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Found 5 results

  1. What I am trying to do/accomplish I am trying to find a way to get a vector graphic/ curve layer from an image I made in affinity photo. If I could either use an outline as the curve/path such as tracing the outline with the vector brush or filling my selection as a vector shape that is what I am trying to figure out. What I have tried Convert to curves - This has been greyed out on the pixel layers I have been trying to convert Designer flood fill - can flood my layer or selection but doesn't allow the shape to be converted to curves Creating an outline to convert to curves Masking a vector shape. Selecting the pixels of the pixel layer and using that as a mask over a basic shape. Selecting pixels from layer and using the vector brush to fill in selection A bit more info on the shape/ pixel layer I am trying to convert. I have taken a layer of perlin noise and have a posterize adjustment layer over the top of it. I am trying to make the shapes from each layer of the posterize. I can get to selecting the different layers, filling them and adding an outline but can't find a way to make them vector shapes without a third party program to vectorize each layer. ---> This is the image that I have been working on This is just one of the layers. This is what I have been trying to convert to a curve. If there as another way to generate these same kind of patterns (I need something organic) please let me know. I was also looking at Procedural Texture from this tutorial Affinity Photo : Perlin Color effect tutorial how to - YouTube
  2. Is it possible to use a colour palette to posterize image, please? Can APhoto map all colours from an image to a palette, and/or to closest colour, in this way? tia xx
  3. Does AP have a Posterize function like the Photoshop filter / smart layer of the same name? This is the one feature I'm missing on my iPad. I need to take grayscale images and posterize them down to 3 or 4 flat levels of gray. If it can't posterize, is there some other way to accomplish this?
  4. Hi, I'm going nuts bc I've got an existing music album layout, that now needs to be printed onto a t-shirt but only with 3 colors. So how can I limit the document colors to 3? Cheers, Marc
  5. Twice now I've run into an issue where trying to export a png with Affinity Designer results in a posterized reduction of colors, and I cannot find a setting to avoid this. In my current piece, it resulted in obvious banding of the gradients, and the reflected light being lost entirely. However, if I save the file as psd, then open that in Clip Studio Paint and save as png there, I get accurate colors and no banding. The first file is the png as saved from AD, the second is the png from CSP, and the third is the original afd so you can check and see if there's anything weird about it. Brightmoon 8-ball.afdesign Is there something I'm missing on export to prevent this issue, or is it a bug? Also, I've tried copy-pasting layer styles a few times, but it's prone to changing the values on paste--generally about double or half (i.e., 7px gaussian blur becomes 13.8px). Is there a way to prevent that, as well?
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