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Found 10 results

  1. I have my machine set to 100% DPI in Windows 10 to get around the issue I am having with Pixel mode/Retena displaying incorrectly when using 150%, so theoretically it should not be related. This problem produces the same pixelation issue though. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Use the Web>"Social media Square Post" preset 2. When using this preset, which is set to 144 DPI, pixel mode does not show up correctly. Note @ 100% zoom it has jags: 3. Change the DPI of the document to anything but 144. 4. Switch to another document while in Pixel Mode and then switch back, it will now update correctly. Video of 3&4: No audio (4K) 22.12.17_05-39-18-PM_NV12_3840x2160.mp4 According to this post, it's a bug from 2015:
  2. I've noticed after recent updates that there is a change in behaviour when zooming in and out on Affinity Designer documents. The items on screen seem to pixelate slightly as I zoom, then sharpen back up once the view is fixed. I swear it never used to do this. Is this a performance option or related to the graphics card perhaps? A video reviewer on YouTube also pointed this out when taking a first look at AD.
  3. I searched all over and could not find any issues reported similar to this so not sure if Affinity team is aware of it. Essentially when I rasterize a group of layers that are in a folder group (usually these layers were scaled down and there are multiple grouped together) some odd raster effects appear. What is even more odd if I undo the raster operation then right click and raster again it completely fixes the issue. If I undo the operation but use the history panel instead and apply the first raster I did the same issue will appear. I am not sure how redoing the same raster operation fixes the issue but here is what is looks like: Incorrect first raster where it is all pixelated: (sometimes it makes it half pixelated) Undoing the raster and re-applying it fixes the issue where everything appears smooth: I have plenty of memory and with the affinity project file open its only using 16% of my ram and 0% cpu usage so I don't think its a processing power issue where it cannot raster correctly. I am using Affinity Photo windows version I have to constantly re-check everything I raster becasue this seems to happen almost 70% of the time especially for images in groups that were scaled down. I don't think its a particular file format either as I've seen it occur with SVG and PNG files in the same grouped folder and it randomly will affect different ones in a raster.
  4. Hi there, I have had a look around the forum for an answer but have not found one as yet. My question is - how do I make a small logo of 300 px X 300 px for a website retina logo? Each time I try to resize my original logo of 4500 px X 5400 px it becomes completely pixelated. TIA, Cristina
  5. I am having this odd problem where Designer draws this imaginary horizontal line and decides that anything above that line should be pixelated. Any ideas as to what setting might be causing this?
  6. Is there a way to prevent Photo from pixelating my image while dragging layers? I'm guessing it's a performance related feature, but I want to turn it off so that I can always keep a sharp eye on things at all times. When I say pixelating, I mean that it degrades in quality while I am dragging. But, after I release the mouse, it renders at full quality again. Also, it only seems to happen in certain situations. Like, only certain zoom levels and sometimes only certain layers are affected.
  7. I have created an image with the selection brush tool to cut out the background. The image I am left with is heavily pixelated on the edges. How do I eliminate pixelation and sharpen the image so I can make further use of it. Looking forward to your suggestions.
  8. Hello, I have been having problems with RAW photos becoming very pixelated after I push the "develop" button and move into the "photo persona". My photos look good while I am editing them in the develop persona, but as soon as I develop them, the image quality changes for the worst. I also experimented with not doing any edits at all when first opening a RAW image and just pushing "develop" and still got a pixelated photo when Affinity reloaded into Photo Persona. I checked what the pixels were in "change image size" under document and noticed that the images were only coming out at 96 pixels. Trying to resize to 300 pixels while in photo persona did not improve the photos. I did not see any edit options in "Develop Persona" for choosing image size or pixel quality. Im guessing there must be something I can do in Develop P to keep the quality of my photos? I am getting much better end results by just shooting in high quality JPEG and not going through the develop persona, through I know this shouldnt be the case- my RAW images look good when I first open them or when i open them on Preview. Help?
  9. I am brand new to shooting raw and affinity and I am slowly going through all of the tutorials. (I do food photography and there is nothing remotely related in the tutorials.) I noticed my photos looks great when I upload to affinity and work on them. After developing, the photos look pixelated in affinity, which distorts things a bit. When I export as a jpeg, it doesn't show the pixelation. Has anyone else experienced this? Sandi
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