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Found 14 results

  1. When develop an RAW and I create a new Preset two important parameters have problems 1) White balance slider positions are stored but when using the preset for a new imge I have to click on an slider to activate the changes 2) Sharpen function (details) is not stored in the preset (not activated an no slider stored (radius and so on). Perhaps I made an incorrect operation but most of parameters are stored and are functioning. (Sorry for the bad english, I'm German)
  2. I’m using Photo2 on an iPad Pro, editing a large image. It’s editing it fine without delay but when I try to export it the app crashes. I’ve also tried to merge the layers (thinking that might reduce the size) but that also crashes the app. I don’t really want to resize smaller if I can help it, as I’ll just have to make it larger again later. I have enough space on my iPad to save the image. I’ve attached an IPS file from today but I don’t understand it. Do you? Photo iPad-2023-09-04-125359.ips
  3. I just bought the summer bundle, and this is on a new Windows 11 machine. I initially installed the MSIX version and that didn't work so I uninstalled and re-installed the EXE version from the website with no success. By wouldn't work I mean there is no splash screen of anything loading or any logo which appears when you click on the icon to run the application. It simply spins for a second like its loading and then stops. GFX Card: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT I downloaded the OpenCL checker app v1.3 and shows the following: I also clicked on the "Create any missing performance XML files" also: -- DISABLING PERFORMANCE SETTINGS IN XML FILES -- Done! I also attempted to download the tool via the Microsoft Apps Store and still nothing... And also removed it via the commands I found on the forum: PS C:\Windows\system32> AppxPackage –AllUsers -Name *Affinity* PS C:\Windows\system32> AppxPackage –AllUsers -Name *Affinity* Name : SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2 Publisher : CN=741E57F4-B601-44AA-8C5D-1C53938DF6CE Architecture : X64 ResourceId : Version : 201.1.1847.0 PackageFullName : SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2_201.1.1847.0_x64__844sdzfcmm7k0 InstallLocation : C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2_201.1.1847.0_x64__844sdzfcmm7k0 IsFramework : False PackageFamilyName : SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2_844sdzfcmm7k0 PublisherId : 844sdzfcmm7k0 PackageUserInformation : {S-1-5-21-2778743256-3644303494-760898238-1001 [rborz]: Installed} IsResourcePackage : False IsBundle : False IsDevelopmentMode : False NonRemovable : False Dependencies : {Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.UWPDesktop_14.0.32530.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe} IsPartiallyStaged : False SignatureKind : Store Status : Ok PS C:\Windows\system32> Remove-AppxPackage -Package "SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2_201.1.1847.0_x64__844sdzfcmm7k0" PS C:\Windows\system32> Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Affinity Photo 2 macOS By pressing ctr + alt and dragging vertically and horizontally I can change the size and hardness of the brush. At one point, this behavior changed. The same keys served to modify the spacing and shape. I don't know how it changed. Closing the file and reopening it returned the modifier to its original behavior: from spacing and shape to size and hardness. Now I know that the behavior between the two options can be modified, but I don't know how. How do I change this behavior? Thank you very much. Grabación de pantalla 2023-06-06 a las 11.28.57.mov
  5. Is there any way to do a simple edit, such as cropping a photo, and "collapsing" (for lack of a better term as there are no layers at all) a photo without having to export a new version and then deleting the original? There are no other data, color changes, effects, etc. that affect the photo. Why can't I just crop a photo and save it? I even tried restoring and trimming the photo to no avail?
  6. Pretty please can we get a waveform for images as either an alternative or complement to the histogram? Thanks
  7. Affinity Photo 2 on Windows. There are a number of tools on the Tools toolbar that have sub-options (such as the eye dropper has the Color Picker and Style Picker) that are accessible from the little white arrow in the lower right corner of the tool's box. I seem to recall - though won't swear to it, and may [obviously] be wrong - that on Photo 1, after using a tool, clicking on the tool again - without selecting the white arrow - will return to the previously used / last used tool. But now it seems that when clicking on the tool the expansion menu always pops-up as if the white arrow was selected and I have to click a second time to select the desired tool from the popped-up choices. I know memorizing the keystrokes would help, but some of us don't use the software often enough to do that... I searched the Help and Forum, and didn't see this being mentioned. Did I miss a setting somewhere that allows the last tool to be easily selected? Or a shift-click option or something that allows this? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Could we get the copy command added to macros? E.G. copy would fill the clipboard and paste would read from the clipboard as opposed to storing the data in the macro ( which is the current behaviour). This has already been requested for affinity 1. Cheers.
  9. I have a photo with three layers. There is no way to tell which layers will be exported using the option under the hamburger menu, , regardless of which are currently visible. Sometimes it’s the background. Sometimes it’s the background plus one of the added layers. Sometimes it’s only the added layers. If I have one of the added layers turned off (not visible) it will not be exported, but turning another layer on (visible) won’t cause it to be exported. And the layer that works is different from one time to the next.
  10. Since downloading v2.0.4, I am finding disc access to be excruciatingly slow when opening or placing files (and perhaps other operations that I have yet to uncover). This happens with all three Affinity Apps. Finder displays files in the same locations almost instantly, even in a large icon view mode, but it can take 20-30 seconds for Affinity apps to even display filenames when opening or placing files. This happens in Column, List, or Icon view modes. This didn't happen in v2.0.3 on my MacBook Pro and only started with v2.0.4. I consider this a bug because it hampers usability. I'm on OS X Ventura 13.2, 2017 MBP with 15" monitor, and files are on an external 2TB HDD hooked up to my MBP Thunderbolt port. I have plenty of RAM, plenty of free HDD space, etc. Screenshots attached.
  11. Most of the other photo editing software I have identifies its use in the EXIF Software field when a change is made to a JPG image, however that doesn't appear to be the case for Affinity photo. Is there a reason for this?
  12. Hi Affinity Developers How can I connect Affinity Photo 2 with e.g. Bridge as external editor? This is a mega serious issue on Windows 10 Home. On a Mac no problem, I tried to help a friend being on Windows 10 Home. For normal users having no clue of %ProgramData% etc. it's literally impossible go find the Exe File. Even I had serious problem until I found it, but I could not connect it to any other softwere, there were always strange error messages. Even the solution provided in does not help. It just does not work. The local windows user is a Standard user and has no admin right. And this is good like so. %ProgramData% has some hardcore access restrictions and that is also good like so. Changing here anything may ugly mess up the Windows 10 system. The provided solutions also expect Windows system admin skills and admin rights of the user, please forget solutions like that. It is a total design flaw in Affinity Photo 2. Please change that immediately, thanks. Q: Is it really necessary to mess with customers like so? Why the heck is the exe not located on the same place like Affinity Photo 1 is? That's really bad. Best regards, Roland
  13. I had Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher 1 set in Window 10 Pro Graphics Settings to use High Performance. Now I have the three V2 applications, the browse button in Windows 10 Pro's Graphic settings seems unable to find the new versions. Is it no longer possible to force high graphics performance with the new version, or is there a work around?
  14. I do a lot of photo updates (for a family website), then save it in two different sizes (one size for a hover-over pop-up, and one for a full-size view on click). On the Photo 1 Export Settings (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S) dialog box, the initially selected field is the Width field (there were tabs across the top for "file type"). On the new Photo 2 Export Settings dialog box, the File type is the initially selected field, and one must tab twice to the Width field. Not a bid deal, just an adjustment. I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but it seems that dimensions might / would(?) be a more frequently changed field rather than File Type - I could obviously be mistaken. Unless this "first field selected" is a setting somewhere that I can't find... Thanks.
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