b) … Today's question is: Can we use Presets in Affinity Photo (or Designer / Publisher) as we would in Photoshop, Lightroom, ON1, etc? If the Majiqual Answer be-eth 'Yes,’ the follow-on query then becomes ‘How we do dat, hah?’ It's easy enough to install and use LUTs in Photo, but there seems to be no method to install or access the presets’ .xmp rider files. It seems that would be an easy trip down Code Road compared to other feats discussed in these pages. Please advise if there's a way to implement access and use of the .xmp presets files that already reside in the Camera RAW / Lightroom folders … Thanks again to all for your informed input.
  21. Hi everyone, so in the DEVELOP mode, is there a way to make a preset for ALL the setting we have made? Not just for every tab, BASIC, LENS, DETAIL...but all of them, so our editing process will be shorter? So, is there a way to make some kind of a overall preset before we start editing our images. Thanks
  22. We just got Publisher the other day and we think it's what we want, but one thing we really want to be able to do is bring our Studio Presets over from Designer & Photo. Using StudioLink seems perfect, but they carry over none of our presets, despite it apparently using the actual Designer & Photo apps. (Or does it just require them.) We see you can Load a preset, but how do we get them out of Designer & Photo so we can bring them into Publisher. We found the threat about where to find the preset files for those two apps, but how can we get them into Publisher's StudioLink of Designer & Photo? All of our panels are messed up! Thanks. EDIT: Created a bogus preset in Publisher-Designer so we could locate where they're placed. We then copied the preset files from Designer-Actual into that library folder, but Publisher-Designer doesn't appear to see them. Doing this on macOS Big Slur.
  23. Hello all. I just upgraded to 1.9.1 The upgrade came with free assets and I downloaded those with 1.9.1 I followed the instructions on the AP site and went to find the assets panel by going to view>studio>assets...and nothing happens and I cannot open the assets panel. I have the previous version of AP on my Mac and the assets panel pops up with out a problem. Also missing in 1.9.1 when I go into the tone-mapping persona are the presets that were included with AP when I first purchased it two upgrades ago. So, here are my questions: -Why can't I access the assets panel? -Which folder does AP use to download assets on a PC? -What happened to the tone mapping presets? -How can I return AP to the default settings? -Is it possible to download to the an earlier version of AP? And if so, must I uninstall AP 1.9.1 before installing a previous version? Thank you for any suggestions or information that you might have to help with these issues
  24. This is my first post I'm new to this forum. Ive tried and looked for hours to find out how to save all my adjustment layers to Preset(s). From my understanding you have to save each layer and label it. For example, adjusting and then saving the Vibrance as a preset and naming it. After saving each layer preset on my finished picture and labeling them, I opened up another photo, which I want to have the exact same adjustments. I clicked on all the custom layer adjustment presets I just made but the picture doesn't turn out the same in the end? Even though when I click on each preset (in the new photo that I want to look like the previous) it says its tweaked the same as the one I saved, but the photo still looks drastically different? Do all NOT adjustments transfer over? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to do this? (and im not talking about the background people photoshopped out, im aware of that) THANK YOU for reading this, this is so frustrating and it makes me want to switch back to Lightroom. (the picture without people is the look i want, the picture with people is what happens when i click on all the saved presets for the finished picture)
  25. Hey, everyone. When adding an adjustment layer the presets expand underneath it. I almost always begin from 'scratch' on my adjustments, so don't often use presets. But more significantly I find that the auto-expanding presets just get in the way of my UI by making the adjustments panel list much longer and shifting everything down significantly, requiring more scroll-and-search because things are moving around. Is there a way to toggle the adjustment panel's expanding presets action off, as I really don't want or need them showing up every time I add a new adjustment layer. Also, if I want to add a second layer of the same adjustment type, say, 'Brightness / Contrast', (not a copy of it, but a second and different adjustment) I can't just click again to add one, or even double-click. If I even just click once, it resets the adjustment I just carefully tweaked, erasing my changes. I have to deselect the 'Brightness / Contrast' layer I just added, then click once on the adjustment which closes the expanded presets, then click to add a second Levels layer. Surely I'm must be missing something? Any help would be appreciated.
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