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Found 209 results

  1. Hi, I'm really excited to join the Affinity community! I''ve been a Photoshop user for quite some time and have developed some habits I'd like to replicate in Affinity if possible. I've listed some of them below. Hopefully it's not too overwhelming... - I like the ALT+RMB shortcut so resize the brush in PS (left/right) AND adjust the pressure (up/down). Can it be setup in the preferences? - I can't seem to find a file size in the export Persona: did I miss it? I like the CTRL+Z unlimited undo: is it really unlimited or is there a max number of undo steps? That would be all for now I guess! Thanks a lot for reading until now! Have a nice day! Nicolas
  2. I use Lightroom and have a bunch of presets. I am wondering if I turn to Affinity Photo, can I import the presets that is from Lightroom? Or shall I treat Affinity Photo as an instead of Photoshop, not Lightroom?
  3. I'm really enjoying Affinity Photo, but I'm struggling to manage my workflow, going back and forth between AP and other tools. This has me wondering: Do I lose anything if I go from one tool to another working with a layered PSD and never use the AP proprietary format? And if so, is what I lose minor enough to be worth the sacrifice? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  4. Hello. Now testing AP for my professional retouching job. Have some questions: 1. Paint Mixer Brush. How can I make it "auto clean"? I can see "auto load" option, but for retouching purposes auto clean is very needed! To click "clean brush" after each stroke is pain. 2. Frequency Separation as a filter is amazing feature! But I need copy of each layer to work on them. And I need clipping mask option for layers. Is there any same thing in AP? 3. And MAIN QUESTION - Imagenomic Portaiture plugin. I'm using it everyday for blurring low frequency layer. It quite nice for this operation. I added plugin's directory to list and it even starting. I can see it's interface but... nothing works. New layer with mask - nothing happend. Just new layer - nothing. And when I tried to apply it to current layer - AP hangs up. So.. what about this plugin? It's very famous and usable. As famous as Nik software plugin pack. That's all for now. Continue testing..
  5. Photoshop PSD file is not working properly like text converted into the image in layer with shown some errors on popup and psd file not open in existing size.
  6. Hello I exported an affinity file as PSD. I opened it with photoshop cs6 and tried to edit the text. It seems i can't edit the text as it was not exported as editable text. Same was the case for import but it was solved from Preference option. Is there a way to export text as text for PSD? Most of my client will not PSD export as they don't have AD.
  7. I'm an old Photoshop user but have always been irritated by their monopolistic pricing, and I know many camera club people feel the same. So I'm putting together an 'Anything but Photoshop' talk/demonstration to take around clubs in South Wales and the borders, including ON1 Raw, Smart Photo Editor, PSP and of course Affinity Photo (my favourite). I'm chewing through the splendid videos at the moment. Any other resource ideas? Things to say?
  8. We run an online newspaper and use Lightroom for DAM We frequently use Photoshop to resize and use canvas size to fit fit into a column width What would be the advantage of using Affinity? What would happen to our Lightroom catalogs? Henry
  9. Hello, I've downloaded the Affinity Designer's trial for Windows and am testing it. Basically, I've imported a PSD (created from Photoshop CS6) to check how AD handles Adobe files (I'm Webdesigner, if I go on AD, I'll have to receive PSD files from other designers and use them into AD, so the import feature is important to me). I'd like to point out some issues. I don't know if the Trial version is a complete or a light one. This could explain the issues... Texts converted into pixels : the texts from my PSD can't be edited anymore. They seem to be pixel shapes. Missing background pattern : I had a background pattern in my PSD, but disappeared in AD. I can't even find where to edit a background pattern (nothing around the Effects). That's all for now. :)
  10. Hallo, kann man in Affinity Photo Verlauf importieren (z. B. von Photoshop) importieren? Grüße
  11. I am wondering if any further improvements are planned for the crop tool? One trick I enjoyed from PS is proportionally cropping by holding the "alt" key, I noticed that as of betas 1.5.x that this is still not possible. Hopefully the gif demonstrates what I am referring to. Thanks
  12. Can someone please, please tell me what our designers have to do to create photoshop files whose text is editable in Affinity Photo? Emergency here!
  13. So happy to finally ditch Adobe! (I was on CS5.5 to avoid the CC fees) I'm finding a lot of Photo is intuitive (like having transform available upon selection - smart!). But today I tried opening a PDF and Photo insisted on replacing the missing fonts. I couldn't find an option to prevent that - usually Ps just opened a pdf in an uneditable form while Ai would ask to replace missing fonts. Maybe there's a resource for navigating the differences between Ps & Photo?
  14. Hi there, guys! I wish you all a great and a happy Year! I just came across with this video. It's a good speed/performance comparison -in some scenarios- between Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop. To me, it shows the good things Photo has to offfer and also some opportunities to make this an even better software; the developing team might find it interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO_r-JX8fpE Best regards!
  15. Hello everyone! I would like to request a feature that doesn't seem to be included in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop, you can use an additional key (I think it's alt) to move the opposing crop border as well as the one you're moving with the cursor. This way, symmetryical cropping can be achieved. Can you inclide this feature in a future release? Or is this already included and I just don't know how to use it? On a Mac, cmd would probably make sense since the "Move Tool" already includes that behaviour (mirroring border movement) when using cmd. Best wishes, Shu
  16. I was using the beta and was pretty happy until I started looking for frequently used features from Photoshop at work and GIMP at home. Here's stuff that's missing that would help with productivty: Precision guide-making. You have a "manager" that doesn't let you manage much. It'd be nice to be able to edit the exact position of those guides (Let's say I want to quickly set up guides at 25/50/75% in percent mode or just set specific pixel values to each). Even GIMP's got this! "Pattern" layer style is also quite handy for the same reason as the "Fill" layer. [Edit] Solved or has a workaround: Move selected option for the mouse cursor. It'd be nice to be able to tap a layer and then drag an object around without having stuff that's in the way get selected. PLEASE add the option. Ability to duplicate layers between open files (and in the same position if equal size). Ability to create new alpha channels. It's handy for selections or when 3D texturing to be able to use even the A in RGBA images (or in some special cases, remove one of the channels). "Solid color" layer style like in PS (easier to edit than filling a raster layer with color, plus you needn't worry about resizing). Hopefully none of these are repeats since I didn't see them on the list. Thanks for listening!
  17. Hi, I'm a graphic designer specializing in book covers and I'm considering making the switch from Adobe to your programs. They look absolutely beautiful and I've downloaded the free trial of Design to test out but noticed there isn't a free trial for photo. I want to test the program out before I make the switch mainly to see if the Photoshop Plugins and actions I have will work. Is there a trial I can download? And will the plugins and what not I've purchased for Photoshop work in your program? Thanks for your time!
  18. Hi, when I export my UI layout to PSD all the text layers are rasterised. This Beta release solved the vector shapes problem but the text keeps the same behaviour found on the App Store version of Affinity Designer. By the way, thanks for the "Force Pixel Alignment", very very helpful.
  19. I have acquired quite a few really solid photoshop brush tool presets over the years but I haven't found a way to use them either Affinity product. Is there something I am missing or is this not currently supported? Any plans to add compatibility? Thanks!
  20. Does Affinity Designer support photoshop plugins?
  21. ms.fuentecilla

