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  1. I have several embedded Affinity Designer documents in my file, and when I export my file as a PDF, the portion of the file containing the embedded document appears pixellated and blurry in the output PDF. Meanwhile, all other components are completely sharp. When I view the Affinity Designer file in Affinity Designer, all the embedded documents appear normal: completely sharp vector images as expected. This seems like it is a bug with the export as PDF feature. Thanks! Abhimat
  2. I want to export a design for print as PDF with crop marks. I set the margins in the document setup but when I export it, there is no crop marks on the PDF. Is this still to be implemented?
  3. Hello, When I export a .pdf of my design (in Affinity Designer) there is white space visible in-between shapes. I'm not sure if this matters but all of these shapes are filled with grain texture. I've included a screenshot of the issue- notice the white lines on the man's shirt, the edges of the pie chart, and the one edge of the table. Is there a setting that I've missed that would fix this or is this a software bug? survey-crop.afdesign
  4. Hey guys, I ran into a really unfortunate bug in the latest Affinity Designer beta as it seems, probably existent in the previous versions, too, as I was wondering about it then already. I need to export a graphic that contains strokes – I tried several options, nothing worked as expected: every single stroke gets converted/expanded into a filled shape! For now I try to get the shapes exported via the latest official App Store release of Designer, neither works for me. Is it just me, did I check a box or something, maybe someone can provide another solution for this? -_- Right no
  5. HI. I spend a lot of time with my ipad when I am on the road or not at my desk. It would be great to have a copy of the Affinity Photo Help file on my ipad to look up stuff or refresh my memory. Lots of us work that way. The video tutorials are great but as I think about them - I would like to look up "alpha channels" or "blend modes" or "hardness" on various brushes etc. Learn in "baby gulps". I suspect you could turn it into a hypertexted pdf quite easily rather than spending $$ on an app given finite resources and LOTS on the roadmap. It would be VERY HELPFUL AND APPRECI
  6. Id love some help! Im creating print ready banner art. Each time I try to export, in any format except affinity, Affinity Designer crashes. What can I do? thanks! rs opening.soon.afdesign
  7. Hi folks, hello Serif-Team, I need to export my work as PDF/X (3), many advertising agencies, printing companies or clients ask for it. Will Affinity Designer support this important format/settings? If so, when? ;)
  8. Hi everybody, I've built a simple 12pt black text with a 1pt white stroke applied to it and with miter join set to 1,41 (default value). Exporting to PDF: If I try to export to PDF, the result has problem with the stroke. • I opened the PDF with Preview (Apple) and it seems that the stroke in some corners become a bevel and in other corners become a miter, apparently randomly. • I opened the PDF with Adobe Illustrator, and the same problem shows up but in different places. • I opened the PDF back with Affinity Designer and the problem is not there (uh?!). I'm attaching a screensho
  9. I think it'd be a great addition to be able to open secured PDF files by having a prompt to enter the document's password (if this is not already possible, please correct me if I'm wrong). I work for a graphic design company and our PDFs have to be secured. However, when I try to open them with AD it just says 'Failed to open PDF file - The file requires a password' with no option to unlock by entering the password. Just an idea which could be very useful.
  10. Hey, today I tried to open a print ready PDF document. If I open the same document in Preview, in Acrobat or even Safari it loads as it is with all stuff for printing. If I open the same document in AD, it opens just the area inside the cutting lines. Is there a way to open it as it is or where I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, hp
  11. I have been trying to import a pdf into affinity designer and it doesn't seem to give me an option to import as an image. It therefore imports, but doesn't have the correct fonts, so messes up all the text within the pdf. Is there any way to import a pdf as an image?
  12. I recently discovered the feature where you take a PDF and import it resulting in a multi-layered, editable series of images. Breaking the PDF into shapes and text is way beyond what I expected. However I noticed that consistently the apostrophe (') was turned into a quotation mark(") in the documents that I have imported. Is there any way this can be fixed? Also, is there any way we can force the app to attempt to break an image down in this way? I would love to be able to take a low-res logo and use this feature to make it into a series of shapes so that I can make it scaleable.
