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Found 57 results

  1. In Photoshop I can choose Brush, Pencil or Block as Erasers. In AP, I don't see anything similar to Block or Pencil. More specifically, I want the means, like in Photoshop, to erase WITHOUT anti-aliasing. Even when I set AP's Erase Brush Tool to 100% Harness, it is still anti-aliased and therefore it is no substitute for Photoshop's Pencil and Block erasers.
  2. I understand how to connect two pencil lines on their ends, but is it possible to connect the end of one to the middle of another? I am a newb working with AD to make files for laser cutting wood veneer. While using the pencil to trace a photo, I wish to connect the lines so as to 1) make shapes that I can fill and/or copy and 2) make sure the line does not end before/after the other one (and will then laser cut correctly). Thank you for your suggestions.
  3. Sunset

    Face Time :)

    This is so addictive. A program where you can actually learn as you work. Intuitive. Just playing around with pencil and brushes, discovering things as I go. This face is all vector work. And no problems with the Finder, either; the update and restart have made a noticeable difference, so perhaps my Yosemite glitches are now fixed :) face 1.afdesign
  4. Dear Affinity Support Just wanted to say congrats on a fantastic application. Keep up the great work. Is there anyway to vary (e.g. 0-100%) the line smoothing when using the Pencil and Brush tool? For instance I would like to use a lower percentage when rough sketching freehand with a tablet, then increase the percentage when 'inking' in a final line on top of the sketch with trackpad, mouse or tablet to get a clean and smooth finish. At the moment I'm using the pen tool for the 'inking' stage but would actually to prefer to carry this out freehand (albeit with a bit of smoothing assistance). Many thanks P
  5. I seek a quick(er) way to close curves drawn with the pencil tool. Currently i'm drawing lines (open curves) with the pencil tool then switching to the node tool and click "close curve."
  6. The pencil tool works great for pressure sensitive linework, but I'd like it to not become selected upon drawing each stroke. I can't find a setting for this as there is in AI, so hoping that can be added- makes it very difficult to draw as each line becomes selected. Also, would LOVE to have rulers and/or templates/shapes that can be traced upon with pressure sensitivity. Illustrator does not do this today, apart from vertical/horizontal by holding shift, although they finally added it to their app "Adobe Illustrator Draw" - would love this in a desktop app (similar to Manga Studio, where you can use french curves, etc). You already have the shapes, so basically, allowing "snap to shape" to work with pressure sensitive pencil & brush (as the line variation is the important piece) Great first release, thanks!! EDIT: Also please add SHIFT to draw constrained lines vertical and horizontal :)
  7. Matt, Attach are two pictures I had worked on earlier. One with no smoothing (Mt RainerAB) and one with smoothing assist (Mt RainerID). You can see what smoothing does to the tree in the Mt RainerAB. Regards, Gregg

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