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  1. Tried exporting this "converted to curve" text to SVG, PDF and just plain copy and pasting between programs but for some bizarre reason, these 3 letters just kept losing their path structure and always in that same spot. The e's and the b were easy to fix, but that w was a nightmare. Somehow, the inside path got joined to the outside path at the top right of the letter. Using font "chiller". I even removed the sort of "spatter" marks as you can see, but it didn't help and the curves still got messed up in exactly the same place. Strangely, 3 e's on the bottom part of the text were messed up, but one e from the top half of the text was fine (circled, although that snippet was after removing the spatter bits). I reshaped the letters with use of scissors and pen in AI. But it was truly a PITA for me being brand new to AI. But I checked the paths in Affinity and it just didn't look broken in any way. I even dragged each node around to see if they had doubled up somehow, but the path looked fine before export! How can I avoid this happening in future? Sadly, AI can't achieve the same type of text effects that Affinity can. That would be too easy wouldn't it? So I am painstakingly having to transfer each letter over as curves, then duplicating them to use as a whitespot. And the amount of layers AI splits everything into is just ridiculous. Ugh. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys I just recently made the switch from Adobe ecosystem to Affinity Designer & Photo because i'm not trying to shell out $600 a year for the rest of my life. I'm getting myself adjusted with Designer right now, but i hit a snag. I can't seem to Add/Remove nodes to existing paths like you could in Illustrator. I've tried searching in Help, but nothing comes up. Is this feature not currently available in Designer? If that's the case, then when can we expect this option in a future update? I only ask because it's something I use often. Thanks in advance for your help and time.
  3. Hello fellows, Can someone pleeeeeaaase explain to me how I can reuse only a part of a path? I manage to mark several points, I can drag them around or delete them, but when I copy and paste them, Affinity Designer pastes me the whole path instead (not just the nodes I've previously selected). I'm only familiar with adobe illustrator, where this method (selecting, copy/paste) works like a charm. It's like an everyday thing to do for me and thus quite important for my work. Thank you for your help and thank you guys from Affinity for that awesome application!
  4. Hi, I've searched the forum but it seems that these features have yet to be implemented. So here I am asking whether they are possible and I am just missing something: I'm talking about the Pencil Tool in Affinity Designer. 1. Is it possible to automatically close a path after you have drawn a...circle...let's say? So basically I'm asking AD to snap to closing the path for the Pencil tool. 2. When I use the pencil tool and stop drawing with my tablet there's a problem resuming the shape that i've already created. You just simply cannot continue the path. Cheers!
  5. Hi, in 'Designer' is there any way to convert text to outlines (paths)? It's a function that I've use all the time in Illustrator & I'm praying it can be done in AD. Essentially I want to be able to edit each character as a path, so I can customise them.
  6. I've been busting my head for the better part of this week and I can't figure out how to make an open ended path from a curve. I wanted to delete one path but all it does is create extra nodes on the path and I can't see any other way around this. Am I missing something ? EDIT: Found it. It was break curve. This needs some overhauling as neither the icon, nor the wording is very inspired.
  7. Hello, is it possible to automatically fill in areas that are made of several paths? So I don't have to draw an area again that was already surroundet by lines that were not coherent. It would be really nice if you could do that with one of the Affinity products, so far I haven't found a function for this. Greetings
  8. Hi, Im struggling to add points to paths I have made, In Illustrator you have the + & - tools to accomplish this. Is there a simple way in Affinity I'm sure there is a very simple solution to this,
  9. Hey It would be wonderful if I could save the paths of my logos (in Affinity Photo) individually, similar to Photoshop as ai (PS: "path to illustrator" -> ai -> is supported by a lot of other programs as import for paths). I could then import this directly into Cinema4D, for example, in order to edit this logo in 3 dimensions and add textures. Greetings Till
  10. I haven't found a solution to this yet on affinity or other vector programs, hoping someone has. In my work I am consistently trying to crop a series of vector paths using a shape (like a circle. I can crop one at a time, copy/pasting the circle over again and again, but that is very time-consuming. I've attached a very basic file to try and illustrate this. In the group on the left, basically I want the 'hairs' outside of the thicker circle gone, leaving only the parts that were inside, so it ends up looking like the group on the right. I manually edited this one to show you. I need these to still be vector paths, not expanded or rasterized. Any ideas? Thank you. VectorCropAttempt.afdesign
  11. Hello! I am a new user and I love the experience so far! But I have an issue... I can't export my files to AI without losing the paths. When opening the file in AI for editing the design is outlined.
  12. Illustrator allows creation of a curved (or straight) path upon which one places text before selecting whether to use ‘stairstep,’ ‘gravity,’ ‘rainbow,’ or two other FX to affect its look. The effect I cannot find (or create) in Designer is VERTICAL text on a curved (e.g., arc-ed) path. It's easy enough to create a path and place text on it, but that appears to be endgame. Text then only follows the shape of the path, skewing left or right, depending on how and where the path curves. Yes, I realise I could convert the text to curves and straighten it manually, but then it's no longer editable. Question 1: IS there a way to create vertically-oriented text along a curving path in Affinity Designer? If so, how? If not, please consider adding it. I'm fairly certain I can't be the only one asking about this … Question 2: It would be nice to place the cursor next to a character needing kerning, hold the Option key, and use the arrow keys to bring them closer or space them farther apart. As is stands now, kerning is applied to the entire word (or phrase, depending), which is rather clunky and produces less-than-satisfactory results by throwing otherwise fine kerning at other positions in the text out of whack. Can we PLEASE have kerning between individual characters to adjust spacing? Note: If it's there and I'm just not seeing it, please let me know where and how to access it.
