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  1. Please look at the two screenshots. The left one is the design as laid out in AD, and the right one is the one after the PDF export. You'll notice that the dotted line is messed up. Please investigate and fix. Thanks so much, guys! Helmar
  2. Hello I would like to see an export pdf option to seperate pdfs for each page. I know there are free tools for it to split the pdf afterwards, but I think it would be nice in one step. What do you think?
  3. Quick request - there is an option in the PDF export 'More' section to include page information. This adds a title to each page of the resulting PDF. It would be great to be able to use the artboard names as these titles, rather than <filename>1, <filename>2 etc.
  4. Thanks for adding managing pdf export settings. Will it be possible to add: 1- import + convert Adobe Print Jobs (from my printing firm) 2- PDF version 1.3 (used by my printing firm - because of use of transparency) 3- number + percentage included fonts (all fonts, 1%) 4- zip-compression for images (no jpg). YS Jan den Ouden (Steensplinter)
  5. I have had a heck of a time trying to get my files to an online print company how they need them. I am trying to provide a file for a UV Spot Printed Business Card. They require a 3 page file: Front, Back, UV Highlight (with highlighted parts done in K 100%) I export my file as a PDF under CMYK and Color Forga39 (Which is also what the document has been set up in) but when they upload and bring into Adobe on their end the K is not 100%. I replicated what they were doing and sure enough, when I import the pdf into AI the K is not at 100% with the rest 0%. After hours of frustration, I finally just recreated the file in Illustrator and shot it off to them and of course it worked. What am I doing wrong?? Attached photos show: 1. CMYK for object in AFD 2. Export settings from AFD 3. Confirmation of CMYK for selected objects in AFD 4. CMYK of same objects brought into AI UV Highlight Created in AI.pdf UV Highlight Created in AF.pdf
  6. Is there a way to export a multi-page document (such as a booklet) as a single-page PDF? Printers/Prepress often require single-page PDF
  7. I exported a sample page as PDFx3 containing: a logo created in Illustrator and exported as PDF (it has some effects, white glow, I know) and a text above and text below the logo so it is affected by the glow effect. Publisher rasterizes the logo's edges, and the text below is also rasterized. to compare i made the same file in Indesign and the pdf is correct: the logos edges remain vector shapes of course inside the logo there are pixels because of the shadow-effects but that's ok. the text underneath has sharp vector edges and a pixel fill - that's also ok. This needs to be addressed before the final release of Publisher to be used in production. Publisher: (pixelated in the output resolution 300dpi which is enough for a photo but not for a vector logo) indesign (vector edges, even in the effects-areas):
  8. Hi, I want to export a booklet (20 Pages) to export as a X3-PDF (for printing). If all pages are exported in one PDF, some pages are exported with some of their layers additionally. http://jaroder.de/test/01.pdf If I export just a single page, the layers are not extra-exported. http://jaroder.de/test/02.pdf http://jaroder.de/test/03.pdf It is my first work with AFFINITY DESIGNER. What I'm doing wrong? Juergen
  9. Hello, I have repeatedly tried to export my file as PDF. The export process bar gets stuck 3/4 way through the export and it does not continue until I hit cancel. The file can be exported in png eps etc. no problem. PDF is the one file format I cannot export and only on this specific project is it not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  10. I am new, so please be patient. I need to export with crop marks. I have read other threads that instruct to export to .pdf, select MORE, and select INCLUDE BLEED AND PRINTERS MARKS. However, I do not have that option. Mine only says INCLUDE BLEED. If I choose that option, there are no crop marks on the exported file. Very frustrating. I am able to print the source file with bleed and crop marks, but the export dialogue does not have the option. Any help would be wonderful!
