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Found 21 results

  1. I am pretty sure, I read this on the forums already, but cannot remember where. Opening the PDF in APu the textframe has only blanks at the end of the line. Copying the text from Acrobat and pasting into APu, all blanks are preserved. Attached images shows it. On the left opened PDF, on the right copied text. extrakt.pdf
  2. When I am trying to open a PDF in Photo/Designer with embedded fonts that are not localy installed, Designer/Photo suggests to replace them with a similar installed font. Whe I am openeing the same PDF with Adobe Reader the embedded font are recognized und correctly displayed. Is there any solution on my problem? Thanks George
  3. I've been given a print-ready PDF as a starting point for an update. Can I assume that if spot colours were used in the original document that they will appears as spot colours after importing to Designer?
  4. I have a PDF created in Adobe Illustrator that displays fine via multiple different SDKs and toolkits across different platforms. The PDF contains text (set in Iowan Old Style) that was configured via the "Character" panel in Illustrator 2022 to use small caps, as shown below: The resulting PDF is not correctly imported; here is an example: What it should look like: What is displayed in Affinity Designer 1.10.4 when the PDF is opened (without selecting "favor editable text over fidelity"): As you can see, the kerning is all wrong (all characters are rendered much closer together), the characters are all caps (the actually capitalized input is not rendered at a larger size than the remainder of the text), and the numbers no longer match the height of the neighboring letters. Manually selecting the text input and turning on "Small Caps" in Affinity Designer corrects the height of the numeric characters at the end, but the text kerning remains incorrect - it seems that the underlying text is imported as all-uppercase even though it isn't: This is verified by manually selecting the last three letters of "LIVE" and re-typing them (in lowercase). This, with the previous step of enabling small caps for the text box gives the corrected result: I've attached the actual PDF exhibiting this incorrect behavior as exported by Adobe Illustrator (i.e. without any corrections from Affinity Designer). Fundraising Dinner 2021 - Web.pdf
  5. The attached PDF is rasterized when opened in Affinity Designer but displays fine in all other viewers/editors that I've tried. I imagine there is an unsupported vector property that AD is choking on. I was able to manually correct this and generate an equivalent PDF fully in AD from the same source file, so I'm not sure why the automated import fails. CPSA Book (Square).pdf CPSA Book affinity.pdf
  6. I have noticed that when importing pdf documents into Publisher some hyphenated words "swallow up" the hyphens. Best explained by reference to attached files: OrigP6.pdf is the pdf file that I imported into publisher. I added yellow highlighting at problem words. OrigP6Beta1.9.0.874.afpub is how it appears after import. The yellow highlighting shows the hyphenated words where the hyphen is misplaced. This import did not have "favour editable text over fidelity" selected. OrigP6Beta1.9.0.874-opt2.afpub is how it appears after import with "favour editable text over fidelity" selected. Interestingly, there are additional hyphens that did not import tidily, as well as other minor issues (generally highlighted) and one that was an issue in the first import but not in the second. Page6ExPub is a pdf export of OrigP6Beta1.9.0.874.afpub I guess one should not expect perfect import of pdf documents, but this hyphenation issue is difficult to spot easily and has led to a large amount of additional work to sort it out (especially as I used the maximum fidelity option, with a new paragraph at the end of every line). This issue also exists in earlier versions of Publisher, but I include it here as this beta is directed at improving pdf import among other things. OrigP6.pdf OrigP6Beta1.9.0.874.afpub OrigP6Beta1.9.0.874-opt2.afpub Page6ExPub.pdf
  7. I'm trying to modify (another) PDF artwork file created in AI. The file doesn't import correctly but doesn't show any errors. In an attempt to figure out what was happening I found out that exporting the result back to a PDF also causes an error and fails to create any file - other than flatten which doesn't help in my case. I enabled debug and found this in the resulting log file: [Last exception 1404 in PDF_shading]["Option 'stopcolors' has too many values (> 500)"] I'm wondering if this provides any clues as to what might be wrong. I can't provide the original artwork as this is confidential. The file contains a background image with a repeating pattern which I think might be the culprit as it imports as a stretched image and not evenly spaced at the original size that you see using Acrobat Reader . I don't have access to AI where I am to check any of this at the moment. Any thoughts? (Affinity Designer 1.8.5 for Windows) The 1.9 beta also behaves in the same manner.
