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  1. When I was young, I remember vividly the first day I got on the plane. Especially when the plane was flying over white clouds, it was so amazing and fun. Although I found out that there was nothing on the clouds, the landscape on the clouds is still one of my imaginative memories. So I went back to that emotion and made an image of "on the cloud" that I had drawn when I was young. "On The Cloud" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6xVHl8tdiQ
  2. Many people who work photo manipulation try at least once to make animals bigger in their artworks. I also did "Meet The Giant Sleepyhead" with a small "Koala" but this time I worked on a really big "Giraffe". When I was a kid, I saw the giraffe in zoo and it was really surprised about their size. So maybe that's why I saw it in my dream a few days later. However, it was not a nightmare. It was a pleasant dream so I was able to work happily while reminiscing about the blurring memory. "The Giraffe in Dream" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yOzibMweKI
  3. One of the places I want to visit in my life is the North Pole because I really want to see Polar Bears in the wild. However, the population of Polar Bears has fallen very dangerously so we may no longer be able to see it in the wild. The biggest reason why polar bear populations are decreasing now is global warming and unfortunately I think we can't stop it. So this time, I worked a simple photo manipulation with affinity photo for deliver even a small message about global warming. I hope polar bears doesn't suffer anymore. "Sweet Dreams Polar Bear" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEgP6p1OqO4
  4. The most memorable thing when I traveled to Australia is the moment I met the sleepyhead Koala. The Koala was sleeping in a very cute pose stuck in a branch, and it was loved by many visitors. I really wanted to bring the Koala to Korea where I live. So with good memory about Koala, I started working on this photo manipulation with affinity photo. When we meet Koalas in nature, I don't think they are threatening at all. Even if it is very huge size, I think we will be able to watch it comfortably because it sleeps all day. I have that kind of good feeling about Koalas and I want to share this feeling from my photo manipulation artwork. "Meet The Giant Sleepyhead" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85SS1gE_DR0
  5. Affinity Photo Tutorial | Sometimes you have a black and white image that needs color. In this video, I am going to show you, how to turn a boring black and white (B/W) photo into a vibrant colored photo using Affinity Photo (Photoshop Alternative).
  6. I watched on the news that a huge whale leisurely passed down when a man was canoeing alone in the sea. The man looked very scared, but fortunately, the whale passed by without any accident. In fact, I think that meeting wild animals in nature can be quite dangerous. Some people rush away when they meet even a small cat on the street. So what if a whale that's several meters long passed right underneath? But on the other hand, sometimes I want to feel the thrill of this unexpected meeting. I think that's why people travel to safari in Africa or explore the Amazon jungle. "Fishing with Whales" is a photo manipulation with affinity photo that expresses the thrill of such an unexpected meeting in connection with fishing that I like. "Fishing with Whales" speed art : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQVI0-JKLzU
  7. The Bible says that only people like children can enter heaven. That means children are pure and innocent. However, the damage to children in Ukraine war is very sad and tragedy. I don't understand why so many children should be hurt by one person's atrocious decision. This photo manipulation expresses the sadness and small comfort the damaged children. Stand With Ukraine !!! "Stairs to Heaven" speed art : https://youtu.be/VlBMoJfCsdU
  8. Fun little Star Wars themed project. 3D work done in Blender. Photography was done in studio, processed in AP. Composited in AP.
  9. My favorite season is winter. So when it approaches, I feel very excited and when it ends, I always feel sad. But winter will come again so I want to say hope and expectation to coming winter. This affinity photo manipulation "Winter Fantasy" expresses the message of hope. "Winter Fantasy" speed art : https://youtu.be/ndqJ1GRDQBk
  10. I watched the video of a young girl with Lou Gehrig's disease in youtube. I was very impressed by her bright and positive life despite a very scary disease. I think I can't lived like her so I came to truly respect her courage. I really hope and believe that she will recover from her illness. I worked this photo manipulation with that kind of wish. "The Tree of Healing" speed art : https://youtu.be/MkmfMaOJzKE
  11. I thought I should at least see the 7 wonders of the world in life but I know I won't see even my country Korea. So this affinity photo manipulation, I worked with Pyramids that I really wanted to see. "Pyramids of Desert Planet" speed art : https://youtu.be/9tCSjF5sIDw
  12. Hi guys, here's an easy photo composite idea that you can try. I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this video, thank you!
