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Found 5 results

  1. I have my machine set to 100% DPI in Windows 10 to get around the issue I am having with Pixel mode/Retena displaying incorrectly when using 150%, so theoretically it should not be related. This problem produces the same pixelation issue though. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Use the Web>"Social media Square Post" preset 2. When using this preset, which is set to 144 DPI, pixel mode does not show up correctly. Note @ 100% zoom it has jags: 3. Change the DPI of the document to anything but 144. 4. Switch to another document while in Pixel Mode and then switch back, it will now update correctly. Video of 3&4: No audio (4K) 22.12.17_05-39-18-PM_NV12_3840x2160.mp4 According to this post, it's a bug from 2015:
  2. I'm experiencing an issue specifically in Pixel Mode where, when I draw with the paint brush, the lines don't appear until I mouse over a particular section. I have attached a video (sorry for the quality) showing what happens in pixel mode compared to a basic program like Paint, where the lines show up instantly. I just tried the vector brush tool in Vector Mode and that seems to draw live, so it's only Pixel Mode where I'm experiencing this issue. The line I drew is there, but it doesn't appear until it's hovered over in some way. Does anyone have insight or a fix for this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! IMG_3069.mp4
  3. Hello all.. I'm trying to figure something out but for the life of me, I can't seem to find the answer.. I'm following this tutorial on creating a custom brush for Designer (re-creating a beard hair brush I made for myself years ago in PS) How to create and import brush in Affinity Designer - YouTube The problem I'm running into is that I need to be able to adjust the dynamics of this brush (like the size and scattering etc) for it to be effective, so I have to create it as a pixel persona brush seeing as I don't have these options in the vector brush dialog box.. But apparently once I have defined the brush using the selection/image like in the video, I have no ability to change the color of this brush when painting with it, which for my particular purpose is pretty useless unless I want to add a color overlay to every layer I use it on.. So..... How do you create a a custom pixel brush that you can paint with any chosen color, like the default brushes or the ones I've purchased through the website?
  4. How do I copy part of a placed image in Publisher? I have two placed png scans on a single Publisher page. I want to copy part of one image over to the other image. When I do a freehand select of a part, copy it, and then paste it, what I get is the whole of the first image, not just the freehand selected section. This was done in the Photo Persona BTW, as I assumed I had to when working with a pixel image. Do I need to get out of Publisher and do the copy/paste thing in Photo? Publisher Win 7, V
  5. I know this is pretty minor but a bit irritating. The navigator is at the top on the side over the layer/effects/styles panel. But when I switch to pixel mode, the navigator is suddenly at the bottom of the screen under the layers. I don't know why it moves but it is annoying to have it suddenly moved on me. Sig
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