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Found 209 results

  1. Has anone gotten NIK Photoshop plugins to work with Affinity? I've been trying to get SilverEffects to work but it won't even come up in the filter/plugins window. Help Please!
  2. In Affinity Photo I masked out some of the HSL layer with a gradient so that some of the blue from the sky would come through. In Photoshop the mask is there but the mask turned all white so that none of the HSL layer is effected the same way as in Affinity Photo. (see attached screenshot)
  3. Hello everyone, I got a problem with AD and the PSD exportation. "error while exporting" It's the same if I choose "keep the precision" or "easy to modify" Take a look at the attached file (in french). Any solution ? Cheers,
  4. Attached is a file from a game we are working on, its extremely common for us to paint in individual channels to save texture memory. What is not obvious here is why this image opens with empty channels. In Photoshop In Affinity Photo Is it possible to paint on individual channels?
  5. Photoshop used to have an Effects plug-in called 'Paint Daubs'. I'm wondering if anyone in the Affinity community has ever come across a way to create a similar effect in Affinity? I used to use the Paint Daubs when working with SD footage from video (pre-HD, pre-4K). Very subtle use of the effect could make a video-looking still pulled from the film look like a much higher quality image, even slightly painterly, getting rid of any sense of the video-look. I've even used it on HD, and it makes a still pulled from video look much better when going to print. All ears, Ben I still have the Paint Daubs effect in an earlier version of Photoshop (which no longer runs on my current OS). And tried to install that specific plug-in into the Affinity-folder-for-effects-plug-ins ... but it doesn't seem to translate. I heard something like this could be done. Nada, it seems, in this case.
  6. CrystaLink

    Photoshop Plugin Crashes

    I'm using version 1.3.4 of Affinity Photo. BTW, awesome app! When I try to use the Photoshop plugin for Filter Forge Pro 4, I get the following error message. <XFW::SystemCallError> ::open(file '/tmp/Filter Forge universal.log') failed with error code 1: Operation not permitted. I gave full permissions to the file, and it still returns the same error message.
  7. Hi! So what I need to to be able to create a vector object within Designer and export a PSD file that within Photoshop is the vector object and its a shape layer. Is this possible? I just want to get a editable vector shape into Photoshop (Photoshop is being a real jerk with getting vectors into the program as shapes... :P)
  8. You guys should create a tutorial on how to match the color and tone of any photo because I am completely lost on how to do this on affinity. I can only find videos on how to do this for photoshop which aren't much help. Thanks!
  9. I created a graphic in Affinity Photo that my client wants a PSD file of. I saved out the file as a "PSD (preserve editability)". When I opened the new PSD file in Photoshop the HSL layers that are masked to groups or pixel layers were not preserved, but HSL layers that are on their own layer are preserved. I then added back the HSL layers that didn't come over to Photoshop. Then I applied the same settings from the HSL layer in Affinity Photo to the HSL layer in Photoshop but the results didn't turn out the same. I played around with the settings to discover that the Hue Shift setting in Photoshop had to be set opposite from the Hue Shift setting in Affinity Photo to get the same results. Is this a bug or purposeful? So to recap, the two issues were: 1. HSL layers were not preserved when masked to groups or pixel layers when saved as PSD 2. When adding the HSL layers in Photoshop the Hue Shift setting had to be opposite of the same setting in Affinity Photo to get the same results. (see attached screenshot)
  10. I've got the Zoomify Photoshop plugin from the website and I'm trying to add it to Affinity Photo but I'm not having any luck. Thinking it was to do with the file downloaded I tried using a copy from an actual copy of Photoshop that a colleague has but still no luck (there is a file difference in that the folder direct from PS has .swf file and .zvt while the downloaded one has .js file, oddly, with .zvt). I've not used plugins before with either PS or Affinity so not sure if I'm doing things right. I'm adding the folder to where affinity suggests and then restarting the app, but nothing appears within the dialog. Anybody else had any success with this or shall I call it quits and maybe get my PS using colleagues to export the file for me? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I currently have Adobe Photo Element 10, and the software has been giving me several bug issues in the past year. I don't like their current subscription plan and layout. I wanted to switch to Affinity, but need to ensure that i am able to transfer the library i currently have with Adobe Photo Element 10 with ease, and also that the files i transfer from my Cannon camera will transfer into folders like Adobe Photo Element 10 did, and not like Apple Photo has it library transfer, and i can't fine a picture within a dated folder. 1. Can I transfer my Adobe Photo Element 10 library to Affinity with ease, and does a organizer come with it? 2. When i do transfer images from my Cannon camera will it transfer it into dated folders?
  12. Hi, I'm running Affinity Designer 1.4.1. I have a file I am working on that started as a Photoshop CC2015 psd file. I opened it in Designer and all of the layers etc. carried over. I have a text block that came over as frame text, and when I try to edit it, I can change the font, I can change the font size, the weight etc. but when I try to change the leading, nothing happens. In the original file the leading was set to 24pt. I can change the value in the drop down for leading, but nothing happens to the type itself. It only seems to happen with the type block I brought in from Photoshop though. If I create a new text frame in Designer and add text to it, I can change the leading with no problem. I just wanted to let you know in case this is a bug. I am new to Designer, so it could be user error, but I don't think it is. Thanks, Brian
  13. I am making a determined effort to wean myself off of Adobe Creative Cloud, (Lightroom & Photoshop) and replace them with Affinity Photo but I am worried about losing the ability to use Photoshop plugins, (Nik & Topaz Collections) if I unsubscribe from Adobe Creative Cloud. Am I right to assume that if I do unsubscribe from CC it will not affect my usage of the plugins in Affinity Photo? Many thanks for advice. Andrew-Bede
  14. I figured I would ask here to make sure someone else can search to find an updated answer. I don't care to see the brush pattern, most of my brushes I just click as a stamp. I have about 300 bruise. Any way to see them like PS and also change between Small and Large. thanks
  15. Hello. I have the following problem with Affinity Designer. When I export a file under the PSD format, every layer becomes "pixelated", including text. This prevents the person who receives the file from modifying it like he should be able to. How can I export a file that anyone can edit in photoshop like a regular affinity file, not pixelated? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello. I love Affinity Photo. I was happy to move from Adobe PhotoShop to Affinity Photo when I first discovered it. That said, there are a number of features that were very useful to me in Adobe PhotoShop that appear to be missing from AP. If some of the following features are in fact missing, is somebody able to tell me when/if they will be included? Full-screen preview shortcut Preview the whole document in full-screen without the borders of the UI with a shortcut command. Just the one shortcut command - not a series of shortcuts. Also, I don't wish to use the 'toggle full screen' option as the transition needs to be instantaneous. Compare to the original photo (prior to modification) shortcut Sometimes it is very useful to see how far you've come - to check how the original looked, with one shortcut. On/off preview button when making adjustments/adding filters Currently, mirror view and split view exist as ways to compare the modification to the original. But why not a simple on/off button? I would prefer that to the existing options. Export image preview quality During the export stage as you are deciding how to compress your image, it would be beneficial to have a preview showing what the image will look like under those compression settings. It would better allow to manage how to export an image in reduced file size but maintain good quality. Edit image EXIF data When uploading an image to the Internet, I want to first be able to strip private information such as GPS coordinates. Apart from what, I would to append additional information to an image in the EXIF information. Merge colour tones from another image. I remember PhotoShop had a feature that allowed you to adjust the colour of an image based upon the palette of another image. This was very useful if you had one image where the colours were all wrong in a collection where the colours were fine. So you could tell the editor to take the yellow from the better image and tell the worse photo "that's what yellow is meant to look like", and it would correct the whole photo based upon that adjustment. Merge exposure from another image Same principal as above. You tell the editor that you want the exposure levels of one image to translate to another image.
  17. Hello! I just this morning got a tip from some site about Affinity Photo. I'm tired of paying for the subscription I'm currently have with LR and PS CC. I'm importing and fixing the most of my pictures in LR. Some of them, portraits for example, I also edit in PS. LR is easy and fast but I'm feeling that I'm not using it enough to pay the subscription fees. I can buy two Affinity Photo for the same money as a year of LR + PS. Is there anyone who made the switch who had the same workflow as me? Is Affinity a good replacement if I use LR? Any tips for a good way of cataloguing my photos as LR?
  18. What is everyone using as an alternative to Photoshop Bridge? I have canceled my Photoshop subscription but have to the end of month to find an alternative to Bridge. I am just a normal user, not a pro so I don't want to spend an arm and a leg for a program, but yet I need a good program that can do extended searches that can be narrowed down to a specific keyword or subject.
  19. I’m getting ready to send some rack card pdf files to our service bureau when I noticed something strange... I’ve got a couple png files (done in Photoshop) embedded in the Affinity Designer file, and they look fine in Affinity Designer. But when I export them to PDF and open them in Apple Preview, I’m seeing things that I don’t like. In particular there’s a strange milky-white quality to the lower edge of one embedded object (see attachment) when it should be a smooth opacity gradient... In the second embedded object immediately below the first one, the lower edge of the object cuts off sharply when it should be a more gradual opacity gradient. Again, it displays properly in Designer but not in Preview. Is it going to print out this way? Is there a pdf exporting setting I need to use? Is there something else I need to tweak in the Photoshop > Designer > pdf Export pipeline? Thanks, Andy
  20. Haiz Design

