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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone 👋 My specs MBA 2022 M2 chip 16 GB RAM 1 TB space macOS 13.4.1 Affinity Suite 2.1.1. + earlier versions The problem Whenever I attempt to swap apps I experience severe stutter with Affinity apps only. XD, e.g., doesn't stutter at all, but any Affinity app does, noticing severe slowdowns while the app swaps to another app's place. Ways to reproduce Set a custom resolution; Use Stage Manager; Load the app (any Affinity app); Click anywhere on the screen to minimise the app and bring it back on the screen; Observe the lag. Misc I noticed this happens mainly because I use a custom resolution (3008 x 1692)—best legible for me—and we know macOS works the way it upscales a resolution first to accommodate it to the screen, having to process more, but this shouldn't be a problem for an M2 chip, right? 🥴 I only have this problem with any Affinity app. All other apps render without any noticeable lag/stutter. Could Affinity apps be better optimised for different resolutions?
  2. I am noticing a significant lag in overall performance between V.1.10 of the entire Affinity Suite and V2 regardless of performance settings or checking hardware acceleration (on or off) I've noticed this to be the most apparent using the brush tool(in Designer pixel persona as well as Affinity Photo) I have tried to reproduce the issue and screen captured the problem and attached below. I own a brand new Dell workstation with 16Gb of Ram... never had a problem with your software. I have made sure that in both examples the same brush, color, size, preset, etc is used... as well as the exact same Document size, DPI, color model, etc... I have also checked the performance settings to ensure they are the same. Thank you for your help. Affinity_Brush_Bug.mp4
  3. Since "upgrading" to the latest version of Photo, I have found the program so slow that it is virtually unusable. For instance, while doing a simple tutorial practicing outlining something in an image using the pen tool (nothing else open in the program or on the system), when I zoom in the screen image pixelates and hangs for several seconds, then zooms in much farther than I had intended; when I attempt to zoom back out a bit (using Ctrl + mouse wheel), the same thing happens. This is just one example -- the program has been massively slow since I installed the upgrade, degrading operating system response as well as Affinity Photo's performance. (I never had any problem with lagging in the previous version.) I'm using Windows 10 on desktop, and nothing on my system has changed recently. I'm going to try reinstalling the last version of 1.9 so that I can continue using Affinity Photo.
  4. I am asking for your help with the following performance problem in Affinity Publisher on my 2020 Mac Mini: When moving text frames and other objects, e.g. shapes, I notice a strong delay. The text frame or object takes the new position only after a delay of about 0,5 up to 2 seconds. This makes accurate placement of objects extremely difficult, as I always have to wait a short time after repositioning before I can correct the position. I don't recall observing these delays in previous versions.. However, I have not worked in Publisher since March on the MacMini. Now I want to update a project for work and I notice these severe delays when rearranging text frames. It is a straightforward project with two pages containing only a few text frames and vector graphics. But this affects not only this project, but also a completely newly created file, with only one text frame (see video). I have already tried various measures recommended here in the forum without success: * Hardware Acceleration: turn metal support on and off. * View Quality: Bilinear and Nearest. * Display: Metal, OpenGL or OpenGL (Basic), Software * Retina Rendering: Automatic, low quality, high quality * Reset user settings * Uninstall Publisher completely (including files in Library folder) and reinstall. Unfortunately, none of these actions made any significant improvement. If metal support is turned off, then things get worse. I also notice a slight delay in Affinity Designer, but not near as much as in Publisher. Now I don't know what to do and hope for your help. Since all three programs are also installed on my MacBook Pro, I did a test there and notice virtually no lag. I purchased all three Affinity programs from the Serif store. My Mac Mini and MacBook Pro are rather well equipped, please see the specs in my signature. To illustrate the difference, here are two short videos. The first shows the delays on the MacMini and the second shows the behavior on the MacBook Pro for comparison. I am grateful for any tips. Many thanks in advance. Moving text frame on MacMini.mov Moving text frame on MacBook Pro.mov
  5. After the updates everything is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Attached are the difference between (Top)1.9 vs (Bottom)1.85 19.mp4 185.mp4 185.mp4
  6. Hey, after getting the newest Publisher update, I now have performance problems when moving objects around. The movement is extremely edgy and sloppy. When i go into the Photo Persona, the performance is much better. My Task-Manager also doesn't show any indicator with RAM or Processor. How can I fix this problem? Best
  7. Hi, i face issues regarding the performance of Affinity Photo. Image renders visible in blocks ... from the center to the corners. I downloaded the Beta to test if this is fixed ... it is not. I used the promo fie (the one with the Fox) ... to ensure it is not one of my files. I restarted, cleared with control, checked the fonts, checked available disc space ... not sure what to think ... Sascha MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2,5 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB Boot ROM Version: MBP112.0138.B16 SMC Version (system): 2.19f12
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