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  1. Hi I have a feature request for a gradient tool to be added to Pixel persona or Affinity photo. Attached I show you how this tool could work. Adding multiple gradients on a pixel layer. Before I switched to Affinity, I used this tool all the time. I miss it a lot. It would be very nice if you could add this feature. Happy new year 😊 Best regards Gradienttool.mkv
  2. I was hoping that V2 would bring some of the features from Affinity Photo (e.g. links, layer states) over to Designer. As it stands, users are encouraged to use publisher for a Designer - Photo integration (or edit the file in the other program). To me it would be much more useful if I could use Affinity Photo through studiolink, the way Publisher does this. I mean, if I have paid for both Designer and Photo, it makes sense to me that I get both program's main persona at my fingertips in Designer. Again, the reason I am asking for this is so that I can setup my workspace in Publisher for publishing and presentation work, whereas I can use Designer for my actual Design work. For image manipulation I would of course use Photo. Both Publisher and Photo are in-line with this workflow, but Designer is dropping the ball here imo.
  3. Hi, I found a bug or a strange behavior when using the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer on the Mac and on the iPad app. I found this behavior even in Affintiy Photo on the iPad so I am afraid it is a feature rather than a bug When using the Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona on a newly created pixel layer and there are no other pixel layers visible a strange behavior is showing: The first stroke is not showing until I stop drawing and hover over the areas that I have drawn on. With every stroke that I draw outside of the previously touched areas the drawing shows missing artifacts and I have to hover over or zoom a bit to make the drawn visible. A work-around for this behavior is to have a fully covered pixel layer under the new layer. Then the frist stroke on the new layer is shown instantly – as you like it as designer. I attach a video of that behavior and the afdesign-file. I use ADe 1.10.1 on a MacBookPro13,3 with macOS 11.6 and ADe 1.10.2 on an iPad Pro 10,5 with iOS 14.8. I like Affinity Designer a lot – it' a great app for my purposes – and I hope this bug gets to be fixed soon. Cheers! ADe-pixelbrush-bug.mov FipsMusica-test.afdesign
  4. Hi everyone, I've been experiencing a weird behavior on the color picker of affinity designer's pixel persona, every time I use it the result color sampled is a slightly different hue and lightness value, this doesn't allow me to paint effectively. Please look at the video to see exactly what is happening. Affinity Designer 2021-10-21 11-14-47.mp4
  5. Hey guys, I'm testing out the trial version of Affinity and I've uploaded some artwork that I want to create a transparent background for. So far, all the tutorials I've found say that I need to be sure to pick the pixel persona, but in my version of Affinity there isn't one? Am I missing something or is there another way to create a transparent background? HELP!
  6. Hi, I have a question about the effects you apply with brushes and such on the pixel persona section. If I create a vector design and then move to the pixel persona to add textures and retouch it using raster brushes, how will the design scale when I import it to PDF, SVG or any other vector formats? I was wondering if the effects I applied with with the raster brushes will pixelate while the vector design underneath will not. Is that a standard practice? I think with Illustrator you don't have that option, so all the designs are full vectorial. Could someone shed some light on this topic? It is something that really confuses me and I don't know if I should use the pixel persona when I am asked for a vector design. Thanks a lot for your help!
  7. Designer on iPad, recently updated: when I want to DUPLICATE a BRUSH from a list, the message "new brush added" appears, but no brush appears at the bottom of the list. In Affinity Photo duplication occurs, but in Designer NO
  8. Hi, I am experiencing a serious issue with Affinity designer. I have a vector shape in Affinity designer, in a group with another shape. I add some texture to both shapes by using gouache brushes in the pixel persona. Then I come back to the designer persona and duplicate the group with ctrl+J. The pixel layers then disappear (or better they are still there, but won't display). I thought it may be just a visualization issue, but if I try to export the file to PNG they won't display. Even closing and reopening the file doesn't help. It doesn't happen sistematically, sometimes I have to duplicate it multiple times, or rotate/transform the copies. The original file I was working with where it first happened had several copies of the group, but then I created a new file with just one shape and it still happens so it seems a bug. I attached this new file in case it may help, and some screenshots of the issue. It's honestly the first time I try to do this so not sure if it might be a bug with the latest update or what, but it's seriously frustrating and disappointing as this kind of operations working with vector and raster layers are supposed to be one of the main benefits of using Affinity... Is there any way to fix this? Thank you very much. test.afdesign
  9. MacOS: 10.15.6 Affinity Designer: 1.8.4 I've noticed there are a few bug reports around symbols and I'm not sure if this is related or new but hopefully it'll help debug. I've reproduced a minimal example. I've created two artboards and added a line using the Pixel Persona and a rect using Designer Persona to artboard 1 and made them both symbols. I then added a copy of the symbol to artboard 2. Modifying properties of the rect work as expected. Modifying properties of the line seem do not update as expected. Rotating the line seems to complete break and forces the line to disappear from artboard 2. The preview image however does show that the line has been rotated. I'm not sure if this is supposed to work this way or not with symbols, but when the (Symbol) layer is selected (not the Rectangle or Pixel layer) and the object is rotated, it only rotates the instance of the selected element and none of the other symbols are adjusted. Thanks for the support, this one is causing some headaches in a project I'm revisiting.