    Affinity Photo FX

    The FX details seem not to be subtle enough to create the equivalent detail available in Photoshop. Is it possible to enhance these to match more closely the subtleties available there in Styles or does this cause conflicting copyright issues? I have tried to achieve similar results. Access to import PS Styles would be better probably such as those in The Photoshop Wow Book, final chapters and DVD. This is mainly in the 3D department. Michael
  22. Hello, its new to me to work with Affinity Photo. Today i work only with Photoshop an now i have a question. Any people send me pictures with a path in the image. In Photoshop i can select the path and save this image with clipping path for using in Indesign. In AP i cant find this function or dosnt work AS with clipping path? Thanks for the answers. Greatings Sylvio
  23. Hello, maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I have my Affinity document set up to use Pixels as units. The drawing is 580px wide exactly. I copy everything and paste it in photoshop as curves, yet it's pasted at 154px (100%). If I scale the image to make it 580px, there is some white , jagged-fraying on the edges of the curves and it looks like crap. What am I doing wrong? Why aren't the programs 1 to 1 with each other? Thanks
  24. I wonder if it is available somewhere, but it will be great for long time Photoshop users to see a feature mapping to Affinity Photo. I was able to find some features by hunt-and-peck but others either eluded me or are not there in Affinity Photo. I am a keyboard command fan and some of the commands seem to map to AP but some do not. These will make the transition from PS to AP easier and a more positive experience, at least for me. Mind you, I am not asking for a full feature set of Affinity Photo but a feature mapping between it and Photoshop.
  25. I'm using Designer and its great. One thing holding me back from Photo unfortunately is that when i copy and image into the clipboard and paste it into Photo, it doesn't automatically size the artboard/canvas to the size of the image. Photoshop does this as follows. When you copy something into the clipboard, you do a cmd-n and Photoshop starts a new tab with the Canvas defaulting to the size of the image in the clipboard. This is really useful. I am copying images and pasting into Photoshop all the time. In Photo, unfortunately, it doesn't auto detect and set the size. This would be less painful if there was a way to quickly resize the canvas to fit the image, but I don't know how.