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  1. I know it is possible to create a selection after I created a path around an object like so: Like this I have some tools to do, which might be not photographed for this purpose but also the automatic tools are not at all able to cretae a nearly perfect mask so I decided to do it old school but I cannot find the way to create a selection - as you may assume, yes finally I want to substract the thast long hole from the angle leg. Thanks in advance and Kind regards, Uwe
  2. Hi there. I have been using the pen tool on Affinity Photo for Mac for a long time and often use the ability to create tapered lines using the pen tool. I cannot see anywhere on the ipad version where I can change the line thicknesses over distance. Am I missing something? Also when I import a file that does have varying vector stroke thicknesses, every shape and line I create in the ipad app afterwards has the exact same line profile which I am powerless to change. Is this a glitch? Or is there a section were I can change this in app? Please help!
  3. Probably on my top 10 most used features in Illustrator is the stroke width tool, which allows you to adjust the width of the stroke at each anchor point. This can somewhat be achieved using the Pressure tab within the pen line settings, but it isn't nearly as precise. A couple of solutions might be: Add a stroke width tool to allow anchor points to be adjusted. Within the pressure panel, display a point on the graph for every anchor point from the shape. And allow these to be adjusted only vertically on the graph by holding shift, so that they stay on the anchor points. Create a new panel in the pen menu that allows for a numerical value to be entered in for stroke width. Thanks for listening.
  4. Hi all- I am tracing a profile drawing and want to have pen-tool curve shapes fill to adjacent curves that are simple lines. Fill does not seem to recognize that there is a closed area that can be bulk filled
  5. Here's a contribution in case it's possible to add it as a future feature (Affinity Photo and Designer) "It would be interesting if they would allow the use of brushes and tools like the eraser with the pen tool in Affinity Photo and Designer, using paths as Photoshop currently allows. I hope this can be understood with this video." "All the strokes were created in Designer, and the final file was exported to PSD for use in Photoshop." "There are brushes obtained from external sites in .abr format that one would like to use, but it is not currently possible to use them in Affinity applications with the pen tool." (Photo and Designer) Video Suggest.mp4
  6. Please fix the node tool's Convert buttons and action buttons to the left of the toolbar for the pen tool too. Currently, when I switch between the pen and node tool, I need to work my mind into remembering that the buttons are on the other end of the toolbar. 2023-04-03 09-10-15.mp4 If the tool positions could be fixed to the same position across the pen and node tool, that would be great.
  7. Unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, objects created on a page will have the Y axis in relation to the page you are working on. The exception is unclosed paths / shapes, including straight lines, created by the Pen Tool which seem to have their Y axis in relation to the origin of the very first page in a document. This means that on p10 of my document the horizontal lines are showing an Y axis of 3044.8mm instead of 101.8mm! Oddly if you convert a rectangle to paths and then remove two of the nodes to create a straight line you get the correct positioning.
  8. Is there a way to convert a Pen Tool path you make into a selection. There is a selection from layer I can do, but I would like to just convert the path into a selection, without having to create extra layers.
  9. I'm stuck on a project trying to make a single shape from two separate lines I made with the pen tool. I drew two independent lines with the pen tool, and I connected them with two more lines at each end, now I want to make a single shape that I can fill, but after drawing the two lines to connect the first two lines, I can't fill the area because I need to make a single shape so I can fill it. How do I make those four lines into a single shape?
  10. I often run into the issue when I am drawing out curves and want to join a couple loose segments. What happens is that some selections are ineligible to join curves, whereas I can join the curves with other selections. Steps to reproduce Create a rectangle and convert it to curves Switch to the node tool and split two nodes to create two curves Select one of the split nodes of the first curve and a path segment of the second Notice how the join curves button is greyed out Deselect all Re-select the both curves, this time only by segments Notice how you can now join the curves 2023-01-02 13-49-11.mp4 Also notice that if I also select a node from the other curve, I can join both curves as well. 2023-01-02 13-56-24.mp4 The latter obviously has to do with joining vertices, but it happens way too often for me that I cannot properly join my curves without changing the way I select them. (Below is the vertex joining). 2023-01-02 13-57-40.mp4 See this simple case below, which usually happens when you decide to join two paths when working with the pen tool. I make sure the ends of the two meet, switch to the temporary node tool with Ctrl + Shift and select the other curve. I then switch to the node tool to join, but I am not able to (I don't have to switch to the node tool, but it makes it easier to compare to the other cases). I am also unable to join the curves from within the temporary node tool invocation. 2023-01-02 14-01-26.mp4 This is in Designer 2.0.3, but I have been having this issue since I used the 1.9 version and thought it is about time to report it.
  11. I often run into the issue where I want to modify the curve object while I am drawing it. While I use the Ctrl key to temporarily activate the Node to move vertices around, I can't add nodes to the curve. That is because the Ctrl shortcut deletes a curve segment. 2022-11-23 16-06-17.mp4 This is strange to me, because if I switch to the node tool, I would expect that clicking would allow me to add vertices, like it would in the node tool. Instead, holding Ctrl to switch to the node tool also sets the node tool to delete segments. At the same time, Ctrl+Shift also deletes segments. Now then, shouldn't Ctrl+Shift be used to delete segments, whereas holding Ctrl should add vertices? That would enable all modification methods, while also making it the tool more consistent with the stand alone node tool.
