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  1. With every adjustment (curves, gradient, HSL, ...) the "save preset" function does not work. New presets are not saved. That means they do not appear in the adjustment preset library. Also, presets from Photo V1 are not imported (brushes, etc. are imported instead). They are just missing and new ones can't be saved. There's also a second thread which is about the curve adjustment presets with a video – in my case it's not working on any adjustment: I'm using the latest version of Photo 2 under Mac OS Monterey 12.7 on a M1 Max chip.
  2. Hello! Is there a way to export/import document presets? To clarify exactly which presets I am referring to, below is a pic. I know that APub stores such things under the user profile, but cannot find a location where these particular custom presets are stored. Thanks, Chris
  3. Is there a way to set a default for column guide or grid settings? I often find my self working on a document and just needing a quick grid to line things up, so I use the keyboard shortcut and nothing shows up, then I need to go open the window and pick a preset for anything to show up. (I think Photoshop would always have the previous grid remembered.) (I'm using Affinity Photo 2.1.1 specifically)
  4. I can save Affinity Photo Gradient Map Preset in Photo. But can't seem to find how to reuse them! Could anyone please help?
  5. In dynamic adjustments such as Gradient Map and Channel Mixer, you can 'Add Preset' but curiously, you can't Load it (you have to go to the Adjustments tab). This seems an odd omission. It would help also if you could 'Export' and 'Import' them to files so they could be shared. Thanks for watching (and, hopefully, implementing).
  6. Hey @Ash getting some additional transparency tool presets or the ability to add our own presets would greatly enhance my workflow. I find I am recreating the same setup all the time and the ability to either have or create and save a preset would be awesome. Currently I have created assets of the few I use often but the ability to create and save a preset to have it in the context toolbar would be nice. Examples would be linear with transparent ends with a solid centre or elliptical with solid edges and a transparent centre... or linear dashed, eg solid, transparent, solid, transparent.
  7. Hi, I've searched the support forum and the web but can't seem to find an explanation of how to save an Export Custom Preset. Ideally I'd like to be able to export an image at e.g. 1960px and have a preset for this as at the moment I seem to have to adjust the px value each time. What I would really like is to export so that the longest side is set to in this case 1960. Seem to be able to do it in Apple Photos and other photo software but not looking to edit in Affinity and then use another app to resize. If I adjust the Size to 1960px and save as a preset when I next select the preset it doesn't remember the Size value and reverts to the full image size. thanks
  8. Hi, As mentioned in the title, Affinty suite should include support for "density-independent" pixels (also known as 'DP') that are primarily used during Android/ Material Design development. The specification can be found on this website, but essentialy they are similiar to Apple's 'points' (pt) which is already supported, and very similair in function. 'dp' varies by using 160 pixel/inch base instead of 163: Android presets for phones such as the Google Pixel would be a welcome addition that use this new unit. This would really help me out as currently I struggle with asset creation / UI design for Android and always messing up the sizes when exporting. Since points are already supported, I would image adding this unit shouldn't be too much of a hassle (hopefully 😁)
  9. In the desktop versions of Affinity Photo 2, it’s possible to save and restore presets of Live Luminosity Masks. it appears this functionality is missing in the iPad version (or it’s hidden / not easy to find). Am I missing something - or will these capabilities be introduced in a future release? Bernie
  10. I have been designing some technical specs in Affinity Designer 2 for a few days now, exporting to SVG and PNG a lot and noticed we have lost the ability to save our own export presets. In AD 1 I had my own specific presets I used all the time, but now I only see the option of choosing from several built-in presets, which I can change and they stay the way I need them until I quit the program (and presumably until I would pick one of the built-in presets again). But I see no way of saving my choices as a preset. Of course, at 72 my vision is not what it used to be and unfortunately Affinity 2 has made it even harder for me to see with all that black background and tiny white letters in the export dialog (I actually have to press Win + to enlarge a portion of the screen), so it is possible I just cannot see how to save my own presets, but in v1 it was very clear and easy.
  11. As the title says, when I try to create, delete or rename a preset through More ▸ Manage Presets option in the Export dialogue box, it is greyed out and unavailable. This happens in Publisher, Photo and Designer, all versions 1.9.0, on an iMac running 10.14.6. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  12. Greetings, I have come simply to ask these two questions regarding the Windows 10 system. 1. Is it by any chance possible to disable floating windows? Trying to move them in the order that suits one better is starting to get quite difficult when the windows pop out non-stop. And if it isn't a possibility, please add it to the system. 2. I have heard of mac/ipad capabilities to import/export document setup, I use Designer most of the time where I create a bunch of new presets but once I come over to Photo I realise that they aren't saved over there as well. Any way to transfer them over on Windows?
  13. Affinity designer on iPad really misses the ability to export any slice/layer with multiple file formats. While this is possible on desktop, on iPad I have to select all the slices and to set the format every time I need to export in more than one file format. This is extremely frustrating when for example I have to provide multiple images in both PDF and JPEG. And since I use specifically the iPad version because of the ease with which I can illustrate and compose images using the Apple Pencil, the export persona really needs to be as performing as the desktop version.
