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Found 8 results

  1. A lot of my clients are from middle-east but Affinity Designer and Photo (Desktop and rest) have no support for these languages so I have to switch to other tools which makes my workflow unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. Please add support for these languages and enable the option for text direction (i.e. right to left <RTL> and left to right <LTR>)
  2. Hi. I can’t type persian/arabic . It can type but it’s wrong. I think It’s mean affinity designer/photo do not support arabic/persian typing.
  3. Hello. I recently got the rest of Affinity suite which means Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. Than I realized that a very basic but niche feature is missing. Right-To-Left support. Well I can work around this by throwing my text at Krita export as a high res TIFF than throw it anything Affinity. This works fine for small bits of text but if you are working with something like an article, it's a very annoying issue. Shout outs to the absolute hero on https://rtlfixer.com for creating a fix for it sadly this isn't a viable option for me since this program is not available for purchase in anywhere usable for me. In some Adobe stuff you can change the text engine to support it. In Krita it just there by default. Sadly that is not an option on Affinity. I know RTL isn't as main stream but a good chunk of people still use it. Please consider adding it to the suite. If you want to recommend me some softwares to basically cheat my way threw this problem keep in mind that any paid thing that isn't on steam or Microsoft store is absolutly useless to me and anything on MAC is even more useless. Still this isn't about finding a solution, this is a request for a basic feature.
  4. Recently I have installed the Affinity designer application on MacOS but I have the problem with UTF-8 charset while I try to write right to left language character. I need your best assistants. The font is Tahoma.
  5. First of all, special thanks to everyone in affinity team for making this awesome software and releasing a free beta. Typing in Persian (or Arabic) isn't how it should be in Publisher so I attached a picture that might help. btw I hope you release Publisher on Microsoft Store too
  6. If you search "rtl support" or "support arabic text" you'll find that it's a very old and frequently wished feature. So please add rtl support to AD or at least add it to your road map as it is a very basic feature. Affinity designer is called to be a UI design tool. But what is the use of it when one can not type and work with text an typography? Currently you can't work with persian, hebrew, arabic, urdu ... and all the rtl languages in AD and it's not even mentioned in the introduction of the app in the Appstore or in the website!
  7. ​Please add support for rtl languages. you are showing it right in the layers panel, but in the Text Tool it's wrong. see the attachment.
  8. I have some design assignments that will use mixed text with English and languages that use Right-to-Left scripts. Unless I'm mistaken, I can't switch directions within a Text Frame. This necessitates either layering in text in post (using another program), or laboriously breaking the text into multiple sections and aligning the words manually. Having the ability to switch directions midstream would be very helpful!
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