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  1. I have a scan which is saved as a jpg, but when I open it in Photo it opens as a pixel layer. I want to separate it from the background using erase white paper or similar, but it seems I can't do these things with a pixel layer. How can I get where I want to go with this?
  2. Hello, New user here to Affinity Photo. I opened and edited 10 jpegs and want to send them to a new folder with the edits I made. I don't see a way to export more than one photo at a time. Am Im missing something? Thanks, Stan.
  3. Hello al, I'm on a bit of an information hunt about how to emulate an affect/art style. For the Gamers out there, a man known as Shinkiro ( his art style ) is a well known cross-over fighting game artist, however over the years I've noticed there doesn't seem to be anyone who can emulate his exact digital enhancement process. And even after putting out a bounty for artist who can emulate it since I can't directly contact him, I've still had no luck, so I'm wondering if anyone in here my at least be able to device the formula of getting close to it, or bare minimum possibly direct me to artist who can get close? I'll attach some examples below. Please Note: I'm not interested in an "anime/animu" aesthetic I'm interested in finding peoples who can digitally create his process or atleast get close to it. Any and all help/suggestions is appreciated, and if this topic is in the wrong section I apologize. tumblr_pxcbja8nw91ujy7x0o1_640.jfif
  4. I was playing around in a CMYK document when I tried to apply a checkered effect using the procedural texture live filter and none of the presets were there. Converted the document to RGB/8 and it worked like normal.
  5. I have run tests with the Flaming Pear plugins: Super Blade Pro, Flood, Glitterato, Lunar Cell and Solar Cell. Although they do not work correctly right out of the box, all but one of these Flaming Pear Plugins can be run successfully in the Windows version of Affinity Photo with a workaround. 1. When run within Affinity Photo, the preview window for Flaming Pear plugins splits the image into irregular segments, making it useless for assessment of the way the rendering will look when sent back to AF. However, the preview can be made to render properly if the active layer in AF is selected with the Retangular Marquee Tool before calling the plugin. This works for Flood, Glitterato, Lunar Cell and Solar Cell because they are designed as global applications for a layer. However, Super Blade Pro is usually applied to a local selection; thus you're stuck with a hit-and-miss approach to finding your desired plugin setting for that app. 2. Each Flaming Pear plugin comes with a library of presets (in a subfolder for the preset) which can be randomized in the plugin control panel. You may have to manually point the plugin to the subfolder when this is first run.
  6. This happens everytime a new version of Affinity Photo comes out. Unlike most software, I cannot find any option anywhere in Affinity to update to the latest version. Nor does any info come up on the Affinity help or the forums. It seems if I bought Affinity Photo directly from Serif, my only option to upgrade it is to buy it again? Surely there's an easier way to update. Thanks for any info, - Jeff
  7. Hi, For starters, i apologies for my bad english writing, it's not my native language. As a new user of Affinity Photo i would like some help with the following problem. I already managed to edit some pictures, saved them as a Affinity file and exported them as Jpeg by the export function. Everything went smooth until i tried to export the document as can be seen in the added screen shot. In the export dialog you can see that the estimated file size is "calculating...", this doesn't change. I've let it calculate for 10 to 15 minutes. Usually its calculated far within a minute. So I thought nevermind the calculating and just press export. When i do, nothing happens. The dialog closes but the popup for filename and directory to export to doesn't appear. I already tried other export formats, restarted the program, rebooted the computer and renamed the "save" file. Btw, i now see that this problems is also with other files/documents.. Hope someone knows a solution. Jeroen
  8. Using Affinity photo, I managed to turn a source image into an illustration using the G'MIC plugin and HDR merge functions. Used G'MIC Engrave and Autobalance, HDR Merge with dramatic tone map.