  8. First of all hello all, I'm totally new to the whole Affinity thing, just bought the whole package, and I'm totally loving the apps! So, the issue at hand involves page numbering, I have a 300+ page book that I started a while ago in InDesign, made the switch to Affinity Publisher, with a proper IDML export (BTW for everyone importing IDML files into Affinity, I suggest before hand you go and change some performance preferences, turn everything to slow/low quality, also don't give Affinity all of your RAM or you're gonna have a bad time, actually I guess this should be done either way). I got to working on Affinity Publisher, had to readjust some text frames, no biggie, but then the issue appeared when I had to add some extra pages into the book, these extra pages are PDF extension, added through Affinity's "Add Pages From File..." option, it worked well without an issue, I noticed the pages didn't get numbered automatically from the master numbering thing, figured I'd delete the master and just add new numbering straight from Affinity (the numbering was imported from the original IDML master). So I did that, I added numbering in the master spread, all good, but when I scrolled down on my book, I noticed that at the pages that I have imported from the PDF file, the numbering gets reseted to 1, and then, on each section that I added new pages from the PDF file it does this, so now my book goes like 1-50, 1-60, 1-etc. till the end of it. Weird part is, it resets on the first page I added from the PDF file, and goes with the numbering till the next first page that I added from the PDF file. HELP.
  9. Swatches, PDF Import… Ich habe bereits auch mehrfach ähnliche Probleme beschrieben. Ich bin kein "Neuer Benutzer" und ich werden in Zukunft nur in Deutsch mit Ihnen schreiben, da es hier sonst zu Problemen führt. Ich bereite gerade einen Problemkatalog vor. Beispiel Globale Farben PDF Import … hier kommt noch mehr Kennen Sie diesen Artikel https://pdf-aktuell.ch/pa/language/de/katastrophale-pdf-x-4-kompatibilitaet-von-neuem-affinity-publisher/ Bitte senden Sie mir eine E-Mail Adresse, außerhalb des Forums, wo ich meine Gedanken mit Ihnen austauschen kann.
  10. I'm having a problem where text in pdf documents moves when imported into Affinity Designer (see screenshots). The issue seems to be especially bad with negative numbers or when digits have decimals before them. I have attempted selecting and deselecting the "Favor editable text over fidelity" and "Group lines of text into text frames" options and it does not seem to make a difference. Also, when importing the file, Designer tells me that the fonts used by the document are available. Is there a way to import a PDF document without the text shifting? I use Designer primarily to make small tweaks to figures and this issue makes using Designer extremely tedious as I have to fix the position of all text before exporting the document. For reference, running Affinity Designer 1.8.3 on macOS 10.15.5.
  11. I have fairly powerful computer with latest Publisher Windows. When I try to download certain 20-30 page PDF documents for editing the Publisher just hangs. It can be left there for hours and nothing ever happens. That is very annoying. As Publisher is x64 product opening 20-30 MB PDF should not be an overkill. I believe that there is something crashing in Publisher in such cases and thus this is a bug. It just cannot be "out of resources" as process explorer shows 90% CPU and 10+GB of RAM available as free. If need be I can provide one of the PDFs in question for your inspection. I'd love to get this resolved.
  12. Apologies if there is already an appropriate thread for this. When placing a pdf file, sometimes the font family and style get combined into the font name, which is then not recognised. For example, Family Calibri Style Bold comes in as Font Calibri,Bold which is then not recognised. I have seen this with pdfs created by both Word and Excel on a PC. Once the problem is recognised, the fix is simple - open the pdf, make the font substitution, save and place the file. But it would be better if this were not needed.
