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Found 187 results

  1. I use Affinity Photo Mac version. I am a Adobe CC user before. Last month I need to batch convert about 2000 svg icons to PNG with 20 different categories. I tried Illustrator action, failed. I tried Photoshop Image Processing, succeed, but I got blurry PNG files. Then I tried Inkspace, unfortunately, I got the same result wz Photoshop. Then I Googled Affinity Photo and installed a trial version. With the Batch Job feature I finished convert all svg files at last. But it was not easy, I cannot add folders with sub-folders, I had to add 20 times for each folder. Luckily,I got high quality PNG files for svg files. Then I decided to purchase a full version. But soon after I found a problem: This app always miss some files when do Batch Job. It means I have to pick the svg files not converted manually after each converting. Have anyone meet the same problem? How to resolve this? Thanks. My English is poor, hope you will understand.
  2. After inserting PNG graphics into an Affinity Photo file, when I come to printing it's leaving a grey background. I have tried to save the graphic as a Jpeg and it prints fine. I could really do with the graphics in PNG to retain the transparent background. Please see image attached. Thank you
  3. Well i'm a bit surprised that some issues are coming back to the surface but maybe it's on my side ! 1- Have noticed my exports get blurry every time : tried to design in A3 then export in A4 then A5 size (PNG: is my mostly used - TIFF or PDF) which was working like a charm in previous release but now they get blurry 2- Went to my Affinity Preferences and now i see : Display (OpenGL, OpenGL Basic, Software) .... Never touched this before so i would like to know if changing one of this would fix the issue and what each one is or supposed to do. 3- What is Dither gradient ? Would it help ? in what conditions ? Just remember that the blurriness disappeared with one of the updates (can't recall which one) but now it's back ! So, Your help and support would be appreciated helping me fix this and get back on the road.
  4. Hey guys, today I encountered this strange bug : If I copy a PNG from the browser to the clipboard and then use the command "New From Clipboard" to create a new document, a new document is generated where the image is reduced to a black background layer and additionally scaled smaller instead of the original image on a transparent background. Has anyone ever encountered this bug and knows why this happens? I have already tested copying different images and from different browsers, always with the same result. Many greetings MrDoodlezz
  5. In reference to a thread about a deal-breaker-problem that still persists in over a year see: As >|< pointed out in this thread, "the current Affinity PNG exporter does not support variable opacity in an indexed-pallet image (commonly called PNG-8), hence the jagged edges." A professional webdesigner uses PNG's quite often. If possible SVG, but PNG is still (and probably will remain) needed for specific artwork that is both small in file size and has professional transparent edges. As most of the webdesigners, that use Adobe software, know that since the CC version their new PNG exporter is quite brilliant. It exports clean, sharp and small PNG-files in 8-bit with (near) perfect transparency. In my opinion, every webdesigner living and creating websites in 2018 and beyond, cannot have jagged edges OR large filesizes. And with Affinity you have to choose between these two. The only workaround is extra software, or something like TinyPNG, through which you have to pull/batch every exported PNG-24 file in order to recreate what Adobe can do with one click. The fact that you cannot export optimal PNG-8 files directly from the Affinity software, is a show-stopper. I think for every(!) webdesigner that wants to build good websites. The workaround is no viable option - it's too complicated, slow and (very) inefficient. There are quite some options in software, both offline and online that offer the same (or sometimes even slightly better) PNG-24 » PNG-8 conversions, so the technology is there. But for me personally, i cannot use any Affinity product now because the end result (the export) is un-usable and needs an extra conversion in order to be used on the web. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible, because i think that the effective (and professional) user-base of Affinity might double. Why? Because now only fotographers of graphic-designers can use Affinity in day-to-day use. I don't believe that way more webdesigners will join Affinity, IF the PNG exporter gets improved to a professional standard. Hope to see this get implemented » then i most probably will start using Affinity!
