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Found 11 results

  1. I am using Window 7 Professional / Dell XPS 8900 quad core i7, 16 GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 4GB graphics These Photoshop Plug-ins WORK for me: AKVIS - Art Suite / Art Work / Sketch Abstract Curves Anthropics Smart Photo Editor Auto FX - Auto Eye Gen 2 / Auto Magic Gen 2 / Dream Suite Ultimate Gen 2 / Mystical Gen 2 / PGE Gen 2 Nik Collection - Color Efex Pro 4 / Dfine 2 / HDR Efex Pro 2 / Sharpener Pro 3 (1 & 2) / Silver Efex Pro 2 / Viveza 2 Corel Particle Shop - it opens slow but it does work Topaz Labs - all their software Xycod Postwork Shop WHAT DOES NOT WORK - First let me say that I was very frustrated trying to locate the "Lock Transparency" in the Layers Palette - couldn't find it anywhere. After reading some MAC files I discovered it is attached to the brush tool & shows up as "Protect Alpha". Unless there actually is a "Lock Transparency" check box somewhere that I can't locate. I can do anything with a manual and I realize it will be here. In the meantime, the help file does not work on the most current release. ALIEN SKIN - Exposure X / Snap Art 4 - These plug-ins DO NOT WORK - this is what happens: I get the message "This filter requires editable transparency. Please turn off Lock Transparent Pixels in the Layers Palette." When I check okay I immediately get handed an error message: "An Unhandled Exception - etc. Code: ox800004003. On restart I see a crash report message that I assume is automatically forwarded. LUCIS PRO 6 - worked before the latest release but now nothing happens - no screens, no messages. FILTER FORGE 5 or 6 - creates this message: <class XFW::Argument Error>No window handle in filter record platform data. This filter does not crash the program after I check "ok"
  2. Does anyone know of any filters or plugins to add cool effects(paint effects etc. yes i know you could get this look with mixer brush) to your pictures similar to the ones on Photoshop, if so let me know please
  3. Hi: Pixelsquid has a plug-in for Photoshop which allows the import of 3d objects to be rotated within the scene. Just wondering if Affinity has considered contacting PixelSquid to create a plug-in for both Affinity Photo and Designer for both operating systems?
  4. Working as a graphic artist and packaging designer, plug-ins such as Origami would be a huge step to cutting the cord. Like Serif, Apps for Life's Origami has a similar mission to bring affordable package design software to the independent and freelance market at a fair cost. They have expressed interest in developing a plug-in for Designer. I'm certain there are many other developers that have as well. Hoping you can address this issue and become the solution that truly competes with Adobe.
  5. I'm interested in finding out if there are any digital art plug-ins that work with Affinity Photo. I don't need anything too fancy but I'd be interested in plug-ins with filters that can create and customize a variety of "painterly" looks from photos. If there's nothing that will do this as a plug-in, I'd be interested in recommendations for stand-alone programs that could be applied after an image is processed in Affinity and exported to a TIFF or PNG file.
  6. I purchased Affinity Photo last week. Been using CS5 Photoshop (didn't want to go sub route with CC plus don't have the fastest pc). So am still learning AP, but first I had to know if plugins would work. This photo was taken at a 'meet and greet' where I asked a moment of time and it was granted. I was happy to see that Portrait Pro works just fine as a plug-in with Affinity Photo. Yes that is her real eye color; she is currently a model for Zulily Co.
  7. Hello, Plug-ins TopazLabs do not work. I have an error message : "Can not Proceed - IPC Memory in use or Image size is too big for the system." Is there a solution? Thanks
  8. Let's look at these plug-ins: Sketch: https://github.com/tudou527/marketch Photoshop: http://www.biaonimeia.com/ This plug-in can reduce the UI designer output to the developer's workflow, it will output an Html file, automatic tagging the size of the layer above, color, size. Developers use annotations file can be more convenient for development. Before I use the Affinity is exported as PSD, then use www.biaonimeia.com to output.But I will meet a problem here, textLayer into the Image layer after layer exported as PSD. So now, for the moment, Affinity workflow, unable to solve the problem of automatic tagging. Don't know Affinity Team will add this function in this respect.If you want to meet this requirement is not too difficult, personal understanding of the ideas are as follows: 1. The traversal of the layer properties: layer size, position, font color, font type, font size. 2. The reference source sample at https://github.com/tudou527/marketch 3. Generate Html files as attachments. Attachment on one of my use the Sketch automatic output sample: GUIOut.zip I like Affinity Designer, so I put forward its own ideas, hope don't mind.
  9. Photoshop used to have an Effects plug-in called 'Paint Daubs'. I'm wondering if anyone in the Affinity community has ever come across a way to create a similar effect in Affinity? I used to use the Paint Daubs when working with SD footage from video (pre-HD, pre-4K). Very subtle use of the effect could make a video-looking still pulled from the film look like a much higher quality image, even slightly painterly, getting rid of any sense of the video-look. I've even used it on HD, and it makes a still pulled from video look much better when going to print. All ears, Ben I still have the Paint Daubs effect in an earlier version of Photoshop (which no longer runs on my current OS). And tried to install that specific plug-in into the Affinity-folder-for-effects-plug-ins ... but it doesn't seem to translate. I heard something like this could be done. Nada, it seems, in this case.
  10. It would be really nice if also Aperture Plug-Ins would work, e.g. BorderFX
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