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Found 132 results

  1. Is there anyway to toggle between the pen and node tool when using the pen on the ipad? I use this feature all the time in PS by pressing modifier keys while drawing a path and the pen switches to node and when I release the key it goes back to the pen. It is very quick and I use it daily. I was hoping that there might be a way to do this on the Ipad version of Photo. So far loving the ipad version, but am getting used to interface. Thanks!
  2. I would love it if you could easily toggle to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool. It would make drawing masks much quicker. Or even if you could choose one of the bezier handles with the pen and adjust it that way. Now, if I click on one of the control points with my pen it drops another point instead of letting me adjust the handle angle. On a related note, please let the node tool adjust just one side of a Bézier curve. I'm try to crest an accurate mask and if use the node to adjust one side the other side adjusts as well. Can't get a good mask like that. Thanks
  3. Hi guys It seems that I am not able to join nodes from different curves with the pen tool, like I am used to in for example Adobe Illustrator. I think it would speed up my work enormously if I were to be able to join different curves’ nodes with the pen tool instead of drawing extra nodes, selecting these and applying the action Join Curves every time. I hope you will consider this. Thank you!
  4. Hey Guys, I just got Affinity Designer and Photo for my windows surface. Firstly, I'm not a professional, neither in Affinity nor Photoshop. What i want to do: I just want to make some easy sketches in AP, but it turned out to be quite "edgy". When i'm starting drawing with my stylus pen, its not a smooth line (using the brush tool), it's more like little pixel "steps" into the line. In PS i dont have this problem. I will attach some pictures to make it visible for you. I Hope someone is able to help me, maybe i have to do some settings first? The documents used, was 600 x 900 mm sized with a DPI of 300 (in AP) . It would be great getting out of this trouble, thank you! Cheers
  5. Hello, I have had a look through the forum and did not find a topic about this or I may of missed it. I have a HP Spectre x360 and would like too know how to set up affinity designer for use in tablet mode as the keyboard when in tablet mode is on the underside of the screen so things link holding ctrl or shift are a problem, is their a way of setting up on screen keys without opening the onscreen keyboard as this blocks a large section of the screen making it unusable. Thank you for any help and suggestions. Regards Chris
  6. Tool from illustrator (i used Cs4): allow to very quickly make a smooth shapes and lines after drawing the rough please see the attached pic. This is saving tons of time in making logos and complexed shapes also in caligraphy and illustration. very important tool, i very miss this. Thanks. Rotem.
  7. Hello. I'm having crashs in Affinity Photo ( when I'm doing extensive and complex selections using the pen tool. The application simply closes unexpectedly. When I open it again, it gives the option to open a backup, but the same is always well behind in relation to the point that the application crashed.
  8. I can't drawing with brush in this program because when I draw my cartoon it transform to Text. such as I draw circle it transform >>> to O text. How can I fix this problem? Thank you.
  9. I apologize if this is a common topic, but I searched and none of the solutions have worked. I made a shape using the pen tool, and when I try to fill it, it ends up doing this (see photo). The photo is zoomed in because I can't show the entire project yet, but that's not important. Why does it do this and how can I fill the shape? I don't know why there's straight lines going through the shape, I didn't put them there... they appeared when I tried to fill the entire shape. Any advice please? This is a recurring issue and it's really preventing me from moving forward. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am using affinity photo on windows and occasionally use pen input. I would appreciate the option to only draw with the pen, not by accidentally touching the screen with a single finger (or by palm rejection not working at that particular moment, or by simply forgetting what happens when you use a finger while drawing with a pen). If that option is enabled (maybe only when a brush is actually the current tool), a little button next to the pressure sensitivity button could enable/disable that behavior. And then, maybe finger input could automatically be something else, like moving and selecting objects. Best
  11. Big fan of Affinity, and I'm loving all the updates and community support! I've been using Affinity Design for sketching, and am having problems with small, quick strokes. These simply do not appear, as though Affinity is assuming they were mistaken taps. I've tried other programs, and haven't had this problem (and have checked my pen settings -- Huion tablet -- and it's picking up plenty of pressure). I'm using the Paint tool in Pixel Persona. Is there a way to turn off any pen assist features? No editing, filtering, etc? ( This is similar to a question I'd asked a while ago (about "smoothing" problems), but I could never solve that one either. ) Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I just bought affinity designer software, and my pen doesn't work. Working with every programme I have but not with this one. Any help? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone I recently got Affinity designer after years of Illustrator. I love the program but am still getting the hang of it. Can anyone tell me how I can get the curves I want whilst using the pen tool? Just like on Illustrator, I click once with the pen to create a point. I click again to create the next point. The line path from point A to point B has a really wonky curve and is not at all what I want. This mainly happens when I'm drawing clouds or trees. I can't seem to get the perfect line and curves that I want without using the node tool to edit my lines or just using smart mode. Dragging the mouse doesn't help me to get the curves or shape I want either. Is this just the way Affinity works or is there some setting that I am unaware of? i'd really appreciate any advise here! Thanks so much :)
  14. I draw two triangles with the Pen Tool. they intersect each other. How can I fill the intersection region with a color? I've tried the Fill Tool with no success.
