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Found 5 results

  1. BUG REPORT - What happens when I Expand the Stroke. Everything I tried doesn't work on this particular font and rasterizing is not an option for me due to professional publishing needs. The only workaround for me on this one was taking it into another software to make the paths. I wish there was a fix for this in Affinity. This issue really needs to be fixed or at least some way to have a viable workaround. Font is Krupper Additionally, I first noticed the font was breaking from Publisher when exporting to PDF. So I tried to convert to curves in Desginer which causes the font to break. Running MacOS 10.15.5 & Affinity 1.8.4 Steps to repeat this: Download Krupper Font Add Stroke set to 3.5 Convert to Curves Expand Stroke New Document file attached as well as a photo. Memorabilia.afdesign
  2. PDF export issues and problems. 1. Random size export: the exact same afpub file exported multiple times after changes made in a few pages. File is saved before export. File is exported as Press Ready with BLEED option ticked. (Can't get bleed option without using press ready) 6x9 page size with bleed yielded 6.125 x 9.3, 6.38x9.25, 6.2x9.3, etc. I have about 8 different file sizes and KDP will not accept any of them. 1A. Set Doc as page, Type as Print Press ready (Also tried as Print), Set page preset : left as custom, Dimensions 6.125x9.25 inches, portrait.. CHECKED ALL SPREADS. NOTE: press ready option kept auto defaulting to print, had to manually check press ready. 1B. Tried exporting PDF with new preset, as PDF no bleed 6.125x9.25 (so that it might TRICK the PDF to include the size for print. THEN tried uploading to KDP WITH BLEED. Settings in Affinity. unchecked bleed. Compatibility PDF 1.7 1C. same as 1B, but compatibility changed to PDF x4 2. I tried to resize the document to 6.125x9.25. Locked the size aspect. tried to export that size without bleed. but could not use the press ready option. 2A in addition, it messed up every other page. I had grouped items on the pages. 2B. I went back to previous setting and it just got worse. I backed out by hitting undo. STILL. never could get back to original file. Thankfully I had made a copy first. This was over 20 hours. I took a video of the margins, bleed, page and spread sizes RANDOMLY changing while under the LOCK aspect ratio. It's like one of the pop-up weasel games. Hit one, and another one pops up. INSANE 3. I tried to resize and create a PDF with NO BLEED. and the option was grayed out. (found a similar issue as a topic, but wanted to post my issue in a new thread. KDP won't accept any of the 10 or so version I exported from an original 6x9 size. 4. I wrote this early today and hadn't sent it . NOW> NOW the whole program crashes over 15 times now. I can't use this. I am mortified. I have 3 books to publish and KDP won't accept the ones from this program, but I did 4 of them with NO TROUBLES last fall. I am sending the 15 crash reports to apple. I am sending them to affinity support. BUT I need to know what to do. Yes I've read the FAQ's 4A. My asset library is huge. I spent over 150-200 hours populating it so I didn't have to go find photos and artwork. 4B. I have over 15 books in partial formatting and 3 of them are overdue for publishing and I can't get a consistent output as a PDF to the exact size. If I reinstall the program, do I lose my asset library entirely? How do I do this? Someone please have mercy and help. I am 10 days into a nightmare.
  3. Hi there, I'm on an imac using Affinity designer. I've been trying to export to pdf (for export) and for print, but keep getting glitches where distorted 'bubbles' of colour out from the image. I was hoping 1.9 would solve the issue but its still the same. It will eventually be a wall sized print and I was hoping to export at 1:10 as a vector for the printer, but I'm now having to export as a 1:1 .TIFF which is a massive file. Ive attached images to show you the comparison. Two images show the original and 2 are the glitchy pdf exports. What can you suggest? Cheers, Lee
  4. Hi, I'm trying to export an affinity publisher file as pdf and I have the Embedded Fonts "Text as Curves" option enabled. Unfortunately come letters (letter l) are shown in bold when I view the generated pdf. see screenshot I use version, the used font is Arial Regular of size 12. Any ideas on how to solve this? Best regards
  5. Hi, I’m trying to export my work in designer for iPad as pdf. But it does not work. The wheel at “Generating export...” never ends spinning and no pdf is generated. Why is nothing happening? Best regards Peter
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