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Found 187 results

  1. Hallo allerseits.. Habe gerade gesehen, dass es hier im Forum auch Deutsch sprechende/schreibende kompetente Leute gibt; so kann ich mir evtl die Mühe sparen mein 'Problemchen' in Englisch zu beschreiben. Für die webseite meines Turnvereines verwende ich Logos/Piktogramme im png-Format die frei verfügbar sind. Allerdings passt das angebotene Rot nicht so recht zu unserer Corporate Identity An einem habe ich es per Makro recht gut hingekriegt. (Rottöne ausgewählt - angepasst - deselektiert- neu abgespeichert - fein) Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die etwa 100 Icons in einem Rutsch -per Batch- umzufärben, ohne jede einzeln zu öffnen? Für Eure Hilfe schon jetzt vielen Dank Liebe Grüsse aus dem Rheingau adus
  2. Hello, When i open an EXR file into Affinity Photo, I dont get the transparent background, all i get is a solid black background, im pretty sure the file has transparent background, becouse when I open the same file using photoshop, i get nice white transparent background. what am i missing here? is that a bug? pls help me!! original EXR FILE above!!! test_renderxdd.exr
  3. Hi Support team and all users, I have a problem when I export some large files then my system using 100% CPU Usage and Memory 8GB and my graphics card is also 4GB. System Hang and taking unlimited time to save files. I was creating a wall banner approx 16ft x 8ft. When I need to send sample image to my friends for review JPEG didn't save and system hang. I had sent mail to support but they were not able to solve this problem. So they suggest me to post it on forum. Please help what is the problem. Is it system problem or Affinity Photo software problem. Chetram Kumawat 22x8_wall_banner.afphoto
  4. Hi Affinity Team, I am having some issues with PNGs with transparency. If I add these PNGs inside a CMYK document and export them as PDF I get different colors behind the transparency of the PNG. This happens when I use the format PDF/X-1a:2003 or PDF/X-3:2003. If I use the PDF/X-4 the transparency problem does NOT occur. It would be great to fix this issue since most professional printer would like to have files with the PDF/X-3:2003 format. Thanks and Kind Regards Tim
  5. Hi guys! I've spent some time on logo design, then a whole design book about it - all in Affinity Designer as a part of testing it. Now when I had to finally use it for a webdevelopment and export logo to PNG with transparency I noticed that there's a big distort. Smaller resolutions = bigger problem. I'm talking about all those outlines which are generated because of layers below. I can hide them for letters and few objects but head and tail of fox are made with many layers which some have to 'move' behind another ones. Everything is aligned perfectly but still always when exporting there is some 'shade' of color from layers below, it's best recognizable with transparency and on black background/preview. I tried different resampling modes but it changes only a bit. What I'm doing wrong? Never had issues like this in Illustrator or Photoshop. I could prepare 'flat' version where's nothing underneath but it's a lot of work and I mean here work for every project in future where should be original one and prepared for exports. Also many curves would change a lot :/ Are there any 'best practices' for exporting to PNG? What I'm doing wrong?
  6. Hello Im a Photoshop CS5 user but want to do editing in 32bit so got Affinity Photo. I noticed than after exporting to png 24 I get colour banding, somthing I do not get when exporting the same file from Photoshop. Also note how the Photoshop png is producing a larger file so I assume there is some compression going on that Photohop is not doing? Thanks Dan
  7. May I suggest in the Exporting as a picture adding a bit depth of 32 for a PNG image. I like that feature in DrawPlus. It provides an automatic transparent background. In the Affinity Designer the largest bit depth is 24 and this produced a white background, not the transparent background that I was looking for. Also, would it be possible to include the preview function when exporting to the different image formats? I do like the many image options. It could be that I need to do something else to have my transparent background. If anyone can help me understand how to do this in the Affinity Designer, that would be helpful. However, I was thinking of the official rollout of the final product. A lot of DrawPlus users will need to switch to stay current. We'll just need a little help in learning how to use the Affinity Designer from what we used in DrawPlus for the many years it has been around.