  14. I want to create a preset so that the default color space is ROMM RGB. I saved a preset on the Basic tab in the Develop Module with Profiles set to ROMM RGB and Brightness set to 5%. When I bring up a new raw photo (Nikon NEF file) the Brightness is set to 5% but the Profile is Adobe RGB. Why won't the preset maintain ROMM RGB? Is there a fix? Thanks very much.
  15. It's more convenient if Affinity Photo would register a copied image size and open a default New Document preset for this exact image. It also saves time and eliminates additional work. For example: You copy an image 850x850px, press command N and Affinity opens a new document for you which is exactly 850x850px, with the same resolution as the previously copied image.
  16. Hi, I'm fairly new to Affinity Designer. I've mostly used Inkscape. I'm trying to use it to create Isometric tiles for a game. My Document units is set to pixels. When I use the Preset 64x32 Isometric grid, I had expected that the resulting tiles would be 64px by 32px. But when I draw a tile with the pen tool, it is much larger. So I played with the settings for the Isometric 2:1 setting until the tile reads 64x32px. However, now when I go to export a single tile, the dimensions are one or more pixels larger. What is the proper way, if there is a way to do this, to setup a 2:1 Isometric grid that exports to 64x32px exactly for each tile? Also, tiles should not bleed over top of each other. When I check in Pixel View, it looks like adjacent tiles will bleed into each other with Anti-Aliased pixels. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks.
  17. Hi, sorry if i am to stupid to find the answer myself ... but i am puzzled. If i open a curve layer and add a preset ... how can i use the preset when creating a new layer? i just do not find the trick ... Sascha
  18. Hello, folks. Can somebody explain me why it is not possible to create Export Presets anymore? I am working with a lot of different publishing houses and their printers and I need to create Custom Export Presets in the PDF Export containing the applicable ICC Profile. Now, the "Manage Presets" is greyed out. What am I doing wrong or is there something wrong? Thanks to all for any advise. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Holger
  19. When I start up AD, I get a blank field, as in older versions, which I like and which is what I want. BUT, once AD is open and I start a new file, I get the preset window pop-up, which I find very annoying. Is there a way of stopping this window from popping up please? Thanks. There are SS below showing what I want and what I do not want.
  20. Video: https://giphy.com/gifs/bsAW6gYkFJgMNfhEvu Whenever I try to save a new document custom preset the app immediately crashes when I click the "+ Custom" button. I'm not sure this was ever working for me. I can say this has been happening for a few months. I am able to create custom presets for Photo, though I need to close the New Document dialogue after creating one in order to rename it without crashing the app. MacOS 11.1 Affinity Designer 1.8.6 No unusual hardware attached. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help. Thanks!
  21. Hello - new user! I have looked on the forum and this has got me even more confused. To enter camera club competitions we have to submit images "Best JPEG" at 1400 x 1050 pixels and sRGB. I have been using Lightroom and photoshop an the "export" facility here allows the export to be preset at a chosen value. On Affinity Photo the pixel values have to be set EACH TIME. Very tedious. I have looked on the export persona to see if I can make a preset but it has left me totally confused. The first panel "export options" is OK but the others leave me totally perplexed and the FAQ / Help available is very poor - not developed at all. How do I use the "Layers / Slices" panel. NO explanation that I can find!. How do I use the "Transform / History / Navigator panel? Again NO explanation that I can find. For the questions that have been answered on this topic the answers are gobbledegook to the new user. All I want to be able to do is say export 6 jpegs in the same pixel size without having to retype the pixel size in the export settings panel - doesn't seem too much to ask. Most photo editing software seems to mange this!! Discontented Mel
  22. Where are gradient map presets stored? And how can they be loaded once they have been created? I've made a number of presets. I've clicked the "Add preset" button and typed in a name. Something has happened (I guess). And poof. No more preset. What am I missing?
  23. Would be nice if you cloud add Pencil style preset feature that can save and switch stroke style quickly like vector brush.
  24. Hi There: Just downloaded/installed Affinity 1.8.3. In Photo, if I go to the Crop tool, choose unconstrained and set a custom crop, then go to the Presets Manager, Create Preset is grayed out. Mike.
  25. I have several file export settings defined in my own presets. I'd like to move these export presets around per preset to other systems and other Affinity software on the same machine and make copies and backups of them. I've noticed there's a file_export_options.dat file in the user-folder somewhere within AppData, but that doesn't seem to be made for (compatible) distribution and exchanging. Also with this file it's obviously impossible to export a single filepreset alone to move that to a different system or another Affinity application. Also because that *.dat-file is a binary without some Affinity recognisable extension, like pallets have for example, it's clear these are not made to exchange and we never know if using them on a different system (or newer version of Designer/Photo/Publisher with maybe more settings added to the program) have them running without problems or crashing the system. If these were xml's or json's that would be a lot easier for us to have faith in compatibility and we would be able to edit them at least, but they are not so it's on our own risk now to move these files around, which I don't really like and we're obviously not meant to do that. So I would like to see a way to export a preset to a file, like *.afFilepreset or json or xml. And to be able to import this preset from file in another Affinity application. That way we can create our preset once and copy them to other systems and Affinity products on the same machine. So we have the same presets everywhere and don't need to toggle on those settings on and off on all machines and software. I put this in the Affinity Designer forum, but the same goes for Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. It would be great if we could also move these presets around from Designer to Photo and Publisher (on the supported file-types ofcoarse)
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