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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I decided to purchase affinity designer and photo today, however, when i entered my credit card info and pressed the pay button the website gave me an error message that said that my payment had been declined, in that moment my banking app notified me that the purchase was done(and so the money was billed), i checked my account and it shows no order history nor licenses and the money in my bank app is now gone. is there anything that i can do to get my money refunded or the software licenses? Thanks everyone
  2. Yesterday I bought Affinity Designer with MasterCard and the purchase went through but the page was redirected to the shopping cart and it looked like I wanted to buy the product again. I looked at the FAQ and it said that the product key could be in my email but I checked and I wasn't, idk if this is a bug or something. this is the email that I used MODERATED@gmail.com and the purchase time was GMT+1 around 7:00 pm
  3. good afternoon affinity team I'm trying to buy affinity photo, affinity publisher, and affinity designer for five hours with my bank card that I usually use for buying online now I get the same error ( Server Internal Error To reconnect click the Reload button on the browser or click the button below ) I did use 3 different browsers, contacted my bank they say everything is working but they didn't receive any payment request from your side, so can you please help me with this issue
  4. I was trying to buy Affinity Designer but can't complete my purchase because payment options do not appear, and i can't buy it.
  5. Hello,I am trying to purchase Affinity Designer for windows with my visa card and it keeps telling me the payment was denied.I have checked many times to see if everything was punched in correctly and I checked my card and I have money on it. What should I do?
  6. Hi I sent wrong payment to affinityorders@serif.com in PayPal and I contacted Affinity team in Facebook and they said they are not able to refund because the ONLY PayPal email Affinity has is paypalorders@serif.com. The strange thing is, I paid my Affinity Photo MacOS via affinityorders@serif.com PayPal account last year in 2019. I also tried to cancel payment in PayPal but PayPal said it's a completed payment and not able to cancel the payment unless the account owner refunds it. Please help! p/s: The reason we ended up using paypal payment because credit card payment did not work in Affinity website
  7. Hi My name is Mesbah I am from Bangladesh. Today i came here to buy Affinity Designer for Windows Pc. But I am failed to buy because when i place order it say error with a red mark . error: Payment card was declined My card was a payoneer master card and most of the Freelancer use this card because many of them dont have paypal. Many Country do not support paypal . My country BANGLADESH also do not support paypal . I can not buy with my payoneer card . Please help to buy your product . Our country played a BIG role on Freelance in Design sector . Help me to have your product . You are doing great job . We are now getting many awesome feature without yearly subscription . In our community may designer use other design software by collecting serial or crack . One big reason their price is huge and second reason Adobe also don't have any option to buy product brom Bangladesh on their country list . As I/We don't like using crack software . Don't let us using crack in future for only this payment system . We love this software and want to make a big community for Affinity designer & photo . Help me to buy your product . It'll be pleasure if you help me as soon as possible . I stopped using photoshop and stuck on payment system. I will pay you manually and may be you can add my account manually on your database and can give me a license . Thanks Md. Mesbah Uddin www.mesfx.com
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