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Found 209 results

  1. Hello New here. I would be eager to replace "the Adobe ones" with Affinity Photo and Design. But cannot do it before I can paint on video, or open and view large image sequences. Example open 20000 Dpx files for dustbusting. This would be a Photoshop killer feature and I would be ready to pay for it. Is there any technical chance for this kind of feature in the future? Other thing is importing tool presets. Affinity Photo can import .abr brushes files, and that's nice, but I would need .tpl tool presets as well. I am using beautiful Kyle Webster made custom brushes in my illustration work and I don't know if there are anything equivalent in Affinity. Would not like to ditch those and start from beginning. Regards
  2. Hi people! Not sure if this is a bug but this happens only when I copy elements from Affinity Designer. When I copy from Illustrator everything works fine. This is the problem: with some elements, when I try to copy from Affinity Designer and paste into Photoshop, Photoshop gives me this message: Any thoughts?
  3. I am trying to stretch my Affinity skills a bit but following along with a Brandon Woelfel photo tutorial. The photo began looking different from the video right off the bat, with the Temperature adjustments. my main issue so far is that when the video changes the color channels to bring out a more teal color my whole photo just looks ugly and blue. it seems PS just has a much better and more specific HSL adjustment tool, is the true? Please help. I have attached the tutorials picture and mine in the same step making adjustments in HSL, Please help!! Here is the video. I just took a screen shot of the original to work along with the video.
  4. Hi everyone, I just got a 12000 pix x 12000pix Psd file from some colleques from Berlin, that do big 3D Rendercompositions, to fulfill the wishes of our architectural company. This psd file has about 3.55 GB, while the saved affinity photo has got about 1.8 GB. So in the computermemory after opening , Photohop uses about 20 GB while affinity uses 6.8 GB.. the opening in PHotoshop takes abut 100 Secounds, while opening the affinity file in affinity, takes about 6 sec. only thing, where Photoshop seeems to win is Viewport speed.. In Photoshop for example i can zoom in and pan fast and smooth... But affinity seems to struggle.. The new areas that come into place at your Viewport are somewhat .. " low resolution rasteriszed" and have to be redrawn first.. so paning around , affinity seems to behave more.. hmm.. slow... because it has to redraw / reconstruct the new immage areas at first... while photoshop handles it fast and smooth even with this szize of Immage and with about 50 to 70 Layer in use... So what did you see here ? Is affinity realy more slow than Photoshop with big documentes, ore can i use some adjustments somewheere in the interface to speed it up ?
  5. Hello to all who think they can help, or if you think this might actually be a feature request! I'm trying to make the switch between Adobe and affinity, and I'm having some trouble with Pantone colours. Scenario: One of our clients has asked us to design a product, we've done all the work leading up to the prototype stage, and need to know the Pantone colour value of their logo to match some highlight parts to. We have a .png of their logo, now usually on photoshop I would use the colour picker and then go to the colour library and it would tell me which is the nearest Pantone to my selection. We all do this at my company from time to time but I can't find a similar feature on affinity, am I missing something or is this in the pipeline? I know there are websites which can convert RGB to Pantone etc but they're not the solution we're looking for considering we already had one! Hope someone can help David
  6. I've done some data driven images in Photoshop. I just purchased Affinity Photo and I'd love to do more elaborate data driven images. I don't know if it's available yet. Here is information on it from Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop "How To" make data driven graphics Thanks
  7. I have a PSD file where there are multiple editable layers grouped together within a single layer. In Photoshop, you would open the layer, right click on the 'sub' layer you wish to edit, and click Edit Contents. Attached is a PDF where on Page 2, it will give the steps I'm referencing. When I attempt to do this in Affinity Photo, there is no such option. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance. Help.pdf
  8. Please help us by provide some google material design layout template. Google provided us some guideline but in Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop file which does not match with affinity designer shadow/elevation value. Please visit those link . https://material.io/guidelines/resources/layout-templates.html# https://material.io/guidelines/resources/shadows.html# Can you make tutorial or the difference between adobe & affinity shadow/elevation .
  9. Hello, question from yet another Photoshop user doing a conversion to Affinity Photo. First, love the product as it will only get better with each new update. Photo does open PSD files, as well as .tiffs created in Photoshop; however, it seems to only open files as flattened objects, totally disregarding any type of layer which may have been set up in Photoshop. Is this statement correct or is there a way for Affinity Photo to recognize layers created in Photoshop? I have zillions of files created in Photoshop, having started graphic design in the mid-80s. I'm not enthused about exporting layers from Photoshop...I would rather do like Elvis did and shoot the software like he shot televisions. I'm proud to be using AP now and don't want to look back. Only hoping.
  10. Hello, I have just run a few tests against PhotoShop CS6 and Affinity Photo on saving/exporting Jpeg files, starting with a 6.46mb 1422px x 2013px 207ppi JPEG assigning adobe rgb1998 resize too 7020px x 9930px 300ppi PhotoShop : saved quality 12, options base line standard jpeg : 28.47mb Affinity Photo exported : jpeg best, progressive OFF, quality 100%, embed icc, embed meta : 46.33mb any idea why the huge file from AP Regards Chris p.s Windows 10, AP
  11. One of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop (imo) is the CMD to move (CMD + arrows nudges 1pixel, with SHIFT modifier to nude 10pixels). In Affinity Photo the CMD key is completely unused when working normally with a document, looking in the options for shortcuts there doesn't seem to be much in terms of advanced shortcuts. I know AP is not PS, but moving things around are quite useful and not using the normal modifier keys, instead leaving them dead, seems like very bad UX. Am I missing something, is CMD actually used for anything and/or can I get the desired behavior?