    Photo 1.4.1 Gradient Mask

    I have a file that I built in AP with a gradient mask on one layer. This mask was created by making a selection (from the outline of a dancer) and filling the mask with a white to black gradient. The file was exported to PSD. When the file was opened in Photoshop CC, the gradient mask was there but the masked selection was now rectangular, rather than retaining the original shape.
  21. Hello. I have a t-shirt design I was working on this pasted weekend, and no mater what I did in Affinity Photo, I could not cut out a white background from a scene shot I had taken to use on this product. I'm trying to switch from Photoshop, where I could cut out a white background with ease, to Affinity Photo looking pretty bad and unusable. Could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong here? I would love to stop using Photoshop, but I can't when I can't even cut out a simple background. Note: I put a white box over the design just so no would think I'm trying to advertise my T-shirt here.
  22. I do product photography and focus bracketing or stacking is a must, a fully needed to be able to replace Photoshop. In the other hand color and sharpening needs a big improvement.
  23. Preservation of live text when saving as a PSD would be a huge help in working with other designers and developers who are working on PC's and can't run Designer. Is this on any roadmap?
  24. Hi, Added artboards was a great idea. Now I am looking forward to creating Smart Object like it is in PS. You can add a file and change it to Smart Object. In example it allows you to edit only this element from whole art. It would be great to work with Smart Objects created in Photoshop already. It is the only reason I still work in PS at least I have already bought Affinity Designer. Great job so far. Regards Maciej
  25. Hello I am complete newbie to Affinity. I have been using photoshop for almost 10 years now. So obviously I keep looking for similarity between the softwares and keep using the same shortcuts and look around for same tools. Are there any tips and tricks for beginners? Where do I start? Thanks for help...