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Found 95 results

  1. I have found a few free plugin filters for Apple Photos but when I try to set them up in Affinity Photo they do not work. I have gone into Preferences and done the necessary set up to get them to work but they do not seem to work with Affinity Photo. One set of these freebies is by On1 Effects and the other one is by Macphun Creative Kit. Any suggestions to how to get them to work and if they don't any idea when they will? I really like using Affinity Photo but in my opinion the most important update feature they need to work on is getting photoshop plugins to work with Affinity Photo. Once they do this Affinity Photo will truly be a serious competitor for Photoshop.
  2. Is Affinity Photo's plugin support solely based on how well the devs can crack each individual plugin's code and then it be deemed supported? Sorry if I am not making sense. Would there ever be a time when plugin companies would write them for Affinity Photo or is the future of AP plugin support based on how well we COPY PS plugin architecture? Being that Affinity Photo is about to blow up with supporters in masses, won't they come a knockin? How does this all work for the benefit of AP's users coming onboard?
  3. Hi there, I am creating a morale patch design (2 in x 3 in) for the first time in Affinity Designer that will eventually be embroidered. I noticed for Adobe Illustrator there's an embroidery plugin available to ensure your design is suited for an embroidery machine. Is there a similar plugin we can use for Affinity Designer? Also, how large does the border width need to be in my design? I haven't found any answers online and hope you can be of help.
  4. Magic Bullet Looks (from Red Giant) causes Affinity Photo to crash each time I attempt to load that PS plugin, which resides in my PS plugins folder. (I linked to that plugins folder via AP's Preferences > Photoshop Plugins tab.) You can test out the Trial version of that plugin yourself here: http://www.redgiant.com/products/magic-bullet-looks/ No crashes with Red Giant's Knoll Light Factory plugin, and the presets load just fine, but there is a criss-cross (diamond shaped) watermark that appears when you apply it. That criss-cross watermark does NOT appear when using that same plugin in Photoshop. You can download a trial of that here: https://www.redgiant.com/products/knoll-light-factory/ Thanks.
  5. Photoshop Plugins: Most do not work or perform wrong function: I went to the plugins section in the preferences section. I added PS CS6 program under plugin search folder. I added \ as the path by selecting my mac hard drive. Am I missing something?
  6. I am making a determined effort to wean myself off of Adobe Creative Cloud, (Lightroom & Photoshop) and replace them with Affinity Photo but I am worried about losing the ability to use Photoshop plugins, (Nik & Topaz Collections) if I unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud. Am I right to assume that if I do unsubscribe from CC it will not affect my usage of the plugins in Affinity Photo? Many thanks for advice. Andrew-Bede
  7. New Mac and Affinity user here. I've read and understand that only some PS plugins now function with AP. I've experienced this as well: some plugins open and function while others either crash the plugin or AP. I have noticed though that the plugins that do function (Nik Color Efex Pro for example), show a completely different look in their preview windows than that shown in AP. The plugin preview windows are far less saturated and may even shifted to green than the AP rendition. This makes ALL plugins useless as far as I can tell. This, of course, does not occur when the plugin is launched from PS. Nor does it occur if I load the .tif (created from .nef solely in AP) with those plugins that are usable in stand-alone mode. Is this a known issue, or have I a problem with installation, etc? Thanks, Lloyd
  8. Hello mods, MEB, As a new AP user, I'm interested in Serif's plans for plugins, and any roadmap you may have. I'm particularly interested in how you prioritise building support for new plugins, and how an end-user like me could contribute. I ask, because my workflow currently uses a couple of plugins - CF systems' Color Perfect, and Topaz B&W. Color Perfect is great at converting raw linear scans of negatives or chromes to working images, but you probably seldom come across anyone using such a plugin. Any more information on your approach to plugins would be helpful. I'm stuck with PS-CS5 for now for some of my work, since Color Perfect and Topaz B&W need PS to run.