  12. Hey guys, just want to gather some experiences from people who might be using this software as a substitute for Photoshop on the go digital painting wise...and an idea on if it's worth the investment or not. since the release of the iPad Pro version i have been constantly looking through sites and forums for peoples experiences and the usual outcome is critical praise along the lines of a great substitute for PS but usually based off of the perspective from someone who used it with editing photos and not so much with illustration & painting. Basically my Cintiq is down and much of my work has fallen onto the iPad pro i'm not too interested in Astropad and i do have Mediabang and Procreate but both are always lacking many functions i love from using Photoshop i love concept art, texturing, sprite-work and animating so i'd absolutely love anyone else's input on personal experiences before i make the jump. Thanks! :)
  13. Hey Affinity, I've been using both Designer & Photo since its beta and I really enjoy it. I have gained nothing but enjoyment and happiness using your software and the progress you make. My only concern about Photo is the lack of smart objects. I understand there's a few posts from last year that mention them, but I'm not sure where this feature sits on your list of things to do as I couldn't see it on either of the roadmaps. It's basically the only thing I need Photoshop for at this point. Ability to read .PSD with Smart Objects instead of flattening the file into a pixel layer. Smart Objects This would be amazing, and I know that I'm not the only person that use mockups with this feature. I tend to make my own, but sometimes it's more suitable to use an existing one, which is made using Photoshop. I understand you aren't Adobe, so I'm unsure what you can and can't do, so even if the feature works in it's own way, I would be overjoyed. Keep up the good work Affinity, Cheers, Lachlan
  14. Some of my .PSD files can't be opened in Affinity Designer / Photo. It just got stuck forever while opening. I didn't find out what is the particular case with that files. How can I report it? And I can't upload PSD here as it will be publicly available and I'm not permitted to do that at the moment. Cheers :)
  15. Hello everyone, I shoot in RAW only, accumulate a lot of images each time I'm out, now with Adobe Bridge I can open any specific folder containing dozens of RAW photos and can visually view all the photos in that file. Is there such a program with Affinity Photo where I can open a folder containing RAW photos and view them all - or am I required to open each RAW photo one at a time in order to view that one photo? Thanks, Lad
  16. Hello, I have Affinity Design and am thinking of purchasing Affinity Photo, but I have one question. Is Affinity Photo compatible with other programs like adobes photoshop? I need to edit documents on photoshop for school, but was wondering if I could do my work in Affinity Photo at home, then send the doc as a PNG, or JPEG etc to the school which has photoshop? thanks :)
  17. Hello, I have a question regarding the "Apply Image" function. I saw a tutorial where Apply Image was used in Photoshop to change the mask of an image to become the source image but as a mask (so just the dark and bright information). It was used to blend multiple exposures together. Is it also possible with the Apply Image feature in AP, or is there any other option? I hope it is clear what I mean, because I find it hard to explain. Thanks in advance :)
  18. Hello All! I'm new to Affinity photo and I was wondering if LUTs that other photographers make in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom are compatible in Affinity. If the LUTs are ".cube" they should work right? Also, do presets from Lightroom transfer over to Affinity very well? Thanks
  19. With the extortion experts Adobe screwing users of Creative (Accounting) Cloud with its revised pricing 20 to 50 percent, never has there been a greater need for a competitive alternative. Affinity comes nearest but shows no enthusiasm for closing the gap. When will it address the problems around plugins on Mac, or support Photoshop Actions, or have a file organiser, or make headway into reducing its gigantic file sizes? Solve these and you could have the world beating a path to your doorstep.
  20. I'm in the process of trying out Affinity Designer to see if it will serve my purposes. The majority of use will be to take .AI files I have, modify them and convert them to .PSD files. Unfortunately, exported files exhibit fragmentation or incomplete data. In the attached image, the black mouth is not solid and the upper frame edge of the goggles is incomplete. Is there something I need to know about exporting to .PSD format that isn't readily apparent? As is, this product will be useless to me. I was hoping for a true Illustrator alternative.
  21. At the moment it looks like the magic wand selection tool doesn't generate partially selected pixels. This results in the horrible jagged / harsh edges as below when attempting to isolate an element. Photoshop on the other hand supports anti-aliasing which gives a smooth transition from fully opaque to fully transparent. This feature is an absolute must in my opinion, especially for quickly cutting out well defined objects in an image / removing the background. Feathering or smoothing the jagged edges (another extra step that shouldn't be necessary) just doesn't give as good of an effect.
  22. I wish to import my layer styles from Photoshop to Affinity Designer, however, the .ASL file does not seem to be compatible. I'm wondering if Affinity Designer doesn't have the option to convert the layer style? And, I also have another question: are there clipping masks in Affinity Designer? If so, how do I create one? Thanks so much!
  23. Hey everyone. Hoping someone can help me out. I'm using Affinity Photo to import some PSD files I paid for from a stock site. There are text layers, shape layers, etc. When I open the files though, all the layers are pixel layers that are not editable in any way. It's as if they're flattened. I was under the impression that Affinity photo can open PSD's and work with them natively. I'm not fully sure how a pixel layer works either so I could be missing something here. All I want to do is edit the PSD's I bought. It's basic mods I want to make, nothing fancy. Anyone know how to convert the pixel layers to something editable (especially the text)? Thanks!
  24. Hi, I have a number of Photoshop files with levels as adjustment layers. When I open them in Affinity Photo, the adjustment layer is retained, but the level settings from Photoshop are ignored - they are set to default. An example file is attached (as a .zip). Using Affinity Photo on Mac OSX 10.12.4 The Thames at Hampton.psd.zip