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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve seen several posts complaining that we can’t open files directly from Apple photo library, so I thought I’d post how to do this with a shortcut. You need to download the Shortcuts app if you don’t already have it. It’s Apples own app and it’s free. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/shortcuts/id1462947752 Open the Shortcuts app and follow the 2 videos below. The first video shows how to create a shortcut for Designer, but you could select any app eg. Photo or Publisher. It works the same way. You could for example create separate shortcuts for V1 apps and V2 Affinity apps, allowing you to open in either version. You’ll need to name each of your shortcuts before you exit the app or they won’t be saved. The 2nd video shows how to make the shortcut more easily accessible in your share sheet by editing the share sheet. I hope you find it useful. RPReplay_Final1684546625.mp4 RPReplay_Final1684547259.mp4
  2. I’m fairly new to Affinity Photo, still trying to figure out some of the basics. I’ve come across an issue I haven’t been able to figure out. When I want to place a photo on a project I’m working on, sometimes I am given a choice to choose from a small number that appears to be somehow connected to the app. I’ve included a screen shot below. Or, choose from all the photos on my IPad. The shot below does not include an option that allows me to choose from my entire library of photos on my iPad. Sometimes the option shows up and other times it doesn’t. I would like to know why that option doesn’t come up every time. It’s very frustrating when I can’t get to my photo library to choose the photo I want. I am sure I’m doing the same thing every time, but too often, it just shows a handful of photos to choose from and not my complete library...with no option to go to the library. Any insights would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  3. It would be good to be able to compare at least two original, uncorrected, images in the photo library so that, if they are similar, it is easier to decide which to work on.
  4. Hello, I am certain that this question has been frequently asked by newbies. When I first open-up Affinity Photo, the Welcome Screen has an area that allows for downloading Sample Images. I select the various ones that I am interested in and a 'red-x' appears indicating this. Nothing has downloaded! Where can I get these Free Sample Images/Photos from? TIA
  5. When I try to import from photos my photo library up yours and when I select all photos I don't see all the photos I have my photo library I have activated iCloud photos and use it actively. I have downloaded a few of them into photos but still they don't show in Affinity import option. I have attached a screenshot shot of both libraries.
  6. Hi, I have just purchased affinity and updated my software to El Capitan... However, when I try to open an image I notice that my photos library is greyed out so I am not able to open them directly. If I export the image I wish to edit to the desktop I am able to open them from here ! Does anyone have the same experience and if so have you managed to solve this problem. Cheers, Jono.
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