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Found 7 results

  1. The "New pattern layer from selection" command in a macro always inserts the pattern marked during recording and not the selected one from the current document. In the Marco, the command is also not differentiated from "New pattern layer". A paste from the current selection in the current document is expected.
  2. When trying to modify a part of a pattern with selection tool on a pattern layer, this make AP crash. Here are the steps to reproduce : On a new document, create a pattern layer Draw something Take the Selection rectangle tool Draw a rectangular selection Take the Move Tool and transform the highlighted selection (position, scale, rotation) Click elsewhere and... crash
  3. enjoying a day off with a little space exploration. There are filters, pattern layers, and some painting in there. the rock is a pattern layer in an ellipse and then a spherical live filter layer.
  4. Pattern Layer Effects Affinity Photo 1.9 beginner tutorial Add FX to the new Pattern Layer. In this Digitally Fearless beginner Affinity Photo tutorial I not only show how to create a layer pattern, but also away to apply and add effects to it. https://youtu.be/S-2foNdXXHc
  5. Here is a learning/tutorial I created for Understanding Pattern Layer and Pixel Quality, and using Photos. Made using Affinity Photo on iPad Pro (mainly for iPad users- but concepts apply to any version). Is merely a BASIC relay of information and steps....know there are more advanced aspects, but mainly for beginners or even advanced users to better get a gist of what’s going on, and how to get better results. Primarily focuses on the use of Hi Res Photo Images, and how to use them for some amazing results making use of the Pattern Layer feature. ‘Again, know it is basic....but hopefully can help! Video is available on my YouTube Channel, with many others https://www.youtube.com/user/StudioJason69
  6. Hi everyone been enjoying the new version 1.9 I also enjoy using Filter forge and it works quite well with affinity. However applying a filter forge texture is a destructive edit. In Photo 1.9 I have set up a preset for creating patterns it's basically a 600px square document with a transparent background. What I do is add a fill layer and rasterize it. Then I select all (ctrl +A on Pc and I think cmd +A on mac) once I have my selection I go to the filers menu and select Filter forge from the plugins. there are a vast amount of texture filters in the filter forge library to choose from once I have my texture set the way I want it I make sure that seamless tiling is checked on and click apply. Once the filter renders in photo I go to layers> new pattern layer from selection and boom affinity generates a pattern layer ready to use. I like to add my patterns to my assets panel for easy access and the great thing about this is you can clip a texture pattern into text or vector shapes and they remain completely editable.
  7. I’ve just started playing with the new Pattern Layer functionality and it looks like it could be very useful. However, I’ve noticed that, whenever I create a new Pattern Layer from a Selection, the pattern starts by offsetting the original selected pixels to the centre of the document. I was wondering if this was by design? I think it might be nice if the pattern was initially created with its centre at the centre of the area of selection rather than it being automatically offset. Or am I just using it wrong?
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