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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, is everything okay? 👍 I'm still here 😁... here's another photo composition with AF. All the images are from Pexel and I made a couple of things (the sheets and the clock) with Blender because I couldn't find any right images and the man with the umbrella was recolored because the image was black and white. I learned a lot while trying to solve the problems that came up every ten minutes...🤔 I hope you like it... I like it a lot! 😂 Ciao e grazie Davide
  2. Hi guys, this is another photocomposition test with AP. I tried to create something more dynamic... and why not, night-time 😎 All images are taken from Pexel. Ciao e grazie! 😀 Davide
  3. Here is a different composite I started working on: Here is the base image: This is the base image of the ambulance used: This is the the image used to change the license plate to a vintage 1980s Maine one: I tried my best to match the look from the original movie:
  4. Fun Photo Composite in APhoto….escaping … ’Once Upon A Fairytale’ - by Jason Hanson, Copyright 2022, All Rights Reserved.
  5. Shot with a Sony A7 and a Samyang 14mm F2.8 1) File > Merge to HDR 2) Select your bracket 3) Uncheck Tonemap (you can do it later) 4) Edit in developer persona
  6. This is minuir's first affinity photo artwork. Falling airplanes are always accompanied with terrible disasters. So I hope it will never happen in the world. "Airplane Falling Down" speed art : https://youtu.be/5KhWTDvi9eQ
  7. Specs iPad Pro (2020 Model) 12.9” iPad OS 15.2 Affinity Photo 1.10.1 Paid Photoshop Course followed: Kevin Carden Sword in the Stone Originals:
  8. Hey creative people ! A bit over a week ago I uploaded my first beginner tutorial on how to create a composition in AP. (I will post my second tutorial in a separate Topic) Since the goal for my YT channel is to help everybody struggling with photo compositing/manipulation, it would be awesome if you could answer this one question: What are your pain points regarding photo manipulation/compositing? Thanks in advance for sharing, so I know where to put my focus ! Alright, now enjoy the tutorial P.S. I bought a nice mic already so sound will be better in future tutorials. However, if you have any other tips/tricks on how I could improve my tutorials, feel free to let me know! Cheers and I hope you learn something new today ! Rens
  9. Hey creative people! I decided it was time to upload my third Affinity Photo Manipulation tutorial on Youtube. This time I'll show you exactly how I created this giant raccoon photo manipulation with just 2 images and some cloud paint brushes. Since it's Black Friday I decided to be super generous and gift my IAMRENSI Cloud Brush pack (10 brushes!) to you for completely FREE You can find the link in the description of the video and will be available FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY. (Available until 5 December — Not sure when and if I'll put them available ever again..!) I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and if you're into photo manipulation, make sure to grab the brush pack as long as it's still available! Your welcome!
  10. Hey CREATIVES ! Let's take you on the journey of how I transformed this normal fox image into something awesome. If you want to follow along with the tutorial, you can find the stocks I've used in the video description on YouTube. BUT FIRST: What are your pain points regarding photo compositing/manipulation? It would be very useful for me to know, so I know where to put my focus on to serve you better. I'm planning on making more tutorials and a complete course on this. Alright, here's the tutorial. I hope you learn something new! Cheers and stay creative ! Rens
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