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Found 15 results

  1. I might've missed it but couldn't find anything on the forum about this. Is there a way to create a new guide based on percentage? I often like to create either a simple crosshair (50%h, 50%v) or sometimes a rule of thirds grid (33.3%h, 66.6%h, 33.3%v, 66.6%v). As far as I can tell the only way to create grids is to drag them from the ruler or use the Guides Manager which appears to only let me use pixel precision, rather than percentages. Thanks!
  2. Man.. I can't tell you how frustrating radii as a percent of OAL are. I want an 8px radius on a 960px sq box... Now I gotta do math and stuff. Talk about a workflow/process drain. 8% of 960px = 76.8 - Yeah No way do I want that. 1% of 960 = 9.6px - Nope, not even close, in fact WORSE, it's so damn close and wrong, that it's going to cause problems @2x. Oh snaps! 2X I forgot about that. Whats the 2x equivalent? 0.833% #MIND BLOWN## Please spare us this nonsense. Only reference to this issue I can find without sinking more time into this. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1260-applying-round-corners-to-a-box/ Sorry it's 9am on a Saturday, and I've decided to remove illustrator from my workflow, and hitting some awkward app design decisions.
  3. Hello, I would like to know the position (in %) of objects. For example if I have a dot at the center of my canvas, it would like to know that it is 50% from left, 50% from top. Is there a way to do this without having to do a cross-multiplication in pixels? Best
  4. Is there a way to change all the different font sizes across all pages by percent/multiplier? eg. Change all the type set in Arial by 78% I tried using find and replace, but the format function only allows a fixed point size. I'd like to use a percentage or multiplier (eg. 78% or *0.78) I use percentages/multipliers all the time for individual instances in the character panel, but here I want to make all the type smaller but in proportion to each other. There are just too many different sizes and pages to adjust all of them individually. Is there a regular expression I could use that searches the formatting? something like: Font size:.*? and then replace with something like: $&*0.78 Or is there a way to enter the format information into the replace box manually instead of the dropdown menus? eg. Instead of replacing the format with "Font: Arial; Font weight: Normal; Italic: Off; Font size: 12pt" manually type in "Font: Arial; Font weight: Normal; Italic: Off; Font size: 78%" So far using expressions I've only managed to search the actual text, not the underlying format information. Is there a list of the Publisher specific tags I could be using in expressions, or do regular expressions only search the text?
  5. Hi. I read the only way to scale using specific values is by applying for.ex. =/2 within the dimension box. It works for me, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. Is this a bug or I am missing something ? Sometimes I need to select my lines and de-select them and then select them again. Now is not working regardless of what I do. Any insights about this? Not other method to scale by a number/percentage? Thanks
  6. CMYK sliders in the latest version of Affinity Designer display incorrect scale from 0 to 255. They should display scale from 0 to 100 %. The Mac version displays the correct scale, only Windows version is affected. Thanks for correcting this.
  7. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for working all our online shop product Photos and it does a wonderful job. Once in a while I need to create a Macro to simplify my process and the last one I created is Guides for a square picture in percentage, but it seems that when the crop is different the guides calculate badly and don't appear properly in the places I need them to go right on the percentage I've calculated, because If I have to create this macro for all the different crops in the world, well, there is not much sense in creating a macro, I just end up with a list of thousands different actions. Thank you for the great software you have created. It's a pleasure to use it every day. Best, Anelia
  8. I've been using Affinity Designer (on Windows 10) to make some vector art which has large and small shapes. So I zoom in and out primarily using Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -. Say I'm at 100% when zooming in it will enlarge to 150%, if I zoom in again it will go to 200% and then 300%, 400%, etc. Is there someplace to change it to keep using 50% steps? Or is it better if I start using the Zoom Tool with Z? Thanks.
  9. How can I make the hole radius of a pie absolute? I want to have it absolute to restrict the thickness of the pie to us the same thickness an a smaller radius. I could do this with a stroke, but I can't use a stroke with boolean operations the way I want. Is there any way to do this? As you can see in the screenshot, the thickness of the ring with the smaller radius is thinner. But I want to keep it at the same thickness as the one with the bigger radius.
  10. HI, I am wondering how I can scale an item by percentage. There are options for width and height, but no options to scale an item by a percentage, which I think is pretty important in any serious design tool. Even though the Transform palette has width/height entry points, it won’t accept percentage values. Am I missing something here?
  11. While using Affinity Designer today I noticed in the "Character" dialog that a strange ‰ symbol is used instead of % for Tracking and Kerning. Why? I've never seen that before in Illustrator or any other app. Is it a mistake?
  12. Hello, I originally asked for this on the general Photo thread, but this request is more appropriate here. I love the pixel@dpi information that appears on the top left of the tool bar area when selecting a bitmap object, however I noticed that it's lacking native "percentage" size information to help the user know approximately how much the image has been resized since bitmap object import from its the original scale, which would be more useful than just displaying current dpi/pixel size, so alongside it if it said something like 48%, etc. Also it would be really great if there was a checkbox somewhere to "snap" an imported photo back to it's native original size and proportion if the user decides to start over… yes, you can always just re-import the image, but this would save a valuable extra step, a quick return to 100% would save time. You can also use the history palette to accomplish this, however this affects and risks losing any other tasks you've like to have retained since then. Finally, when rasterizing an object from a curve, the current selected object just displays the dpi information but it's missing the current pixel size data on the top left the same way an imported photograph would (i tested by importing from stock palette), this demonstrates Photo can distinguish between an imported image and a generic pixel object. Tested from RC2 version. Thank you!
  13. Maybe it's not something everyone uses all the time but personally I would love to have percentage rulers so I can place my guides correctly. And maybe save my document preferences (size, margins, guides, dpi, etc) as a preset so I don´t have to always setup my document Awesome job with AD and AP, looking forward to buying AP ;)
  14. It would be nice if the Absolute Sizes checkbox present in included the stroke width as well. Relative Stroke Width could behave like corner radius percentage.
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