  13. Hi, I just started using Affinity Designer as an alternative to Illustrator. I changed institutions and could not justify buying a subscription. At forst impressions I like Affinity Designer, but have been having some major problems exporting a pdf file that was originally created using illustrator (attached). I did some editing in AD with not much problem, but I cannot for the life of me export this file. AD just starts chewing up CPU time and after an hour or two of running spits out a 0byte file. I eventually have to force quit the program and restart the process and as yet have not got
  14. I have created a paperback book cover in Affinity Photo, and now I want to export it as PDF to send it to the printer. I cannot figure out how to export a PDF that looks anything like what I see in Affinity Photo. (Nor can I export anything that looks right in any other format, for that matter.) Here is a screenshot of what the cover looks like in the Export Persona: Here is what the PDF (for print) preset produces (I made no adjustments to the preset): donation-cover-paperback.pdf This export appears to include the one pixel layer from the document, with at least some
  15. Hi, as part of my work, sometimes I have to open existing PDF documents (created in Adobe's kingdom by ID) and edit the text and/or add/change some images, export again as PDF and re-integrate in the multi-page document (a catalogue of sorts). For this I pull out the page from the document (I tried both dragging it out and opening the entire document in AD and selecting the target page, just to make sure), applying the changes and exporting (both with and without slices) the page as PDF for print. However the output file tends to be relatively huge (20X or more than original!) as compared to
  16. Hi there! These is my first time posting in AD forum :) I have a question (sorry if this was answer before). I was working in a file of A4 size, when i finish i export it to PDF to be printed. But when i print appears border in the page, border that no appears in AD file or PDF file. Is any way to resolve this? and can print in a full page? Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi there, I'm working with a document currently that has several embedded .afdesign files (as they were created in Affinity originally). However, when I export the document, all these elements are rasterised and become ugly. This is an issue as I'd like to be able to have one logo which I make tweaks to, embedded in some mockups. Is there a way around this? I really like the way embedding is implemented other than this. Cheers, D
  18. I have encountered a bug importing a PDF into Affinity Designer. I recently saved some excel charts as PDFs and when I import them into Affinity Designer, the chart title and axis title text is imported as multiple lines instead of a single line of text. It appears that Affinity Designer is replacing the spaces in the text with return characters (resulting in one word per line). The pdf opens correctly in Preview and in the Affinity Designer pdf import page preview window. The only problem visually is when it has actually been imported into Affinity Designer. Also changing the "Favour edit
  19. I am trying to migrate from Adobe Illustrator to AD I created a simple document containing only PDF text exported from Pages and Numbers. Fonts were embedded. The final document was then exported from AD as a PDF when viewed using Preview on Mac the result is blurred until I zoom in whereupon it becomes crisp. the same PDF when viewed using Adobe Reader is sharp all the time. If I create a similar document with previous workflow using Illustrator, the resulting PDF is sharp when viewed in either Preview or Reader I have attached 2 files hoping to illustrate the proble
  20. HI Today I am facing another export related issue with AD. I have made a design for a customer for a vinyl banner. The banner is supposed to be 250 x 100 cm, so I made the design the same size in AD. I set a custom size of 250 cm wide x 100 cm high and made the design. Now when I want to export it to a PDF for the print shop, I check the export text as curves and also check the raster unsupported items, just to be on the safe side. When I then export the design I get this odd white shape in the middle of my design which seems to be there in almost every format I export. I
  21. Hi there, i'm a newbie. I was designen a poster for the university an. Now I wanted to print it in DIN A1. But everytime I export it with to PDF I have a big white area. Can anyone help me. I need to print it tomorrow. Thank you very much Plakat Gewächshaus.afdesign
  22. Hi there, When you import a PDF with image+text into AP, some part of the texts show some kerning issues. Original: With issue: I'm on MacBook Pro 10.10.4 with AP 1.3.4. Thank you!
  23. Hi All, I am a new user here. Really love the AD and amazed by its feature and speed. However, I just found out the clipping mask with gradient effect I made in AD were pixelated after export in .eps and .pdf file. I didn't check "Rasterise unsupported effects" but the result is just disappointing. The original file in AD looks sharp when zoomed in, but not the case in AI and PDF. Can anyone help me here? thanks! AI AD test.afdesign
  24. Hi All, I am very much a newbie to AD and this is my first post, so thanks in advance for your patience. I making the switch to Designer from Corel Draw, which I have been using since v.5 (now v.X5) (bring on the .cdr import filter!). Unfortunately, I seem to be misunderstanding something about the process of exporting in AD. Now, to become familiar with AD, I have been playing with several simple designs (plans really) that include a base bitmap (its own layer) that is overlain by vector and text layers. When I export the design as seen on the screen (File > Export > PDF ('for
  25. Good morning, I have some questions about PDF export setting. Context : I'm working in a printshop, we are working on PDF files with our customers. Color Management -> What is the color motor for conversion on these software ? -> It could be replace Adobe ACE, Adobe PDF Libray, or specific conversion tools without any problems ? (conversion ICC or Device Link in RVB -> CMJN ; CMJN -> CMJN ; or anything else). -> I have see that my PDF was converted by Apple Quartz on my PDF (exported by Adobe Designer). will you add some other options in the future ? -> How i
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