  6. Hello, Most of the time, I have to quit Affinity to be able to make an other export. Otherwise, sometime, as seen on the joint picture, when overwriting an already exported file, it seams that Affinity considers the file as a directory and fails to export the new file inside the old one. "xxx/infrastructures_routieres.png/infrastructures_routieres.png" Thanks for this awesome product, Regards,
  7. Hi all, I am currently in the process of making my first computer game as part of my university degree. I am using Affinity Designer for PC in conjunction with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), and I am having trouble with quality loss when exporting the .afdesign file to PNG, and thus importing the PNG file into Unreal Engine 4. I originally created my main character, "blob", as 64x64 pixels, as this is generally the size of a tile in UE4. However when exporting it to PNG the loss of quality is huge, as seen on the left of the below image. I'm also having the same issue with the tiles and tilesets I've been working on. To compare, I created my "blob" in 4000x4000 pixels, and scaled it down to 0.02% in UE4 (as seen on the right) and it looks exactly how I want it to look. UE4 doesn't seem to support SVG, and JPEG doesn't support transparency. Can anybody advise me on how to export the 64x64 file to PNG without rasterizing and losing the quality? The same goes for my tiles and tileset (the tiles are currently 128x128 but I might need them to be smaller). Many thanks
  8. Affinity Designer 1.5.1, App Store version. All my PNG-8 exports seem to lack anti-aliasing. For instance, a simple circle is jagged. This bug was erratic when I was first attempting to export some simple icons as PNG-8. Some exports were fine, others were not. I assumed it had something to do with my custom settings, so I started trying to use the PNG-8 preset. From that point forward, every exported PNG-8 was jagged. (PNG-24 was fine.) I started messing around with every variable I could think of, but nothing helped. I restarted the app, and then the Mac, but I was still unable to export a healthy PNG-8. I copied the vectors into a fresh file, but was still unable to export a healthy PNG-8. I created a blank file with a single circle shape and tried to export that. Still jagged. That test file is attached. jagged png-8 export.afdesign
  9. Hello! Please, make me a hint, when we can expect PNG8 with full alpha? I found myself less working with AD because of lack of this final step that I regularly needs for app and web development, and to keep small file size in AE projects. I searched on forum, and see that this is often requested in last 2 years already. AD have magnificent Export persona mode, that is great for automatisation, and really need this feature.
  10. The title already tells most of the problem I have. When I export my file to JPEG or PDF, it's quality get very low. I've already tried to switch the resample option to Bicubic or Lanczos, which didn't give me that much of a better result unfortunately. However, when I export the file to PDF, the quality is stunning. I've also tried to change the document settings from 72dpi to 300dpi, which also didn't give me any other results. Could anyone please help me out here? Below I've added an attachment to show you guys what I end up with. Thanks in advance!
  11. How can i export a PNG at specific pixel size?? I have a file that is 2400 x 50976 pixel big. I export that file as 2400 x 50976 pixel big PNG. I open that PNG. And it's somehow only 1542 x 32767 pixel small...
  12. DrawPlus 8 has more variable PNG export options than AD1.5 (see screenshot of DP8) You only get PNG-8 and PNG-24, no 32bit? I've used 32bit over 24bit on a few occasions. No option to alter the compression? 0 to 9? i used it a lot to compact the PNG. Super sample also came in handy at times, i can't find this option? Any chance you can bring the feature rich export options to AD?
  13. I am trying to add a vignette to a png. I can make it black and white but however I apply the vignette nothing happens to the image. Is it because its a png?
  14. I'm new to affinity designer, I have a question regarding the PNG file size. When exporting the artwork to PNG 24 file, the size of the file is big and the artwork quality looks great. But, when exporting to PNG 8 file, the size is small and the artwork quality is not the same as I created. So my question is, is there any way to export the smaller file size PNG file without losing any quality? Thank you
  15. I have an issue with png export: I'm trying to export a large image (40.000x16.00 px) to png, but the exported file only has 32.767 x 13.106 px. The Image gets scaled (without any warning), regardless what I'm doing to avoid that. Exporting to PDF also fails, there seems to be a limitation to 14.400 px, even if I chose PDF1.7 which should be able to hande up to 75.000 px in height and width. JPEG exports without problems to 40.000 px, but I need the transparency information.