  9. Solution found: Just want to tell that after three uninstalls, where I also manually deleted all Affinity files (container) I managed to make a clean install. So software's working fine again. Unfortunately it doesn't find the Nik plugins, even when I manually point to the it in the preferences. But I'll maka seperate post concerning that issue. Thanks chris Hi everyone. Today I tried to install the Google Nik Collection plugins according to this video youtube.com/watch?v=sfwp2lbCKzU (could not find any better guidelines) This, because Affinity Photo didi not recognize the plugins at first installation. After following the proedures as in video and after the software restart, I was presented with a blank grey screen with no information, tools on the sides etc what so ever. I can open a photo, but I am not presented with any menu what so ever (I do see the welcome screen however) I uninstall the Affinity software (with AppCleaner) in order to make a clean install. I also uninstalled Nik software, I then re-installed Affinity. !! Unfortunatelly the problem persists and I cannot get the software to work properly. I can open photos, but there is no tool menu etc. I tried different minor tweaks in the preferences, but no success Look forward to some help how to solve issue. Many thanks chris
  10. Hello mods, Just a suggestion - We're seeing plenty of comments and requests around plugins scattered around the forums. Would it be better if we had a dedicated thread or a blog entry that stays current, with a list of plugins you have validated, and perhaps a place for people to vote on our most used plugins that we would like supported on Affinity Photo?
  11. With Affinity Photo 1.4 we get some plugins for Apple Photos: Develop, Haze Removal, Liquify, Miniature, Monochrome and Retouch. What about extending the ability of read Apple Photos plugins and not only Photoshop plugins? I sometime use DxO OpticsPro for Photos for quick noise removal and lens correction and I’d like to use it in Affinity Photo too.
  12. I have been using the Macphun plugins for a little while now an they can be quite useful. I therefore asked them if they were planning any plugins for AP. The answer basically is no, or at least not at this time which is much they same. Appears to be a wasted opportunity to me but equally it does not really help AP either. This is how Adobe sort of wins the day, they all rush to support LR/PS but that is it really (well apart from that waste of screen real estate Apple Photos). --Colin
  13. I'm trying my best to migrate from LR6 + CS6 but hitting a few snags that I could use some help with. My usual workflow is to open in LR6 to set the basics then open in a plugin such as the Macphun Intensify CK or Noiseless CK and occassionally Topaz Remask 5. I've tried adding them to Affinity by following the help instructions but when opening it crashes Photo. Is there a list of valid Plugins? Or a revised instruction note? Great product BTW, I can't wait to get proficient with it. Thanks
  14. I've loaded my various NIK plugins which I use with PS CS6 on my 64 bit MAC. I don't know how to access them. I tried loading the Color FX tool from NIK and my screen looks like the attached. Could I have help setting up my plugins, please? (Yes, these Plugins work on PS CS6 .... via the selective tool. I did try loading the program with the control key held. Many thanks, Barb I've re-installed. I load a photo, select the plugin and receive this error message from NIK (2nd screen shot) Thanks.
  15. Hello. I was wondering if Affinity Photo can use Topaz Plugins? In particular Remask 5. This is of interest to me so if any answer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D Cheers, Jose A De Leon Order #679219
  16. I am trying to replace PhotoShop with Affinity and would love to be able to utilize the same programs as plug-ins in Affinity. Is there any list of what does work, and what will be working within Affinity? I have up-graded to Yosemite from Lion on my MAC Mini, so ther are a lot of things I need to upgrade and up-date and I am hoping Affinity is one of them. Michael McGuire, Atlanta GA
  17. Hello Just bought two licenses of your product after reading the great reviews. We use Alien Skin and NIK. I have added the plugins in following the instructions on the forum and I can see them both listed. However, when I select the plugin, there seems to be some effect being applied but without the plugin adjustments dialog being displayed. This is obviously not right ... So how does Affinity work with Alien Skin 7 and Nik Tools? Why can I not see the plug in being displayed for my adjustments being made? Thanks for your help in advance br Jay
  18. I hope there is only a setting or something missing I tried to add the folder in settings of my adobe photoshop filters If my Photoshop Topaz plugins do not work in this program is totally useless for me and please refund my purchase from Appstore Stefan
  19. Hell Affinity Team, awesome new app. All thumbs up! Just two requests: 1. Whats about a media browser like "Media Pro" from Phase One? This one is really fast, not lame like the Adobe Bridge :-) 2. I would like to use my ColorEfex Pro Plug In Collection (Google) in Affinity Photo Thanks for your great products...! Mischugo
  20. Could you please evaluate to add the following plugins to Affinity Photo: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Suite, Macphun Tonality Pro and Focus Pro HDRsoft Photomatix Pro DXO Optics Pro and Viewpoint Pro NIK Software suite Kolor Autopano Giga
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