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Found 1,210 results

  1. Hey guys, I ran into this Photo beta bug, where the Gradient Adjustment Layer just won't accept my desired colour and changes it to something similar but still different. I also tried different approaches like setting the colour as a swatch in the swatches panel first and use it, but it’s the same. Copied the layer into a new document resulted the same – but the values of the changed colour where completely different again. I hope this short clip demonstrates the problem … https://youtu.be/DH1jj_Nv_Y8 Cheers and have a nice weekend Dennis ;)
  2. Hey guys, I’m not sure if this bug was already reported, the title already says it. I added a Vibrance Adjustment layer for my image. When I type 66 % as a value it changes to 65 % right after I hit enter to confirm, same happens for 33 % and various other numbers, while numbers like 24 % strangely work. I can adjust the value per dragging the slider, but it's hindering my workflow a tiny bit. Just wanted to let you guys know. ;) It's just 1 % buuut … I’d just like it to be fast and accurate, you know? :P Haha, so it's true what they say about us. :D Cheers Dennis
  3. Since a few weeks, I can't launch either designer or photo (bought all on the mac app store). I tried to remove them, trash and use appdelete and Dr cleaner to trash also the files associated with. Now when I reinstall, they do not launch at all. Sometimes, the app say it's already installed in the App store purchases but it is not. Sometimes it install in another folder than the app folder. What can I do ? I own a lot of apps from the mac app store and never have this problem (yep once with hype, but the reinstall after deconnect and reconnect my account did the job).
  4. Hello, I'm unable to launch neither Designer or Photo since the upgrade to El Capitan. They quit at launch. What must I do ?
  5. Hey guys, I made this wallpaper today, as you can see it is AHS themed. I like the outcome even if it is nothing too special, what do you think? I worked with pretty much only live filters, with a great performance! You can see some of my layer mess on the screenshot lol. I hope you like it, feel free to download it and use it, the size is for iPhone 6 ^^ I don't know if external links are allowed, if yes I would provide a link to the google drive download :)
  6. I dowloaded and started to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow. I must say I am very impressed by this software and fully expect to use it instead of Photoshop (Adobe CC goodbye :-)). Having using the full version for a few days (but the beta before) I have found two things I use in photoshop missing (or I failed to find the function in AP). 1. Shake reduction filter. Does not do well on most images but in some cases it can be a savior. I would love this in AP. 2. Radial blur filter using the zoom method. This is a very useful filter when trying ti create (or improve) light rays (e.g. God rays from clouds) But so far this is the only thing I found missing (or haven't found) in AP. Now I only wish for an Affinity Lightroom replacement! :-) Thanks for a great software!!
  7. Octograficus

    My personal logo in Affinity

    Versión Man of Steel :D Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  8. Hello I am working on a series of product images. These images will be displayed side by side in a web shop. The finished images are simple composites made up of two separate images. I want to make each of the finished images have the same proportion and product positions. I am using guides to do this. Rather than go through the process of setting up guides for each of the different product documents, is there a way I can copy and paste guides from one document to another? Cheers
  9. Hello, I encountered this issue when I had multiple documents open in the Develop Persona in Affinity Photo. When I show Shadow/Highlight/Tone clipping and switch to a different document, the behavior of the buttons becomes inverted so that it shows clipping on the other documents when the buttons are "off" rather than "on". Thanks, - Tony
  10. I would like to see some function for easily switching between before/after preview in the adjustments panels. Keyboard shortcut, toggle or maybe split view like in the filter panels.
  11. Strandbummler