  13. The German Affinity Publisher (Windows) behaves in a weird way for some placed PDFs. See the video: Placing a 2-page PDF file (creating by Publisher itself) into a new document works well. By default, the first page is shown, which is nice (0:00-0:19). Choosing the second page does not change the displayed page. The first page still shows, which is not so nice (0:19-0:27). Changing the zoom level with the mouse scroll wheel to make the document smaller still displays the wrong page (0:27-0:34). When changing the zoom level to more than 100% (my personal guess), suddenly the correct page 2 is displayed, and keeps being displayed until the zoom level is decreased again to below 100%, which makes the first page appear again (0:34-0:52). Very strange. Unfortunately, I couldn't recreate this particular problem with any other PDF file, so the culprit is attached. Andreas Weidner PDFPageProblem.mp4 Test-Elektrotechnik.pdf
  14. To whom it may concern, I have been using your Affinity Publisher since the beta came out last August. I work in prepress and have been looking for an alternative to InDesign to set up proofing and manual impositioning for output. Needed one app to be able to quickly adjust images and vector graphics in submitted files instead of jumping around multiple apps. Resolved was the handling of separations. Love everything about it except for the following: Lack of import options for multi-page PDFs, does not recognize the built-in bleeds in PDFs and inconsistent nature of embedded typefaces in the PDFs being placed. Will these be resolved or should i look elsewhere? Please advise. Gave a presentation to a group of 25 other designers and illustrators for my local PC Users Group (CDPUG.org) recently to advocate the merits of your Affinity app suite and give them some insight to their capabilities. Many promising aspects. Amazing first effort. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  15. I am new to Affinity Designer and design in general. I purchased AD for iPad to do a logo for a friend. A graphic designer with AI CC traced over my raster heads to vectorize them and sent me the editable PDF she exported from AI. I had planned to use that PDF as the working file to export transparent png, jpg & SVG files for digital uses. I don’t understand why the PDF file size is 1.2 mb, but only 283 kB when I import from cloud files. I am supposed to have these files exported today, so would really appreciate replies, thanks. Bichon-Logo-Vector-Original-work-copy-AD-On-ipad.pdf Bichon-Logo-Vector-Original-work-copy-AD-On-ipad-afterAD-import.pdf
  16. Having tried various exports from Affinity Designer (AD) to import into APub, I have found that a PNG keeps the AD export color and tone best. The TIF export is very problematic in terms of tone. The PDF is beautiful when exporting from AD beta but when importing into APub it becomes very dark in tone. I can alter the opacity but in doing that I lose much of what I worked so hard to achieve in APhoto. I've tried replacing the imported PDF and the result is the same. Is this a known problem? Here are part of the PDF as it came out of AD and as it looks when imported into APub. PDF Export from AD PDF Export as it a ppears in APub
  17. This pdf requires the installation of three fonts. I installed them. However, the fonts are not displayed correctly. Also a sign of diameter instead of a square. AD/AP and earlier versions. CUBE__930x500_02.pdf
  18. Hi, I. Standard PDF import When I click to import the PDF page 1:1 the page is not shown corectly. Also, when I drag to resize the PDF page while importing, it is shown differently then in no. 1. Please, offer us a page range to import. II. With Page boxes Page boxes does not work corectly. I attached the PDF file (boi na muzej.pdf) I used to import and there are various kind of problems with the page box. Here are some of them: Just try all options from page boxes and you will see that they don't work as it should. III. Other My opinion is that page box options should be offered while importing PDF file, not when it is already imported (InDesign) When importing PDF page(s) there must be an option for embedding or linking the images. When I try to import multipage PDF file, Publisher offers me to link the pictures instead of embedding, which is correct. But, when I click "Yes" to accept linking and then click on a document page (A4 format) to place the first page I got only a thumbnail of the page (see the wrong size.png attachment) and the real size of imported page is 126 x 236 mm. Also, when I start resizing the thumbnail in one moment it stops showing the linked image(s). The second page and the others are not possible to import. boi na muzej.pdf
  19. Opening the attached PDF file that has been sent to me for inclusion in a flyer I'm in the process of creating produces various font errors on my system even though the fonts Georgia Bold and Lucida Calligraphy are installed. The fonts' tracking for the heading and sub heading are way out. Importing the same PDF with PagePlusX9 produces a better file to work with where the fonts' tracking closely match the original file. The original file was created in Microsoft Publisher if that's the cause? See screenshots attached for comparison between PagePlusX9 and AD *EDIT* It is the same for both release1.5 and current Beta 1.6.75 FOST @ Murder in the Cathedral.pdf
  20. I experience incorrect import of pdf files fairly often with Affinity Designer 1.3.5. Is this something you would like me to report? Is there a bug reporting site or where should I post such problems? Ted
  21. I know, tedious, not so spectacular like other feature wishes surely, but the pdf import is really really bad. I always import pdf's from Adobe Ideas (love this tool, shame on you Adobe for what you did with it) and I always have to import into Draw first, export as SVG and then import into AD. PDF-Import like it is now is really really ... bad (did I already mention this?) Well, really really bad ... top1 on my list of bad pdf importers, the worst, I think I said that already, sorry ... bad .... please fix please ...
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