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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have recently purchased Affinity and delighted with it. However as a previous Lightroom User I am missing the library /catalogue facility I get with that. Is there a good software that works well with affinity for managing my photos so that I can catalogue and group them and sort and pull out photos based on the metadata entries in the way I can with Lightroom.
  2. Hello, My first ever entry in a forum... I have recently purchased Affinity Photo, which I am extremely pleased with. My aim is to get away from 'Adobe rental' with PhotoShop and Lightroom. Is there a Serif Lightroom alternative to allow photos to be organised with menus? Thank you for any replies.
  3. Could you please add a DAM to Affinity Photo? Or at least develop a program similar to Lightroom or Aperture? If your looking for ideas please look at Apertures filing system. I have found it to be the most robust filing system as far as flexibility for storing images and sorting images. There are many neat features on it and I found it a lot more user friendly than Lightroom. It's editing capabilities are outdated, but it's DAM features are second to none. Sincerely JT
  4. My current work flow consists of using a MacBook Pro with a external HD that has my LR 6 catalogue on it. I want to utilize my iPad and Affinity Photo. What I can’t figure out is how to manage my photos using both softwares while keeping all my photos in one place. I do not mind moving my photos back and forth but I do not want to use apple photos.
  5. Hi all, I realise the question is asked before and that Affinity is working on asset-management software, but still I'm hoping anyone can help me with my workflow in the meantime. :D I import and organise my photos manually (folder structure: year/location/event). I do this because I've switched photo-management software a couple times (iPhoto, Picasa, Aperture, Bridge) and learned the hard way that it's better to have a structure I understand. That being said, I would love to be able to tag my photos (star them, or just on/off selection) with an easy to use system that is persistent across different backups (external harddrives, dropbox) and photo-management softwares. My ideal workflow: - manually import and structure photos - go through them in a nice interface and tag them "keep", "throw away", "awesome" (or going slightly further: "landscapes", "family", "cat") Is there a way to easily and persistently tag photos like this? I've had the problem in the past that my photo-library got corrupted and all my tagging was lost after switching to a backup-harddrive. (I've written my own software, which creates a 'selection' file with photo filenames in it, which has the added benefit of being able to do terminal operations, but the software is quite buggy and of course no other software understands the 'selection' file :P)
  6. Hi, What are some of you using as your browser? Are you still using Adobe Bridge or are you switching to Apple Photo for your browser and photo manager, or are you using some other browser? Thanks, Joe (aka MacMac to 9 grandkids)
  7. What photo browser is recommended when using Affinity Photo? I have been using Adobe Browser along with Photoshop and the interface is clean and easy between the two Adobe produces. What browser will work best with Affinity Photo? Thanks, Joe
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