  13. Easy chalkboard from a photo. Affinity Photo Tutorial In number 39 of my powerful tools of my Affinity playlist I turn a photo into chalk and place it on a blackboard, This Affinity Photo tutorial is shown in iPad and Desktop. https://youtu.be/IIqL44O9jbk
  14. iPad version Retro TV Pop-up Affinity Photo tutorial photo manipulation In this iPad photo manipulation in Affinity Photo, I create scanned lines and show a girl jumping out from a retro tv to real life. Halftones makes shapes and the pen tool are used. The link to the desktop version of this tutorial is in the description. https://youtu.be/j9qjXu0vqxQ
  15. While I am using Affinity Designer I wanted to try photo manipulation I said may be it will work perfectly. But when I started working on it I noticed three main features that are missing and they are easy to implement in Affinity Designer pixel persona. Those features are "Merging selected layers", "Pentool" and " invert mask". For merging selected layers it seems complicated you have to groupe the layers that you want to merge then rasterize them and that's is a waste of time you can replace just with one click making a "Merging selected layers" button. For the pentool I don't know why you excluded it from pixel persona even it is the important tool there especially in perfect selection in photos. I hope you can fix that or if you have a solution for this issue please refer us to it. Finally, for the "invert mask" feature I don't know why it is missing in Affinity Designer ?! People suffer when they apply an adjustment layer to a photo especialy if it is very detailed it will be harder and waste of time to erase the maske in all the photo wherase if you apply "invert mask" you will easily get rid of this issue. I hope that you got my point considering "invert mask". Finally, I hope that you will take my suggestions and notes into consideration because they will make Affinity Designer more suitable and likable for the Affinity community. Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi guys, here's an easy photo manipulation idea that you can try, especially for beginners. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  17. Add skin tones to black and white photos Affinity Photo tutorial (iPad version) I steal skin tones from other photos to colorize the skin on a black and white photo using gradient map levels and curves. You can also view the desktop version of this tutorial on my channel. #iPad #affinityphoto https://youtu.be/Z6wHBdZU7Pc
  18. Add skin tones to black and white photos. Desktop version.Affinity Photo tutorial. Steal skin tones from other photos to colorize the skin on a black and white photo using gradient map levels and curves. https://youtu.be/vWynJ6YG1Do
  19. Turn bad photos into Art. Affinity Photo tutorial. Desktop version Don’t throw out your bad or low-res photos until you’ve tried turning them into art. Affinity Photo tutorial shows you how to make it into something special. For those who have an iPad, I have also created a IPAD version of this video. https://youtu.be/vBejFUUNaOI  
  20. Turn bad photos into art. iPad version Affinity Photo tutorial Don’t throw out your bad or low-res photos until you’ve tried turning them into art. Affinity Photo tutorial shows you how to make it into something special. For those who don’t have an iPad, I have also created a desktop version of this video. https://youtu.be/U06MVKQmrUo #iPad #affinityphoto
  21. A simple glow - photo manipulation for beginners. Affinity Photo tutorial. This is for those just starting out in Affinity Photo. I kept the video short and there is so much more to improve the look of the photo, but I just wanted to give you a start. It uses layer fill, HSL, masks and blending modes. https://youtu.be/lsX9UW_rMps
  22. Hi guys, I'm back with another tutorial video. In this video, I'm gonna show you an easy photo composite idea, how to create Clipping Mask in Affinity Photo, a simple yet useful feature. I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this video, Thank you!
  23. Hi guys, in this video, I'm doing a simple photo composite about how to make an object coming out from a text/alphabet. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  24. Better Threshold results. Powerful tools 20. Beginner Affinity Photo Tutorial. https://youtu.be/CWy6baTlQL0 If you have had trouble getting Affinity Photo’s threshold to look right, then this beginner Affinity Photo tutorial is for you. It shows how to combine dodge and burn with threshold. This is number 20 in my Digitally Fearless Powerful tools series.
  25. Sandhill Crane and De Havilland Beaver on floats on a dawn takeoff from a northern Manitoba lake.
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