    Affinity Photo crashes on opening TIF

    Hey, i created a panorama with Hugin(2014). I exported it as PNG and it opened in Photo just fine. But the dynamic range was poor. So i exported a TIF. HDR or not, LZW compressed or not, everytime i open the file in Photo, it crashes. Filesize is around 400MB and opens just fine in Photoshop. I attached a download to said file, maybe you can figure something out? https://db.tt/R6gpzTuQ Thank you for your consideration :)
  12. I'd like the ability to remove tools from the standard palette (in both Photo and Designer), especially subset items. There are so many tools that I don't use that I'd like to remove them, and I'd like the ability to pull commonly used subset items (like Rectangle, Ellipse, etc. from the Shapes tool) and place them on the "main" level. I'm hoping removing unused tools would also remove them from the keyboard shortcuts/toggles (in Photo, for example, "B" cycles between four different tools, two of which I don't use).
  13. Any time I try to open any file in Affinity Photo, I receive the attached error message. I'm on OS X 10.11. I've repaired my permissions. No luck.
  14. I am trying to work with tiff files that are CMYK and fairly large. The "large" part isn't the problem - it's the fact that my files are improperly shown, just one part of it and never the whole image. I'm sure that there is nothing wrong with the file because they open just fine in photoshop right off the bat. Please help me out, I really need to get this done for a big project and would like to go Adobe-free as soon as humanly possible.
  15. bendito33

    No file previews in El Capitan

    I did a clean install of OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and don't have any file previews in Photo or Designer. I'm running the latest MAS versions of both apps and neither have file previews for icons or previews in Quicklook.
  16. Hello, This morning I upgraded my MBPretina (Mid 2012) to the official release version of El Capitan and now bot Affinity Photo and Designer stopped both working. When I try to boot them I get this message: What I tried so far: • Reinstalling both Photo and Designer from the MAS • Resetting the apps by CTRL-click-opening them and resetting all userdata It seems that this is not a common problem since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? I'll be glad to give you more info if needed. Thanks, Willem
  17. One thing that prevents me from ditching Photoshop entirely is the ability to create and manipulate 3D layers. I know you are trying to keep things simple, but if you could implement it somehow, it would encourage a lot of people to ditch Photoshop.
  18. Hi all, Check out this brand new tutorial where I show you how in less than 30 mins you can go from creating and designing a website in Affinity Designer to Prototype for your client. https://youtu.be/z2z9G5KQfaw Allan.
  19. Hi I'm a Dane trying out affinity. My problem is: our keyboards look different from the US keyboard (see attachment). We have three additional letters. I have found US shortcuts list and most of them works perfectly. BUT the increase/decrease brush size doesn't work as our three additional letters is placed where the shortcut should be. Is there another shortcut I can use? Or can I make my own shortcut? //Søren Bjerg
  20. detlefs

    Yesterday's sunset

    Hi there, I just shot this yesterday and used Affinity Photo to remove a few foreground objects and enhance the cloud colors.
  21. I have an image of a product in Affinity Photo. In Affinity Designer I have a product label, where each layer of the file is a different variation of the product. I have used the Place feature in Photo to embed the Designer file and skew it to look like it's on the product itself. When I switch layers (one of 8 will be visible, the others are all unchecked) in the Designer program and save, it does not update the image in the Affinity file. Am I missing a step or does this function not work like I believe it does? Thanks!
  22. Provide more pressure sensitivity options, for example, allow user to choose pressure sensitivity to control opacity, flow, hardness, in addition to size. Edit: Just found the brush dynamics panel which addresses most of this, the only thing I still see as missing is the opacity control.
  23. It was a nice surprise to find the art brushes in Affinity Photo. Here is a painting based on a couple of photos I took in Maine. The work took about 3-4 hours. The program could be better at painting with a couple of simple additions: 1 A good blender brush. Smudge and Blur aren't that useful for this. 2 A simple and easy way to change brush size without having to go to the slider - shortcut keys - control click and then drag to set size
  24. Follow the steps to install the Portraiture plugin without having any other editing apps installed. 1, Start the install of the Portraiture plugin 2, You will be prompted to select a host to install the plugin into 3, Close this window, the install will finish 4, Open Affinity Photo, Preferences > Photoshop Plugins 5, Click Add Folder and browse to the following location: /Applications/Imagenomic/Portraiture 2 Plug-in 6, Click Add Folder under Plugin support folders and add the following: / 7, Now click Close, you will be prompted to restart Affinity Photo Once restarted the plugin is available under Filters > Plugins (This was tested using the trial of the Portraiture plugin and Affinity Photo 1.3.5)