  10. Dears my project is 3000x2000 points and has over 200 vectors and several reference images in that, the project file was always about 20 mb. I then decided to add some textures and grain so I switched to the pixel persona (I’m new to that) and add about 10 pixel layer where I used several different brushes. The project file suddenly reached 500mb which is a lot to save and backup on cloud drives. how is that possible? Few pixel layer can make such difference? Is there a way to downsize them since they contains only grain and light textures, no real details? What is the best approach with pixel layers to avoid that? thank you very much!
  11. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but I have been dealing with the pressure sensitivity cancellation issue with Pixel Persona for Paint Brush Tool. What exactly happens is that when I'm drawing with paint brush tool on pixel persona using my pen tablet, the pressure sensitivity works just fine until I use other tools. For example, drawing with paint brush tool --> use erase brush tool to erase --> come back to paint brush tool = this cancels the pressure sensitivity and all the lines I draw becomes the hardest. This happens usually when I use a different tool in between my drawing. I was just using one of the selection tools and revisit paint brush tool then pressure got messed up. In order to fix it, I have to find the brush I was using before using erase brush tool/other tools and select it again. This never happens to Affinity Photo, so I am not sure what is causing this bug but I'd appreciate if this gets fixed or anyone knows how to fix this problem. It can slow down my process quite a bit. Thanks.
  12. Here's a recent illustration I created for Serif's 100 Days, 100 Commissions project series aimed at supporting the global creative community during the early stages of the Covid 19 pandemic. My entry was this fun isometric depiction of George and the Dragon from the famous legend of Saint George slaying the dragon and rescuing the Princess that goes back centuries. My inspiration for this piece was the pub sign at the famous George Inn of Southwark, London, which I believe is based on an earlier 1504 painting by Raphael. Great pub by the way with tons of interesting history. The goal I had in mind was to really exploit the isometric grid exclusively to create the shapes and bring out the central circular composition. I did all or most of the shading using the pixel persona and tried to keep the colour palette fairly limited and bright. The closeup on the armour showcases I think where the pixel painting approach works best as opposed to trying to create all of that in vector. Using the pixel persona to paint this with detailing vector lines was a quick and enjoyable experience. Hope you like. Thanks again to Serif for the opportunity to bring this to life. You guys and gals rock!
  13. Hallo, ich verstehe es nicht, ich erstelle eine neue Ebene in Pixel Persona und möchte nur in der Hauptebene Arbeiten. Man kennt das ja wie in Photoshop. Das Programm öffnet aber in dieser Ebene eine "Pixel-Ebene" oder Rasterebene als neuen Untereiter. Wieso ? Ich möchte keine Rasterebene/Pixelebene erstellen wie kann man das Deaktivieren. Siehe Sreenshot. Würde mich sehr über Antworten Freuen :-) Besten Dank
  14. Affinity Designer / Photo, Windows 7 x64 Hello Experts, I have the problem that my hotkeys for enlarging and reducing the brush tip (] and [) only work in Photo. In Affinity Designer the same hotkeys are defined, but the brush tip does not zoom in / out. I test it in Affinity Designer in Pixel Persona with the paintbrush (B). Can anyone confirm the problem or has a solution for it? I don't like to use other hotkeys for it. Markus
  15. “Bernadette” is a semi-realistic drawing that I created with Affinity Designer. AD is a (truly) excellent tool for vector graphics, but it also offers the best conditions for creating drawings and digital painting in the pixel range. more about this work: https://www.bodobe.de/zeichnung-mit-affinity-designer/ Best regards, stay healthy 😌
  16. Hi, I'd like to ask you what is the purpose of showing the "none" colour the way of white colour when the Brush tool in Pixel Persona is selected. It is often confusing when I'm gonig to draw something hith white colour but the brush is not painting at all. Then I see, by comparing the colour selector and colour sliders, that there is difference and not consistancy, what means I had to sellect "none" colour before (often repeated when comming from Designer Persona to Pixel Persona with none colour in selector). I guess it would be better to indicate the none statement with red diagonal line as usual. The same for Affinity Photo.
