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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am working on a presentation in Affinity Publisher. I have masterpages with two text frames: one for the title of the slide and the second for the chapter of the slide. Having started with my previous presentation file, I am now wondering how I could update all chapter text from the masterpage without affecting the title text of the slide. For the chapter text, I have a bar that contains all the chapters. Within this, I want to apply a different characterstyle to the active chapter, so I can have Chapter 1 displayed in bold when I talk about Chapter 1 and have Chapter 2 in bold for Chapter 2 etc. I prefer not to have individual masterpages for each chapter, because that would multiply the amount of masterpages by 7 (leaving me with 21 masterpages to manage). How could I approach the text updating efficiently?
  2. Full Screen Presentation Mode. Many people asked for it few years ago and still is not available... Good thing I knew about Affinity since way back in 2014 and I have finally moved from Adobe because of their expensive subscription fees when I don't even make money through their software... their buggy software... BUT. While I am not a professional in this field, I still need to use stuff like Affinity Publisher, and would be very useful if I can check my work or actually present without exporting it to pdf or doing Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 .... Microsoft Power Point has Shift + f5. Adobe InDesign got Shift + W. Affinity Publisher needs to Ctrl + Shift + W and Tab and Ctrl + 0 ???? and still not a full screen presentation mode that I am looking for. That other people are also looking for. There are other topics on the forum from a year or two ago and in between, where people were asking for. While I am still learning to use Affinity products right now since I just moved to using it, it just doesn't feel as robust as Adobe stuff. 2021 and still not there yet? come on. Please add this feature in the future... Thanks for existing.
  3. Hi, After few minutes of using the software, I was desapointed on several points. One usage for me would be to use the tool as a white board for trainings and webinars, and be able to replay the drawing. (Please let me know if these features already exist, I am in beginning of learning). I think this would add a big market for this software. First the appearance: it would be good that in a presentation mode: A toggle view without handles while drawing: The idea is to use this software for live video conferencing or creating animations. 1) We could draw without seeing any other thing than the line we are drawing ( no nodes or transform point appearing), unless we select a line for adjustment, but not while drawing. 2) A recorder that would create an animation in a video file, would "redraw the drawing steps, but with the adjusted curves only (when we draw, we draw a less harmonious line, and it is improved by the software, once the curve is calculated, I am talking about this calculated line. One thing that would help, would be to not take into account erasing steps or undo steps, etc., but redo the drawing, taking into account only the elements kept part of the drawing at the end of the work, but taking into account the order in which the were added in the work. We could even change this order, let's say if we add improvement in the drawing afterwards. 3) Have a Text box Tool, with preset features:specific font, font size, color and preset text alignment? Ideally, we could create several preset elements (A box of x size, shape, color, etc.). We could create a tool pad of any designed elements, even with their content already defined (such as text in the box) and we could easily either drag them when we need it, or one-click it to place it in a predefined place, or prepare in advance the automated placement of a group of elements (grouping being visible in the pad). The idea is that we could anytime choose to select predefined elements or live design new things to the presentation. In the element pad, there would be a cursor of whats next to show as a group, the pad would scroll automatically, so we see the next step and either we can always click on the same area for next step (without looking at the screen), or have a keyboard button. The recording would take into account only the items added in the presentation (predefined or live designed). Presentation Drawing would become a talent and differentiation (not necessarily be a graphic artist for drawing complex images). It would allow to prepare some elements and still be able to respond to questions or add new content while in the mood of explanations. Marc Tétreault
  4. This is probably very silly request, but it would be great to somehow export a series of artboards directly to Google Slides. I work in a company whose Sales team loves Slides, but it's such a redundant process to design higher-level artwork only to have to go through the export-relayout etc. process to go from Affinity to Slides.
  5. Cool, I created this 2 page document about the importance of drink water. Water Importance.afpub
  6. Five Finger Voting - A quick-and-dirty illustration for a presentation slide.
  7. Hi All, A newbie query, But ..I guess, something that should helpful to large Architectural community... What shall be the better way to color Architectural drawings ( exported form autocad as PDF files ). We use shadows for the furniture to give depth illusion ... And also use pattern fill (in Photoshop) to give texture to different type of flooring patterns( carpets , wooden floor ,tiles etc.) ...or highlighting some areas . The pdf drawings imported have lot of text and dimensions at times . ... Having better flood fills selection easily and fast is important . If we get the same or better workflow as Photoshop , I shall be able to convince my office to give this software to everyone in the team. Regards. kay
  8. Hi, this semester I used for the first time Designer for my final presentation posters in university. The site plan and the sections are drawn with Vectorworks (CAD software) and exportet as PDF for Designer. I was delighted how easy it was to adjust colors and line width of the vector parts and just switch to pixel persona for some nice background textures. I used Photo to add the diffuse fade out on the edges of the site plan. I handled the drawings as individual files and embeded them directly into the final layout file. Only the site plan was to heavy to handle for my late 2011 MPB and so i had to export and embend it as a tiff file. Maybe the size (DIN A0@300dpi) and the live blur filter could be an explanation for this ;) Feedback welcome! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13340316/RundgangAffinity.pdf(~34mb)
  9. First of all: Affinity Photo is such a great piece of software. I really have learned to love it in a short time. So, I think I will stick to it from now on for two reasons: first is my photography hobby and my second is my illustration hobby / work. I can do same things in Affinity Photo as I have done in Photoshop and I like every part of it. I must say! One other thing that I discovered yesterday was the truly excellent presentation of Affinity Photo and all the funktionalitets in the software on Vimeo. I mean, those videos are top quality pedagogic presentations of complex issues made easy (at least for me). The simple, clear, great voice over presentations in short or long enough videos are so easy to follow and I hear and understand every bit of it. I have great experience of the male voice over, it is really top quality in every respect; speed, phrasing, prononciation, pausing... I love it. I have been teaching for 40 years and I have very critical eyes and ears on visual presentations. But your presentations are GOOD! Thank You!
  10. Hello fellow Affinity fans! I've just completed a multi-layered website design in Affinity Designer and would like to display each page at an angle to show how all of the different layers/planes relate to each other. I've searched around and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I tried using Affinity Photo's persecutive tool, but it destroys the quality of the site and doesn't enable me to do it in layers. ​Attached is an example of what I'm trying to achieve Help?:)
  11. Hello, i'm Clem, and young french designer for print. I discover affinity designer, because, i search an alternative software for Adobe (too expansive, and i don't want to be prisoner of the CC tools). I made some test with affinity ! and it's so cool, i thinks it can be a good alternative for the professional print designer, because there are full CMYK support and i hope later pantone support. So, this one of my test. An icon for my an fake app (i'm on the interface) for christianpiot.fr (print and web clients). Tell me what you thinks about my realization. it's an begin, i will upload the interface later off course ! Sorry for my bad english ;-) and ! i thanks you for read me. Icone CHP.afdesign
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