  13. Hello again! I was given a hand-drawn logo to make into a digital EPS. I used the pen tool to create a black outline. Now I want to fill in with colour and some gradients, but I won't let me. I searched but couldn't find a solution. I've included screenshots to show you the layers(a few of them). Thanks so much!
  14. It would be soooooo awesome if we could just get a simple tool setting that allows users to toggle automatic deselecting on at least pencil paths. I always find myself doing endless clicks on the deselect “x” button when I’m coloring. My process is; I pick a color for my path, then draw a freehand path with the pencil tool, I’m done and I want to draw my next path so I select the next color, oops the path I’ve just drawn is now a different color, gesture undo, click deselect, click palette and select next color, draw the next path. If could have just been able to have the path not be selected when I finished I could work a lot faster and save the excessive deselects and undo gestures. Designer still rock! Keep up the amazing work Affinity Team.😁
  15. Why does the perspective of the rounded corners of the shape is not as I expected? Where did I do wrong?
  16. Hey, I have the next challenge. I'm working on an ornament. However, would like to overlap some lines over other lines. Is there a method to handle this conveniently? Do you have any advice for me? The only option is to trace the lines with the pen tool and snapping tool, but this seems to take a long time. There must be some other useful approach I think. line above and under other line.afdesign
  17. I can't seem to find this anywhere so thought I'd create a new topic. Sorry if I've failed to find it and it is hidden away somewhere.... When aligning nodes in paths together sometimes the size of the node itself is too large for precise node alignment. I know about snapping but would be handy if the node itself and the handles became transparent when dragging or moving with the keys. I know I'd find it handy myself and it's something I've noticed to be an issue while using several times so thought I'd make the suggestion. Great software though and really love using it now I've adjusted from Adobe. Workflow seems to be a little better in Affinity I'd say and am recommending to all designers I know.
  18. Hi, can I let the alpha channel of the fill color of 2 paths (each on an own layer) be operated with by a selected mask operation such as subtract? How? Thanks, u&i
  19. Hey folks, I'm just wondering what' the difference between the two options in the Layer → Geometry menu. At first glance they both seem to have the same function – maybe someone can enlighten me? 💡 Cheers and … wash your hands MrDoodlezz 😄
  20. Hi, i have some problem, and probably im not the only one. When im try to merge two paths or subtract one path from another path, happens some kind chaos. It all started in version 1.8, in 1.7 everything was fine. I am very worried that I will have to rollback, because the new version has a photo bank, good work of extended stroke and other features. Help me or fix it, please🙏 The video shows the problem. Sorry for my english, im from Russia ☺️
  21. Does Affinity Designer have a similar function to Adobe Illustrator "Edit selected paths" for Pencil tool? It allows to correct drawn paths/strokes while drawing by "re-drawing" segments of them (I think Astute Graphics have a plug-in which does similar thing as well, again for Illustrator): it is very useful for hand drawing in Illustrator. I've tested Affinity Designer trial version on my PC (Windows 10) and it seems to perform better than Illustrator. However, I was unable to find a function similar to "Edit selected paths." Thank you in advance for help.
  22. I discovered this while trying to align individual nodes on multiple paths today. The simplest case to reproduce is as follows: Draw 3 overlapping paths with three 'sharp' nodes each: Start, (approx) middle and end. Using the Node tool, select the middle nodes of each path Choose Align Horizontally: Center and Align Vertically: Center Observe the center points. Depending on the starting positions of the nodes, they may now be curved instead of sharp, and oddly curved when viewed up close. In this case, I would expect the nodes to stay the same type (sharp to stay sharp, curved to stay curved). The strange curved behaviour seen in panel 3 attached seems especially wrong though, and currently means I can't use the align tool for this job. Let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!
  23. Hello, there is something that is bugging me, or something maybe I did not understand the right away after watching Affinity Designer Tutorialvideos on your learn page. At first I was excited because you guys added the possibilities to add curves/nodes in one excisting curves/Path. Like in this Image I tried (1 Forum): Now I hoped that Affinity Designer would now recognize 2 different closed form in one existing path. I selected the fill tool, tried to hover it to the closed form on the right side, but instead of filling this closed form with a color, it does this (2 Forum): why? I hoped thos would speed up my workflow, but it seems like I still have to make 2 different paths in order for Affinity Designer to recognize 2 different closed form. Would be nice if Affinity Designer could recognize several closed form in one path! Does anyone have a workflow to this (workaround). I hoped to use the pathfinder tool much less (does AD also call it the pathfinder tool?) Oh, by the way, the isometric advanced tool is sooo awesome...good work serif
  24. I already found some information here on how to preserve a Photoshop path by converting it into a vector mask. This is nice and helpful, but what to do when you do not own Photoshop to convert the path of a .psd? Make everything new? I did not found a way to workaround this problem. It would be nice if paths were automatically converted into vector mask usable in AFPhoto.
  25. We are going to through the process of figuring out how to transition from PS to AP. We are a catalog company that have a few thousand images that ave clipping paths saved inside the PSD or tiff files that we use in Indesign as silhouettes images. Basically the path is used as a mask that Indesign recognizes. These curves remain live so they are editable for edge refinement and repositioning. Am I clear in the understanding there is no way for curves to make the leap from PS to AP? The forum thread I found that talked about this issue was from 2016. I didn't know if the status of this has changed. I did try the shape layer approach, but this still does not leave me with curves. They PS shape layer comes in as a color fill. Maybe my approach was wrong. The color fill would work if I was able to turn my selection into curves, but I know that is not currently possible. As a side note: Affinity photo is able to turn curves into selections, but can not turn a selection into a curve. I always thought that was strange. I know auto trace...its on the roadmap.... Recreating all of those paths in all those files is not a real viable or cost effective solution for us. I am open to any workflow suggestions anyone can offer.
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