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Found 97 results

  1. I have a flat book cover and I want to turn it into a 3d cover like the image below. What affinity designer tools should I use to accomplish this?
  2. I have a photo of a sign which needs perspective correction. I can pull the points away from the image to correct the image but this means going back and forward several times to get it right. If I change the Origin to Source I can put the corner points on the corners of the image but when I click enter the image corrects but also crops. Is there a way of using Source and not having the image crop.??
  3. Hi guys, I just watched a video on the perspective filter in live mode. Cool tool which immediatly brings me to these questions . 1. Will this work on any layer ? 2. Can I add text info a layer in AP ? 3. last but surely not least....WHY is this option NOT in Affinity Designer, where it would do the most good to allow you to adjust perspective when placing text onto a picture or is that what AP is all about ? Should I get AP to finally be able to do what I need to do ?
  4. Hello fellow Affinity fans! I've just completed a multi-layered website design in Affinity Designer and would like to display each page at an angle to show how all of the different layers/planes relate to each other. I've searched around and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I tried using Affinity Photo's persecutive tool, but it destroys the quality of the site and doesn't enable me to do it in layers. ​Attached is an example of what I'm trying to achieve Help?:)
  5. I am trying to use the perspective tool. I have seen the tutorial and it seems easy. However, in the tutorial when the 'show grid' box is checked, a grid appears. In my version it does not. What am I missing?
  6. Hi, I'm trying desperately to ditch Photoshop but have a couple of issues I am having problems recreating in Affinity Photo. I am trying to create a mockup file that has a framed image in perspective in a hall - imagine an art gallary view looking down a corridor. I have all the frames in situ, but want to be able to add and change the content of those frames from embedded images that are then transformed with the perspective tool. This I can do manually, but I'd like to be able to get the embedded images in position then be able to easily change the embedded file for new images which automatically update the perspective in the main image. I create lots of digital art and like to frame it in a realistic looking setting so need to do this on a regular basis. In Photoshop I would have used a smart object to do this easily but am having trouble in AP - as soon as I apply the perspective tool the embedded photo seems to be frozen and no longer am I able to replace the embedded image and have it update in AP. I noticed a video tutorial in AD about placing a logo on a billboard and then changing the embedded file, but there doesnt appear to be a perspective tool in AD so again I'm stuck. Anybody out there solved this one? Regards Gareth
  7. Hi ! I'm a belgian artist (painter) and i have lots of photo's of paintings. I bought Affinity today :) I'm searching the cropping tool, but i mean cropping PERSPECTIVE. In Photoshop it is possible. Here is a link to the photoshop tool Is it possible in Affinity too ? I hope so! I need this, because sometimes a picture of a painting is not correct in perspective. I have to be able to adjust that in my photo's. (sorry for my english, i'm dutch speaking) thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guys - I wanted to know how to do perspective in AD so I can keep it vector. Any quick and dirty tricks will be much appreciated. Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. Thanks, Marc
  9. I just downloaded Affinity Designer recently so I am new here. One thing I want to do is create text perspectives such as keeping the text vertical while the text diminishes on a curving line into the distance. Another one is adding text to 3D obects such as a sphere. Are the necessary tools to this in Designer? What would be the best approach?
  10. When I use the Perspective Filter (a Live Filter Layer) on a text it works as long as the text is 100% opaque. When setting it down to transparency, the text is no longer displayed correct. Under some circumstances the export is also kaput. Unfortunately I cannot upload a file.
  11. i just realized that when using the inpainting tool / patch tool and others on a layer that has a perspective filter applied, the tools get misplaced by the perspective. for example, the inpainting tool red trail appears where it would be if the perspective correction was applied again... that is in the position where the points where i dragged the tool have actually been moved by the perspective filter. the attachment is a detail of a screenshot i took: the misplacement between the trail and the cursor is well visible, since the cursor should be just over the bottom of the trail. is this the intended behaviour? imho, it looks like a bug, since i would expect a correct interaction between live filters and tools.
  12. Hello, one of a basic/daily tool we use in Photoshop is the transform tool. It is missing in Affinity. Is it plan to implement it in a close future ? Thanks
  13. Hello Is it possible to set/modify perfective view directly from Photo application on Mac OS? If not, is it plan to add it? TIA for the answer BR Michael BOUTON
  14. Hi, I am new to this forum and looking forward to learning more about Affinity Photo! I just started using Affinity Photo over the last five days to do processing on jpeg images of architecture that required change to perspective, lines need straightening typically. I noticed some earlier discussion on the topic but I cannot see if this has moved on. Are there are ways in Affinity Photo to deal with this problem? I have looked for video tutorials but I cannot find any. Many thanks for any Advice PJ.
  15. I am making a design in Photo, and using the Persepctive tool for text. However right after clicking on it, the text goes blury, and now says pixels by the layer name. When i export its no longer blury... But how do i get it to appear as it would when i am just working on it?
  16. Hi friends, I have been checking out the wishing list and I guess I have not seen any perspective tool in it. Or so..O may be wrong though,i find that it would really nice to have it.lllto be able to change the perspective of an already done object I even do not need to be it too sophisticated, Not talking about an. Illustrator replication, but something that would let us use changes of positon of any vectorial drawing, I know you know what I mean, Thank you so for you help and understanding, Rosa
  17. Hi everyone, Cover for Summer School Show. Hand drawn basic outline then scanned and bought into Affinity Design to Trace. This is the first actual project I've done in AD and really like the workflow (once I got used to certain ways of working). Looking forward to playing around a bit now this done.
  18. Hi friends, I just have landed in here, after like four days trying the app. I must say that after the buying of the item I am feeling even happier, but somehow, having dealt with vectorials programs like AI and other apps in my aipad, I am missing a tool that is really important and that is the skewing and the perspective tool. I guess that you can miss those without interfering with the work flow, just using other means, but it would be just great to have them. Comparing can not be obviated.... Thanks a lot for your presence both as guide and community, Hope my topic will increase your desire for giving us, the community dwellers some happy news in the future. Rosa
  19. Beside "Mesh Warp" and "Perspective" I think it would be interesting to have a transformation command (really "deformation") like it exists in Photoshop's Edit menu. Not only permitting perspective deformation, also stretching or compressing in vertical and horizontal directions, free rotating, irregular edge transformation to adapt (correct) nonsymmetric perspectives, etc. Emilio
  20. How do I add perspective to text? I thought it would be as simple as converting it to an object and using the pen tool to skew it into position? I have attached an image. I just need to make the text flat on the surface. Any help would be great. Cheers
  21. Hi, This has no-doubt been suggested already, but perspective tools would be really really handy. Specifically, altering a raster image so that it can be given a perspective-like effect. Thanks
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