  8. I head on problem on my work where PNGs I exported from Affinity were file size were too big for platform we needed to send them. Reason for this was Alpha channel. I would need have option in PNG export to not include alpha channel. Now I had to re save files on Photoshop just to get alpha channel out of the pictures. Resaving picture or two in Photoshop dose not sound too bad, but when you have tens different size and rations versions of your document. It would be very help to get files in needed format from Affinity's awesome Slice Exporter.
  9. Hello everybody, I am trying to apply a perspective layer on a "laptop png" in order to change the screen image of this laptop. Unfortunately once the grid of the perspective filter is appearing on my screen. The new selected image (=the new laptop backrground) I want to apply the perspective filter to, doesn´t follow the grid. (See attached pictures). Has anyone an idea why it´s not working? Cheers Perspective filter issue.pdf
  10. Dear all, I'm sure that many of you already requested this feature and I was guessing where is located the function in the panel? Hoping is possible...Otherwise, what is the suggested alternative from the AD team? Thank you Pietro
  11. Hello everyone. Today I just discovered this wonderful program. After years working with PhotoShop and trying pseudo alternatives that ended up disappointing and making me return to the Adobe product, today the light was made !! Affinity Photo seems to me an incredible program, with an unbeatable price / quality ratio. It was enough for me to be a couple of hours of tests to fall in love. The transition from Photoshop to Affinity has been simple and friendly. Gimp is nice, but confusing, ugly and in some ways, limited and lacking in quality. Also, I lost 5 or 6 hours with Photo Paint Corel and Magix Photo & Graphic Designer's trial and I got bored just thinking about having to relearn other methods of work. Honestly, they have their own style (I'm not saying neither better nor worse), but it has made me heavy, perhaps because I have the Photoshop routine engraved inside my head. I'm excited and, of course, I've already bought my license. Affinity Photo is good, nice and cheap (in Spain we say 3 B -Bueno, Bonito y Barato-). A great purchase. I have read in some sections of the forum people claiming support to export in the TGA format (even claiming bad manners). Please gentlemen, Affinity offers a lot in exchange for a modest payment, be reasonable. On the internet there are free programs to convert PNG to TGA (e.g. Easy2Convert PNG to TGA). I do not see where the problem is. Sorry for my long text and thank you very much for this great project called Affinity Photo, the real and only alternative to the PS monopoly. Greetings. (Sorry for my poor English).
  12. When I make the background of a photo invisible and then export it as a PNG file the exported image has a white background, not an invisible background. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Hi Guys. I have a problem with exporting 192x192 PNGs the icons become grainy below an example. Thanks Affinity Icons Inkscape Icons
  14. Hello, Affinity Photo 1.5/1.6b crash trying to open larger PNG image, error: 0xC0000005 Image can be opened/displayed in Windows Image Viewer, GIMP 2.9.6 and Photoshop without any issue. File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xducbo77lh1ljis/Map.png?dl=0 Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 32GB RAM R9 290X [Hawaii] i7 4770 [Haswell v1]
  15. I have created a document and are trying to export it as PNG file for iPad Pro. The image has a gradient background together with a logo and an app name. The problem is, that when I export this it ends at 1.27 MB with a default PNG-24 preset. I cannot find any where to add compression to the PNG file. I have also tried to create the same image in InkScape and the exported image is only 53 KB with compression. How can I add compression to the exported image in Affinity Designer? Note: This article concludes the same as I see in my problem.
