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Found 10 results

  1. I am about to retire and have used all of the Adobe suite at work and use the Serif Suite at home on a PC, but I also have a Mac computer at home and would like to use the Serif/Affinity Suite on both. Is their any likelihood of the programmes being available on the Mac and if so any time scale?
  2. For anyone who misses the instant artist feature from Serif PhotoPlus I have discovered a free stand-alone replacement. It is called Fotosketcher and can be downloaded here. Sadly it is Windows only. https://fotosketcher.com/ This should keep some users going until Affinity Photo gets its own internal artist photo processing features. I have included an example water colour style image on this post to show its possibilities.
  3. Hi I use PagePlus X9, DesignPlus X8 and PhotoPlus X8 can documents saved in these be opened in the Affinity equivalent?
  4. Hi, I am a happy user of PhotoPlus. I see lots of new tutorials with some nice effects with Affinity Photo. I was wondering what is missing from Affinity Photo compared to PhotoPlus? I see Affinity is still in version 1.x so could be years before it catches up. Does any have a rough idea on comparison and whether it is worth investing in new affinity suite? Can Affinity photo open SPP files (Serif PhotoPlus) with my layers etc. Is there a loyalty discount for customers that have been on "Plus" line for about a decade now? Thanks in advance
  5. When purchasing Affinity, customer service told me that the cutout studio was much improved in Affinity. After a lot of searching ... I am not finding it. That is a much used feature in Photoplus and frankly it is better than most of the competition. Thanks
  6. I have been using various versions of PhotoPlus for quite a few years, and have recently started using Affinity Photo for Windows. I love it, but there are a couple of minor irks. Most importantly, I've invested a lot of time and effort in creating .spp files in PhotoPlus. Is there a way of opening these in Affinity? If not currently, is that something that can be added fairly soon? Secondly, I have been using Serif PhotoStack for quite a while too, but it doesn't see .afphoto files. I see in other posts that there is an Affinity DAM on the way, but can PhotoStack be tweaked in the meantime?
  7. Hi, It looks like the crop tool in Affinity Photo is not as flexible as in PhotoPlus. With the latest crop tool update in PhotoPlus we were able to go anywhere we wanted like creating a fixed dimension crop from any size crop marquee: Constrained 658 x 498 -> crop marquee became this dimension and could be manually dragged bigger and moved. When applying the effect the selected area was cropped and automatically downsized to 658x498 (image size). This seems not possible in Affinity. Additionally, when recording a crop in a macro there is no way to select an image area to be cropped: Affinity just crops the area recorded, period, while no way to select the area to be cropped. This makes the crop tool useless for macro recording. That truly exciting crop flexibility was very useful for quickly transforming (part of any) images to required sizes like website uploads, wall papers, optimizing images for DTP purposes, etc. Hope PhotoPlus crop power is going to make it in Affinity :-P Roberto
  8. I have had a long standing problem with PhotoPlus x8 (or indeed, previous versions) crashing when attempting to export as a PSD file, with layers. Today, I spent some time adding layers to a photographer's job which arrived as an Adobe original PSD which x8 quite happily opened. I forgot until far too late that most likely (true) that I would not be able to export it as PSD, and after examining the other export file formats drew the conclusion I'd wasted a morning, would have buy PS, which I did not want to do. I saved the job in PhotoPlus in the native Serif .spp format just in case I could rescue the situation. Great! An email arrived from Serif thanking me for buying Affinity Designer. I'd forgotten about that. Let's see if it can open a Serif .spp file. No it can't, but I took up the invitation to download the beta of Affinity Photo which I installed. Great, I thought, I can remain a loyal Serif customer (after about 20 years). But would you believe it? You couldn't make this up. It would seem that Affinity Photo does not recognise Serif's own .spp photo file format. That's right. The new Affinity product designed as an upgrade route for those of us using Serif PhotoPlus for years - years - with extensive archives in the native .spp format are cast adrift. Serif obviously just doesn't care about us. I cannot believe this. :angry: As i said, you couldn't make this up. Or have I missed a trick?
  9. Due to the market segmentation decisions around the Affinity product line and PhotoPlus products there is no single place to ask a question about both products, so apologies up front for asking about a non-Affinity product here. Hoping some users of this forum have experience with Serif's PhotoPlus line. Two part Question based on my situation – Windows User. As a very happy Affinity Designer Beta user, I know Affinity Photo is coming…I am currently using GIMP which has a steep learning curve I care not to climb because I know Affinity Photo is coming...so how to fill the gap: PhotoPlus X7 is a steal right now…I was thinking it might not only fill the gap until the Affinity Photo Beta, but could be my editor until the the Affinity Photo Stable Release or beyond…should I just get PhotoPlus X7? Thoughts on it? Or is there a totally free photo editor which has a reasonable feature set and good usability that you could recommend to fill the gap until the Affinity Photo Beta later this year? Brak
  10. At present there is no ability to open files created by previous Serif products: DrawPlus *.dpp or PhotoPlus *.spp. Also cannot export to Serifs own Metafile format *.smf, which was useful for use in Serif MoviePlus. Of these, I'd really want the ability to open .dpp files to work on my back catalogue of DrawPlus designs.
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