  9. On the image, there is a shadow on the downloaded cup. I';m trying to create the effect of how that shadow would look on the anniversary greetings that I've laid on it. I've tried numerous things but my attempts look like an eel coated with black ink rolled around on that left side of the cup. Is this effect possible? anniversary mug.afphoto
  10. Hello Wondering if anyone can help me solve this issue. Im a new user of Affinity photo but have used Photoshop for some years. After loading in a few images ( Canon Raw CR2 file) i noticed the quality ( sharpness) was markedly reduced from the original even before any editing had taken place, the image appeared soft. After editing and export (PSD bilinear) the image was further degraded. I carried out the same process in Photoshop it was clear to me that the Photoshop export was less effected than that from Affinity. In addition the export file from Affinity was at least twice as large as that from PS. I've attached photos comparing PSD outputs from PS vs( Affinity Screenshot 2) and the untouched image in Faststone image viewer vs Affinity (screenshot 1). These are screen captures from my Dell XPS 4k screen. In particular view the area around the eyes and hair. Hope someone can help. sophie
  11. I came across a tutorial for reducing 5 o'clock shadow or stubble from a photo. Can anyone help me accomplish the same thing in Affinity Photo? In particular, there's a step in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial (link below) where a "pattern" is created, and then the Healing Brush makes use of this pattern to effectively reduce the stubble. I'm not sure there is such a feature in Affinity Photo for creating a pattern that would be usable by the Healing tools. Or..... as often seems to happen inside Affinity Photo, maybe there's a better way than the Adobe approach. Thanks for any good input anyone can provide. *** Photoshop tutorial: Reducing 5 O’Clock Shadow And Beard Stubble In Photoshop ***
  12. I came across a book from the 1990s of stereograms -- those weird patterns where if you crossed (or diverged) your eyes you would eventually see a solid three-dimensional image. Or not: some people could never manage it. But it made me think I might make something similar with APhoto layers. Here's a couple of fairly successful efforts. I created a pattern layer based on a rectangle of a particular width with images clipped inside, then another layer on top with a wider rectangle. A fair bit of trial and error was involved too! To view the effect, look at the image from a comfortable distance, then cross your eyes until two humbugs or dolls overlap. With a little practice, you'll find the details suddenly come into focus and you'll see three layers at different depths. (In fairness, I must admit that a few people never get the hang of it, so if it doesn't work for you, it's no fault of your own. But try again in an hour or tow, or a day or two: sometimes it's easier than others.)
  13. I have a client who I have done two shoots for of the same subject, an updated renovation project for an art museum. They are asking me to take the new photos and align them to perfectly match the perspective and angle of the old photos I took. I am not sure how to begin this, my intuition tells me the perspective tool, but if its a 3 point perspective interior shot, would that actually work? The attached shots are the first pair that I am working on, but I think also the most difficult.
  14. Affinity Photo version on Windows 10 : the devellop function crops NEF File . D4#5296.afphoto D4#5296.NEF
  15. Hello Everyone. Here is a photo from my DJI Mavic Mini Drone of the flats where a friend is living, I thought that I would have a go at trying to make it look like a model village “tilt-shift” effect. I achieved the desired effect using AP’s Tilt-shift effect, I have been wanting to try this for awhile, especially on my iPad 5th generation without having to resort to using my Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended version on the PC. AP is a really powerful beast in its own right, really beginning to start like using AP for most of my needs, keep up the amazing work serif. flats-tilt-shifted.tif
  16. Hi all, I'm still a bit new with AP, so rather than re-inventing the wheel, I was wondering if anyone had used the Fuji S5 in wide dynamic range mode? It feels like it ought to be possible (maybe using 32bit HDR mode?). Any pointers to get me going? Thanks Paul
  17. I'd love to be able to set my color picker to something other than Point (1x1) and have it stay there without my having to set it again to Average (3x3), which is what I prefer to use, EVERY TIME I start the program.
  18. I've made a brush set for painting that I'm quite happy with, and it's available via Gumroad. These are the brushes I use for painting images like the one attached. There's a free sample set that you can download for free, and the full set. They're all textured brushes with custom tips that I've made myself from scratch, all with pressure, size and opacity sensitivity made to mimic traditional painting brushes. It's not a big set but there's enough brushes to paint anything you could ever want to paint, and they're optimized to work without lag even at very large sizes. https://www.gumroad.com/adrianodocouto I'd highly appreciate it if anyone who downloads would leave me a rating, as that's crucial for exposure on the Gumroad platform. Cheers!
  19. Hello, Are there any brushes or other techniques that could be used to create fog/smoke/clouds in AP? Thanks.
  20. I'm a new user, I just purchased Publisher, Photo, and Designer. I've looked through many tutorials, asked the web, and still can't find an answer to my problem. Where is my text tool? I think it's supposed to be at the bottom of my Toolbar (vertical bar on far left). But it (they, both text took and artistic text tool) aren't there. I'm in Photo. O, for a manual.
  21. I cannot for the life of me find the Global Color option on the ipad photo app. I imported a project I was working on in Designer and it shows the global color swatches but I don't know how to edit them.
  22. I am trying to upload some newly purchased Luts into my Affinity photo software but for the life of me I can not find the folder for the pre-existing luts with the program to add on to them. I've searched every folder relating to the program on my computer but there is nothing there that dictates the pre-existing luts so I can add more to them. I.e. presets. Let me know if I'm searching in all the wrong places or if affinity is just that unorganized with their files and felt like sending people on great journeys.
  23. Hi, is there any way to set black, gray and white point in Photo just like in Photoshop?
  24. Every time I change LUT the opacity resets. It would be great to be able to change LUT just pressing up&down arrow keys and keeping the opacity set.
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