  11. Hi there! For a little greeting card I intended to use a transparent coating on some parts of the design. The print shop asked me to create an extra layer for this (at the very top of all other layers) and paint all areas in question with a new spot colour named "lack". So I created a new global spot colour, named it "lack", set the option "overprint" and painted the areas in that top layer with the new spot colour. As requested I exported the document as a PDF/X3 file. Unfortunately the print shop is not able to print the design as the can't identify any colour named "lack". Additionally they say that there was no top layer. So I'm a bit confused... How can I fulfill the requirements of the print shop? Any hints are highly appreciated. Kind regard, Volker
  12. I have set my Artboards to 1280 x 800 pixels the same as my screen resolution and 300 dpi for images. I want the images to be able to scale up without loss of resolution. unfortunately the pdf document in preview is smaller than that at 1:1 Ideally i want the document to still look good on a retina display with the fonts scaled in proportion to the display size. I guess i'm doing something wrong but I haven't a clue what it is. my original artboards were 6400 x 4000 and i used the convert to object to rescale them and then used the object to artboard command to get them back. my objects didn't appear to scale with the artboard if i resized them any other way. hope someone can help cheers john
  13. I have a few questions regarding images placed in an Affinity Designer file and the eventual resolution/file size: Is it best for eventual PDF file size to pre-crop images before placing them in my document? ie. does the PDF file still contain image data that falls beyond the edges of pages or masks? Does the AD crop tool achieve the above the same as pre-cropping would? How do I 'uncrop' an image? There doesn't seem to be an option for removing any crop I've applied to an image (beyond stretching the handles back out and trying to line up with the original image edges). I've noticed placing an image in my document and exporting to 'PDF for Export' without any alterations to the placed image results in a large file size (the original image DPI is maintained). However applying the crop tool (even a tiny amount) suddenly results in the image taking the DPI of the document (and bringing the file size right down). Is this intentional? Shaun
  14. Hello, I have simple poster design with a image background which has Transparency applied to it using the transparency tool. when I try to export it as PDF for print the transparency is gone from the background image. If I rasterise the image and then try to export, then the export process freezes. Please guide me to resolve this problem. Document size - 5x7.5ft Couldn't upload the file here. File size is 90mb. Source file - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6aFlAKFfdJNNEYxSF9mX0FyNGc Computer Spec: MacBook Pro 2016 - i5 with 8gb ram Thanks, Naveen Sekar
  15. Hi there, I decided to use "Affinity Designer" this time - for making a ux-design. Now after I finished it I noticed that every gray line (most of them are 0.3pt wide) changed to black after I export it to PDF :angry: I'm using Window. Why is this happening? Thanks for any help Sincerely, Alban
  16. Hi there, it is not possible for me to export PDF´s out of Designer and Photo. I´ve tried several settings but is not possible to export a PDF file. Everytime i get the message that "The file could not be created"! Is there any idea about that? Thanx a lot!!
  17. Hi! Can anyone help me? I will export my artboard to a PDF document with 50 pages. Now I have the problem that the pages always have the wrong order. Even If I re-sort the layers in the layer management, I always get a wrong result. Thanks for help!
  18. Hiya, I am trying to export an A4 document as a PFD. The resolution is 3508 x 2481 but whatever the settings I use the output pdf is only 841 x 595. Thanks in advance, Nige.
  19. I just discovered that when I export a PDF from Designer, it creates a "title" of the page which is the file path to where I save it and this is embedded in the PDF. I can get rid of it by opening Acrobat and removing it, but that is cumbersome. I don't want people seeing this information on publicly distributed PDFs. I've attached a screen shot of the "Properties" panel in Acrobat which shows the title attached with the PDF when exported from Designer.
  20. Hallo, ich habe Dateien erstellt mit .tif Bildern 300dpi, die ich in PDF(Druckerei) exportieren möchte. Werden meine Bilder beim Export in .jpg´s umgewandelt? Warum lässt sich die JPEG-Komprimierung im Export-Menü nicht ausschalten? Bei mir ist die Komprimierung angehakt und mit 85% angegeben. Ich möchte aber die höchste Qualität. Die Druckerei wünscht außerdem die Schnittmarken außerhalb des Anschnittes von 3mm. Wie kann ich das realisieren? Vielen Dank, photo
  21. Hey everyone. I need to know if there is a way to establish a page order when we export multiple artboards to a PDF. Currently, even though I set up my artboards in order, once they were exported, they actually came out in the reverse. So instead of 1 to 14, it came out 14 to 1 in page order. How can I reverse this? Is there some way to also set the order on export and is there a certain way we must lay out our multiple documents in order to get the pages right all the time? Thanks.
  22. Hello; I need to export a file to PDF but I get an error message. Is there something wrong with my file that I need to look at? I've tried to do different steps but not able to. I can export in all the other formats except PDF. Plus, I've done it before but today I am not able to. Help!
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