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Found 10 results

  1. The possibility to change anytime to the pointer tool only pressing command. And only staying in the tool as long as the command key is being pressed. (Like in Illustrator and old FreeHand) Also, if possible, the possibility to alternate by pressing for example alt key to switch between select by case sensitive next objects. Basically, a shortcut to this preference option: (Select object when intersects with selection marquee).
  2. Apparently the latest version of affinity has some wacom tablet issues. When approaching a handle to modify size, for example...the program does not recognize that I'm over the handle. So, I find myself moving things around or making random copies of layers instead of adjusting size. It's very annoying. It does not happen when I use the trackpad tho. So, i'm a little bit frustrated... My wacom tablet is the Bamboo pen and touch. I do have the latest drivers and I'm running Affinity designer 1.7 on a High Sierra (v10.13.6).
  3. HI - Am trying publisher for our village magazine. Is there any way of getting the pointer to revert back to the move/select tool after creating or editing a text box? At the moment it leaves it in text box mode so I try to select something else and it creates a box. It's annoying that I have to remember to select the move tool everytime. IN pageplus this wasn't an issue. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. I need to hide the pointer (central cross with big 1024px tool-size circle round it) while applying the liquify turbulence tool in Affinity photo. I'd like to be able to drag the tool down the screen from top to bottom, filming as it causes its effect, without seeing the tool pointer/cursor. I know pressing space bar turns it into a much smaller hand, but that's still no good and acts as a view tool, pulling the artwork down too. I suspect it can't be done, but will be very happy if someone here can prove me wrong.
  5. If you hit the pulldown switch of the rubber size, you need to be quit left of the downarrow-sign. If you are more than the middle on the right, the pulldown size select closes immediately. If you reach the borders at the right and at the bottom of a picture by using the rubber, the rubbercircle disappears behind the border of the picture and become an arrow, but if you try to touch the scrollarea, the rubbercircle appears again. Best Regards
  6. Since the 1.5 update the circular pointer is not appearing on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, the 1.52 update has not entirely fixed the issue. I can click on the Inpainting or Dodge tools for example and not have the circle that tells me where I will be applying the tool. You can download and watch a video of the issue here: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/YF2EA4xsBxAJTc1XOCfBgM7TteDYb234Gn6Pa4stTVv?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  7. First a little background I have been a faithful user of Freehand since the times when it was called Virtuoso, I'm still using it now, I never liked Illustrator because it had (and still have) a lot of redundancies. I tried several times to migrate from Freehand to Illustrator never totally succeeding, now I use Freehand to make the fundation of any design and then to Illustrator to add the embellishments, fx, exporting, etc... Ok, enough history, the question is: Do we really need two pointer tools? One of the most time consuming and frustrating things in Illustrator (among many others) is switching from one pointer to an other depending on what you want to accomplish. In Freehand there are two pointer tools, the "regular" one and the "direct selection tool", I rarely use the "direct selection tool", why? because you can access everything with the regular one, it is no matter if you have all your elements in groups, elements pasted inside elements or points on a path (you can even align and distribute points within the groups), all you have to do is grab your pointer tool and then if you want to sub-select to edit something just press "alt" and voila. This kind of behavior for the pointer tool, gives you total freedom and effectively optimizes the workflow, that is why I love Freehand, you can work really really fast. I hope the Affinity team consider this and try it.
  8. I use a Surface Book with Affinity Designer and frequently I end up drawing little spots around the canvas when I rest my hand on the screen to draw. In MyPaint there was a way around this in Preferences > Devices where you can set what pointers interact with what like so: I was wondering if Affinity Designer could benefit to gain some options like this. The current workaround for this is disabling the touch screen in device manager on my Surface so that only the stylus pen works, and this frequently gets annoying when switching back and forth and not being able to use my fingers to zoom or press buttons in the interface.
  9. I've never used GIMP or Photoshop, so I don't know how common this feature is, but how about an option in the Edit drop-down (and also the right-click context menu) for Paste To Pointer. This would be useful in both Photo and Designer. The software I've always used it in was Corel PhotoImpact X3, and it has become a great convenience to me. Having the copied object attached to the pointer helps me when I'm zoomed in to an area where the original copied object is not located (saves having to zoom out to pick up object, move to the needed location, and then zoom in to paste precisely). It's also convenient having the object already attached to the pointer and, therefore, faster.
  10. As per the title. It's normally [C]. Until such time as there's a better alternative, this might work.
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