  16. When uploading a PNG file (vs jpg) I haven't been able to keep the image from uploading without an extended padded layer. Sometimes it's transparent, sometimes it has a color. The image site I upload to gives me the option convert my PNG to jpg & removing the "padding." However, I lose having the benefits of a more detailed PNG file. How can I eliminate the extra space around my finished image before uploading? I've tried clipping the canvas, flattening then clipping, rasterizing then clipping, and probably a few other random things (smiles). Hope ya'll can help - thanks! Adan
  17. in Affinity Photo and Designer, I have created a file in Affinity with an imported image, created a symbol of that image, then used it to create letters. I grouped the objects then added an outer shadow to that group. When I exporting to png without background the shadow isn't being exported. Shadows do export with a background. Is exporting outer shadow fx not possible without a background? My workaround is to export to Photoshop then export to png.
  18. I have an .eps file image of an open window with countryside view. I need to open the file and remove the view leaving only the window frame. I was told I coulde do this in Affinity Photo so purchased it yesterday. I can open the file ok but do not know how to remove the countryside view and then I need to save the windowframe only as a.png file. Can anyone help please. I need to solve this little problem as soon as poss. Thank you in advance. WINDOW.eps
  19. Please add a choice of dither types when exporting GIF and PNG 8-bit images. As most web designers know, to get the best out of limited palettes you need to use the most appropriate dithering algorithm. Photo doesn't provide any choice, but it would be extremely useful to web designers who care about optimising their images for both file size and quality. If it can be implemented at the same time as a LIVE PREVIEW of the export settings then that would be mega cool. Thanks.
  20. Hey everyone! Is it to be expected that exported .png files from Photo are larger in size than those exported using Designer? If I export .png files using the same settings, I get almost twice the file size when using Photo compared to Designer. I attached two files as an example. One is exported from Photo, the other from Designer. Is there a quality aspect to it that I am missing? This can also be observed when just trying to create a new file and save it as .png. In Photo, the file size will be bigger. I am using Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.5. Best wishes, Shu
  21. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for a few months now and love it! but there's one thing that disturbs me everytime I use it : When I add a png icon/logo (like the one in the attachement) and add put it on a picture, it always looks distorted or blurry no matter how high in resolution the png is. I've been wondering if this only is a problem I have, or if I am doing something wrong. Is there a way to fix this issue? Thank you very much for reading Leeyhan
  22. We're having some issues with transparent PNG images. One of the web apps we're using needs to have the PNG images use an "RGB Image mode". The app developer says they show as "Indexed". My guess is the designer created them in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The designer is out of the country now and unreachable for several weeks. 1. How do I tell in Affinity Photo if this "indexed" mode is being used? I've gone through the settings but don't see anything. 2. Can I convert these images in Affinity Photo to RGB mode? In checking Affinity Photo, I see that if I go Export | More there is a setting for ICC Profiles that does have some "RGB" entries. Thanks in advance.
  23. This is a total newb question. Please forgive me in advance for wasting your time with such a question. I have tinkered with Illustrator and Photoshop over the years. I understand the lingo and the differences between pixel and vector based graphics. While I just don't want to fool with Adobe anymore, I'd like to thank Serif for the Affinity applications. If I am working on a logo (see attached) and I use Designer to do the donut, star, letters, but I go to the web and find reasonably high-resolution images to work with for NC state silhouette, the tower (the radio signals are vectors from Designer), and the flags, what's going to happen when I go to expanding this logo and so forth? Are the pixels converted to vectors and therefore they will work appropriately or am I going to have issues with pixelation in the non-vector parts of the logo? I will bite the bullet and create this stuff from scratch if I need to, but good LORD the time savings! Thanks again, Wilson Hines Graphic Beginner.
  24. Hi, I got .NEF image. When tried to export to PNG and canceled it i get an Alert with no more information. I continued my work and all is fine. But in my opinion there should be some more information when Alert occurs.
  25. Hi When i try to export any image to PNG-8 (dithered), the program stalls and won't export. I have tried to leave it during lunch time, and remais as is. I have to cancel and then an error comes. When i export to 24bit, it goes OK, but at 8bit... nothing. Prove at attached files.
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