  16. Hi, I am still a novice at graphic design and I hope I'm not asking for too much with this question. I would like to take this image (and others I have created) and make them editable in AD or AP. I'm asking for best ways to convert the file, and what to convert it too, so I can change the colors of the lines, make the background transparent, etc. Hugely complicated - I know. But it can't hurt to ask, can it? I'm also experimenting on how to actually make these kinds of designs in AD, with some luck, but not much. Your help is greatly appreciated. Bill
  17. I've been using Fireworks since it was Macromedia. In my mind it is the best graphic editing program out there for web developers like me. Simple to use. Intuitive and very functional. I've rarely run into something I couldn't do with it. However, of course, Adobe is dumping it and it doesn't work so well on Mac's High Sierra. It's currently limping and I fear it will become unusable completely very soon. Ultimately, what I need is the ability to open a PNG from fireworks (LAYERED - NOT FLATTENED) and maintain editablity (text, objects etc) in Affinity Designer. I've downloaded the trial but it doesn't appear to be possible. Converting PNG from Fireworks to Photoshop often doesn't translate well, not to mention the amount of time to go through this process is a bit ridiculous when I have so many files. Is there any chance that you guys are going to make it possible to open and edit the old files (saving as the afdesign files)? This would be the biggest thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on purchasing the program. The second thing that I would need that Fireworks has is the ability to create hotspots and save out as html. I'm sure I can find some other app for this though, so it's not a deal breaker. If it helps I can provide a bunch of sample files I have in FW that you can use to test the functionality I'm asking for.
  18. Hi, I am new to this software, is there a way I can add or overlay things such as real life like clouds, plane etc
  19. Hi! My problem is that whenever I export a logo or image to PDF/PNG without a background the image/logo always ends up with black outline. This has become a problem as my clients have come back to me a complained about it. I tried converting font, etc to curves and I have looked at the way I export e.g. Making sure that I my document has that the colour format and dpi match the export. PLEASE HELP!!! Regards Marshall
  20. Hallo, ich habe heute das Programm erworben und habe schon einige Elemete gezeichnet. Nun ist meine Frage wie kann die einzelne Elemente in PNG ohne weißen Hintergrund speichern? Vielen Danke
  21. Hello. I am suddenly having issues with exporting any files that I have in affinity designer. No file formats will export to the desktop, my flash drive, or any folders.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm working on a logo and I'm trying to get rid of 2 filled sections of some triangles, the outlines are already done but the fill is still there, the area that I want to clear is the red crossed out part, does anyone know how to do this? The way I was thinking to do is just clear the fill and use shapes to fill it in instead, merge those and then select the colour, but I feel like that'll take longer than other solutions I've attached a screenshot Thanks
  23. One of the primary reasons why I bought Affinity Designer was as a replacement for the no longer supported Adobe Fireworks. As such, I have MANY PNG files that I need to be able to edit that were created with layers. But so far, I have found no way to open a PNG file and retain the layers. Is there such a feature within Affinity Designer? One of the problem files is attached. There is another question that I have not tested for yet, but that relates to the above question. Is it possible to open a PNG file with frames and retain the frames, with Affinity Designer? Thanks.
  24. Okay - I'm trying to accomplish something like this. I've got the basic shape - the colored circle in the background. I've got a black silhouette of the tree on a transparent background - here is my question: How do I burn the tree image through the circle all the way down to the dark blue background? I tried "Rasterize to Mask" but that just made everything disappear. I'm obviously not a pro graphic designer here, so please forgive my butchering of any industry terms - I'm just trying to learn how to accomplish this effect in as few steps as possible. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  25. I can no longer export and PNG file from affinity photo. It just hangs for hours saying calculating. the file is around 50 megs and I never had issues before. I am running a MacBook and ran all disk checks and no errors. I have to kill (force quit). Really need some help here. It just hangs forever.
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