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Found 24 results

  1. I tried to purchase a digital copy of Affinity Designer but the website said there was an error with my card and that I should try again later. However the payment did go through on my side as it is showing in my bank account.
  2. * I do not know if this is located right * where i select paypal payment method, and click on "place order". screen freezes here. and i get same problem in firefox. and i have try with two different email. 8 times now. Sorry if any spelling/dramatically mistakes in text.
  3. Hello everyone, I have made my decision and switched from Adobe to Affinity. I just bought all three softwares and considering that I'm new to this, I have a quick and simple question. I know this product is a one-time buy and I don't need to buy it again for future updates. But here pops up my question. If Affinity releases like, a new BIG release, let's say Affinity 1.2 similar to how Adobe released Photoshop CS4 after CS3. Do I have to buy it again or after my payment, for eternity I'm getting every update/major update/new version for free from now on? Please, be patient and I'm sorry for my stupidity. I'm kinda lost in this place and I'm trying to get used to it. Until later, long life Affinity. This forum and the software itself is a legit bless. I'm never looking back.
  4. Hello there!! Greetings from India!! So, I'm trying (More than 6 times) to buy Affinity Designer with my VISA card but it sends me a message saying that my provider declined the payment. Please Help me out!!
  5. I tried many times, but just to fail repetedly in buying the Affinity Publisher with my Debit cards of Indian Banks.
  6. Are there any news on how to solve this problem? A couple of days back I paid over 200 bugs and did not receiving anything in return. My bank states that the payment was successfull. I then wrote an email to Affinitys support team, including the statement of my bank, only to get the answer that the money will probably show up again... Has anyone who experienced the same contacted the bank and asked for a refund or did the problem just disappear as statet by Affinity? Thanks, Bruno
  7. Hello I need help with the payment here I was given a Visa Gift Card, and I came here to buy affinity photo for windows. But when i entered everything it wasn't accepted is it because its a gift card or do I need to buy it somewhere else? please help thank you.
  8. I've paid the amount through PayPal (transaction ID - 88C31212JX672060G) but didn't receive the license key yet. it has been 2 days. If there a weekend vacation Please reply once about it, It is frustrating.
  9. Hallo lieber Support, ich würde Affinitiy Photo erwerben. Leider unterstützen sie nur Paypal und Kredit Karte. Es gebe eine Möglichkeit über einen Freund der Paypal hat diese Software zu kaufen (...) Ist es möglich über einen fremden Paypal Accound Affintiy Photo zu kaufen? Das bedeutet das der Paypal Account nicht mit dem Namen des Affinity Software Account übereinstimmt. Dear nice Support, i would like to buy affinity photo. But you support only Paypal and Credit Card. Is that possible to buy Affintiy Photo with a other paypal accound? This Paypal account is not mine? Affinity Software Account and Paypal Account Family Name is not the same. Would it work? Greetings to the software engerniers i love this software! user2077
  10. Hi I sent wrong payment to affinityorders@serif.com in PayPal and I contacted Affinity team in Facebook and they said they are not able to refund because the ONLY PayPal email Affinity has is paypalorders@serif.com. The strange thing is, I paid my Affinity Photo MacOS via affinityorders@serif.com PayPal account last year in 2019. I also tried to cancel payment in PayPal but PayPal said it's a completed payment and not able to cancel the payment unless the account owner refunds it. Please help! p/s: The reason we ended up using paypal payment because credit card payment did not work in Affinity website
  11. Hi, yesterday tried to purchase Photo and Designer but payment failed, both times, but i see both charges on my bank account and 55.98€ somehow blocked for each product. I'd like to know how to unlock that blocked money as purchase was not really done and, on the other hand, need you to help me in finding the way to apply just of the purchases as i still want to purchase Photo and Designer (but just 1 time!!! ). Maybe unlock one of the attemps and proccess the other by mail...? Best regards...and thanks.
  12. Need help for the issue I bought black friday Affinity Designer on iPad but I paid the Price 22€ and not the 30% of 15€ why????
  13. hi, I don't have iPad store credit to purchase the application, so is there any other payment methods such as PayPal, Credit cards etc... to purchase iPad application. ?
  14. Hi I am currently using Windows laptop and I am planning to switch to MacOS during November. If I buy Affinity now, Can I use the affinity there on the go or am I supposed to pay again ? Thank You
  15. Dear Customer Support, Please see the attached file. This is the situation I am facing. No popup blocker is active in my browser. Also, I tried to pay several times, from Firefox, Opera and Chrome with no success. May I ask for help, please, if possible. Thanks in advance.
  16. I want to buy the designer program (for PC), but my card is being rejected. You guys do take American Express gift cards, right?
  17. Hello, I have been trying to buy Affinity Photo and Designer with a VISA card, however, it sends me a message saying that my provider declined the payment. With this same card I am paying a subscription to Adobe ... so I have not had any problems. I await your response and they can help me, I have enough funds and I can not pay with Paypal.. Thank you.
  18. as i was looking around i noticed Ideal is not suported to purchases the product preventing me to buy the product its seems such a great program and compared to fotoshop its cheaper to bad ideal is not suported thus im not abble to purchases the program i hope there is a fix / update soon as poseble and like to hear back
  19. Hi, Today I bought the software (design) through app store. Amount displayed was 49.99 USD but when I get the receipt message from my bank I was charged 54.97USD. How this happened?
  20. Hello I need help with the payment here I was given a Visa Gift Card, and I came here to buy affinity photo for windows. But when i entered everything it wasn't accepted is it because its a gift card or do I need to buy it somewhere else? please help thank you.
  21. Hi, I want to pay for Affinity software on Mac without app store. Are there alternative options?
  22. Hi, I'm having a problem making payment for Affinity Designer on Windows via Paypal. After finishing the Paypal login and clicking the "Pay now" button, I am redirected to the page before payment (The one with "place order" button). I've tried a few times and luckily the payment doesn't go through everytime. But I find it weird that there are no errors on the page (for example, indicating that the card was rejected etc.) Can someone offer any help? Thanks.
  23. Hi all, I am trying to purchase a Windows version of Affinity Designer, but everytime I complete this process, it ends with "Error: Payment Card Declined". I meet all of the payment requirements (accepted cards/funds/etc.). Any help would be much appreciated, I am very eager to get my hands on a copy.
  24. I've recently been contacted by a member of the Affinity team, I'm now on board with you guys and have been sent a code to use for Affinity Designer, however if I wanted to download it have to pay upfront. Is there any way to download it without paying so I can then put the code in?
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