  15. Hi All, I would like to use Affinity Photo to create some nice low ploy art. In other software packages you draw some triangles and apply an average blur. In attached image I have started to draw some triangles using the pen tool and grouped them above the image. Please can someone help and advice if there is a way to apply a blur effect on the entire group which will affect the image underneath it. (Not the pen border). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.
  16. I have defaults in my document synchronized for Fill: black and Stroke: none. Using various shape tools, they all are added correctly. Whenever I switch to the Pen Tool, AD changes my selected Fill to None on the second mouse click of whatever path I'm drawing. I'm using version on Windows 10 x64.
  17. Every time I use the pen to draw in Designer or Photo under Windows, the virtual keyboard pops up. The happens when no keyboard or the bluetooth keyboard is attached, but not when the surface keyboard itself is connected.
  18. Hello, I have tried to change size variance of my pen stroke but it does not work at all, neither does the opacity option. Stroke remains the same. Please fix!
  19. Hello Affinity, I am a graphic designer from Indonesia. Me and my friend are currently working our way to bring our studio alive and we find these!: Affinity Designer and Photo. For Affinity Designer, I would like to request for 'pen' tool enchantment. I would like to have the 'pen' tool have the 'line trace' to make pen positioning easier. The feature looks like 'bezier' tool in inkscape and 'pen' tool in coreldraw. I always use them in my work. At the moment I am exploring this Designer. I will keep continuing giving feedback for this. I find this program looks promising and may be a 'black horse' in market. i am an inkscape user for almost 4 years but as I said before, this program looks promising, and i love that 'personas'. Creative! PS: Forgive me for bad english.
  20. Pen and line tools good but if I may suggest a change. In order to change the still I need to draw a line first then add style or line type...it should be if I select a tool type and be able to select object before I draw for example blur blur effect or bevel. This way I can see the effects right away and not have to stop edit then continue drawing.
  21. Hi all, I have a question about using the pen tool. I'm a recent adopter of AD and AP. Often, when I'm drawing a shape, I get around to the other side and see that I've lost a portion of the line. In other words, I'm kind of chasing myself around the shape. It's easily remedied but I'm wondering why this should happen. Could it be my set up, for example? (Wacom bamboo working on El Capitan). Thanks in advance, Kevin
  22. After using the pen tool, can lines be joined? If so, how? I've seen this in other programs but I can't find it here.
  23. Hello, I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo on my Mac. I used to pen tool to make some shapes and then added a stroke. When it is a line it works fine, but when I change it to texture (the paintbrush icon after the dashed line) it has no effect, and even when clicking on the properties, I cannot change anything in the pop-up as everything is greyed out. The end result I wanted is to have some brush stroke on my vector lines. I cannot achieve anything more than some lines with varying pressure curves.
  24. Even tough i have a tablet im not good with it - in other apps smoother/less precise drawing options always saved me, and when not Lazy Nezumi. Unfortunally Lazy Nezumi isn't working with my particular tablet+affinity beta on windows, and AD's default smooth while good isn't enougth for my terrible jibbling lines. So like i do 90% of the time i go with the pen tool like im used to... But i can't for my life find how to apply brushes to curves made with the pen. Am i missing something? And if im not how thats not allowed? I mean, since brush tool also create curves, i tought that wouldn't make a difference how i created a curve. Surely pen misses pressure and speed of a stylus so i can get not having that- but vector brushes should apply to curve right? Is there a more hidden menu option for it? If there aren't is there any work around? Heck, i wouldn't mind to lock curve editing to apply a brush if thats what it takes. Took me a long time tracing a image (im loving AD, can't stop using it!) that i planed to use with a brush... im stuck now. Any ideas?
  25. I'm trying out some basic shape stuff in Designer for Windows and I'm unable to Add a straight Pen line and a rectangle together (I'm trying to create a drip effect). However whenever I select both the rectangle and the line and try to Add them together the line disappears. Same thing happens when I attempt to combine them as well. I've tried shifting the layer order around and still nothing. I've attached an image to show where I am at the moment and what I'm trying to achieve. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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