  17. What is the possibility of a "Reference Layer" in the Pixel Persona? For those artists that draw cartoon etc., a Reference Layer is a great non-destructive way of adding colors to an outline drawing.
  18. The brush is not behaving as it was in a previous version. I could count on a very smooth line while drawing in pixel mode and an even smoother line when using the stabilizer tool. All I can manage now is a choppy, staccato line with angular curves. I've labeled the image to give you a better sense of the problem, showing the results with and without the stabilizers. All other programs on this computer and tablet combination are working properly. Thanks
  19. Hello All, Im having a difficult time with brush selection. How can I copy pixel brush styles to the vector brush styles? Additionally, when editing between vector brushes and pixel brushes. It is inherently impossible to figure out as the user that vector and pixel brushes carry the same functionality. Since navigating between vector and pixel personas, do carry some functionally with the same tools. It would help if the assistant or some message displays that there is some limitations when trying to make a change to a shape with the wrong brush option. I mean, color, stroke and fill all seem to work across personas and do not require an additional gui to display to change properties. Thanks,
  20. Hi, I'm trying to select a brush with Erase Tool turned on. but when I select a brush at the Brush Panel.. it's selecting Paint Brush Tool automatically, I know there is this Icon like this image as example, but how can I get rid of this? in this video I can demonstrate this issue, because some others brushes with this Brush Icon works with Erase Tool selected, please help me... I just want to Erase with the same Brush that I paint Bug-brush.mov
  21. I make a lot of isometric illustrations, so I the isometric pane makes my life so much easier (thanks for that!). But It would be even better if the isometric window could also be shown in the pixel persona so you could switch planes and lock drawing angles to the isometric grid while making the sketch for a vector drawing.
  22. I'm a bit confused with the behaviour of the "none" colour while brush painting in pixel persona. I can set the colour of foreground and background to "none", what is also indicated by the red diagonal line. This is fine until I choose the Paint Brush Tool and start to paint something. The colour of the foreground changes automatically to white indicated by the white circle, but the brush is painting nothing. Because before the sellection of it the colour was set to "none". But why is than the circle indicating white colour? Either it should stay indicating "none" (red diagonal) or it should paint with white colour. This would by logical, am I right?
  23. Hello here , firstly a huge thank you to the app creators, I am enjoying it ! 2 youtubers make tutorials about affinity designer on IPad. They give free brushs sets in it and I want to use it but I cant because it imports them in the wrong persona. I mean : they are invisible in the pixel persona where I can properly use it BUT I can see it in the vector persona brushs where it’s useless for me. Someone has a trick for this ? Thank you
  24. Hi all, here's something very different from my usual and a bit of a personal challenge on a recent illustration project. Denman Digital in Vancouver hired me to create a series of images for a project they were doing for their client the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) here in Canada. The Hunting in Canada Field Guide lays out the traditional methods, tools and prey Indigenous people used and continue to use to survive and thrive in Canada's northern frontiers. This project is a web companion piece to their Moosemeat and Marmalade adventure cooking show on APTN. https://aptn.ca/moosemeatandmarmalade/ Almost every aspect of these illustrations utilized the pixel persona in Designer. I could've use Photo exclusively for this but I am much more comfortable and familiar with Designer and the process is basically the same. I created a bunch of new custom brushes as well as used many of Designers default and user-contributed brushes for this. I was rather pleased with the final outcomes and have since started adding more of this pixel painting workflow to my usual work. Rather than upload a bunch of images here I'll point you to a few links on my Behance site below and leave just a few images here. The project was broken down into 3 areas: Prey, Hunting Tools and Hunting Strategies. https://www.behance.net/gallery/77640277/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Prey https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647417/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Tools https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647933/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Strategies Much thanks to Denman Digital and APTN. :-)
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