  12. When drawing two different paths with the Pencil Tool, joining them together results to large handles. See in the video. FullSizeRender.MOV
  13. Please watch the video. While using the pen tool if I scroll by moving the mouse to the border of the image, the pen lines disappears for a while. 2022-12-01 11-37-15.mp4
  14. I can see that a show orientation setting is stored in templates, but it really should be remembered between sessions. I never need it. Disabling it too much. I think it should be opt-in.
  15. I've made about 8 curve layers via the Pen Tool that I wish to convert to selections. These selections should all be active simultaneously (like adding selections via the lasso tool). The selections are discontinuous over several parts of my image. I can't quite figure out how to make this happen. I can convert each curve to a selection, but that only happens one at a time and as soon as I convert the next curve, the previous one deselects. Is there a way to do this such that all the converted curves are active at the same time (have the marching ants around them)? Thanks very much.
  16. One of the things that really stops my workflow is that I have to go to the toolbar to determine whether or not I want to continue drawing with a curve that I have already created. But every other time I don't want this — and forget to change the mode — I have to undo my tracing work to create a new curve object or hit the divide button if my shapes are closed. This is just tedious. So I would propose that if you have a curve already selected and click on one of the nodes of the end points of the curve, you should automatically resume editing the original curve (meaning, adding the new curve segments to the original curve). If you don't have the other curve selected, Designer should assume that you don't want to continue drawing from another curve. That's how it works in Illustrator and this forgoes that you have to check the toolbar. This also makes it much easier to close curves with another curve or join two curves, because you would simply select both curves and then draw the connecting curve in between the two. No need to go to the Node tool (or hold Ctrl), select the curves and then join them after the fact.
  17. Hi there, I'm using Affinity Publisher Suite, with all three Affinity programs working together (Publisher, Designer and Photo) I've used the Pen tool to make a selection and have gone to the Affinity Photo component, but I am unable to turn it into a Selection. All the internet advice shows there are two little buttons in the Context Toolbar saying "Mask" and "Selection", but I do not have these buttons. I am also unable to activate them by customising the Context Toolbar - they are not given as options. Are there tools missing from Affinity Photo when you use it via the Suite? If so, how would I get my pen tool selection to convert to a Selection? (I have tried command-clicking on the relevant layer, but this just transforms the pen nodes into a thin line, but does not allow me to "select" it either.) Thanks for any help.
  18. Hello all! After this forums has helped me so much, I finally created an account because I can't seem to find an answer to my question online, but it seems like something that would be implemented. Is there a way for me to slope a node with a keyboard shortcut? I do a lot of work with the pen tool and I've always thought that having to go back to the previous node I created, just to click it and go make a new one seems tedious and takes up a lot of time while doing a large project. I didn't even know it was called "slope" until I tried looking in the help menu. I've included screenshots of what I'm trying to do to a node with a shortcut incase I didn't explain it correctly.
  19. I'm trying to figure out what this does. It's an option and there is an icon for it in the context toolbar (attached) when the Pen Tool is active but I can't seem to figure it out. The Help description describes what it does but isn't working for me. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!
  20. Affinity Designer 2022-04-09 10-49-09_Trim.mp4 After drawing using Pencil tool in Designer Persona or Paint Brush Tool in Pixel Persona, the lines doesn't appear immediately until I hover my mouse/pen over it or navigate the canvas. I tried drawing above and under the paper texture and changing the Tablet input methods, both of them doesn't work. What else can I do?
  21. I've been busting my head for the better part of this week and I can't figure out how to make an open ended path from a curve. I wanted to delete one path but all it does is create extra nodes on the path and I can't see any other way around this. Am I missing something ? EDIT: Found it. It was break curve. This needs some overhauling as neither the icon, nor the wording is very inspired.
  22. Hi, I'm trying to create a singular curve by joining multiple individual curves together using the ADD boolean operation, but it is not working as expected. I have the following design below consisting of multiple curves, and basically I want to join them together so it becomes one single curve: When I used the ADD boolean operation to attempt to join the curves together it came out looking like this: I also tried to use the XOR boolean operation and then use the "Break Curve" and "Join Curve" options respectively to remove the newly intersecting pen curves, but for some reason the areas where the curves should join right after implementing the XOR operation become a jumbled mess (which makes using the Break- and Join Curve actions almost impossible): Hence I'm asking for help with this because I truly don't know how else to achieve this. Not sure if this question has been asked before in the Forum, but any help would be truly appreciated :).
  23. I just noticed in the Tool Hints, located in the Lower-left, shows a hint of using the RightMouse to create a straight line. However the RightMouse instead produces a popup menu. There is no mention, that I can find in the Help, of using the Right Mouse button for creating straight lines using the Pen tool.
  24. Hi all, I need help making a proper square or any shape with perfect sharp corners/strokes. I can’t find out how to do so - am I missing something or is this a limitation of Photo’s engine? Please see the attached screenshot. Anything drawn has round corners, even the Pen tool and the Pixel brush! The only way I can get sharp corners is to import a vector object but even then it’s borders lose opacity and it doesn’t look right.
  25. I love the possibility to stretch a curve directly (no need to control both handles). And I like the “organic forms” we can achieve with that options. But there are situations where we would need to stretch curves maintaining handles direction (even if that handles are not horizontal or vertical) My suggestion is: — Direct manipulation of curve ---> actual behavior — SHIFT + direct manipulation of curve ---> modify curve maintaining handles direction Next capture shows a practical case maintaining HV handles (very useful for corners):
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