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Found 7 results

  1. Having issues when trying to paste. I first make a marquee selection in a photo, long tap with one finger, select copy, long tap with one finger, select paste, and it pastes the whole image in another layer. It does not paste what I had selected. Even if I take that same selection and inverse it and select cut, it cuts the whole picture. It’s as if it doesn’t know I have a selection. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long, long time and now I’ve just given up. Please help.
  2. I have made a closed vector path in Photoshop. Applied an inner glow to the path. I can copy the path as SVG and paste into AD. The path gets pasted but not the effect applied to it. So...what tricks are there, if any, how to preserve vector layer effects when importing/pasting from Photoshop. Thanks
  3. Hello, when pasting a graphic from one AD file to the other, the graphic looks siginificantly smaller, even thought the documents are of similar size. Is there something in how I'm copying, or in the document setup, that might be causing this? It just occurred to me that it might be different resolution settings, so that height and width dimensions become adjusted upon pasting? Just a theory on what might be happening. Basically, under what conditions would pasting from one doc to another result in the pasted image becoming smaller? Another Affinity Designer using friend had the same issue, so asking for the two of us. Thanks!
  4. When I copy paste into Affinity photo the object has only about 95% opacity IE. can still see a shadow of underlying object pastied onto. Oacity is set to 100%?. Thanks Jimmy
  5. Hello everybody, I'm trying to paste an 300 dpi image with a height of 3,47 cm and a width of 3,18 cm from a 300 dpi document with the option 'New from clipboard' and I obtain the image on an 96 dpi document with a height of 10,85 cm and a width of 9,92 cm. Why is this happening? I checked the preferences but I haven't seen any options to set that. Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, I've been having a bit of a curious problem with copying an image from Safari and then pasting into a new AP document. All I get is https text. This does not happen if I paste the same image into, say, Gimp, an email, or Pages. Nor does it happen if I use Firefox or Safari, which I suppose is the obvious answer to the issue, but I much prefer Chrome to either of these alternatives, especially the latter. I've trawled the forum, I've been able to find is something similar, but in relation to Safari rather than Chrome. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!
  7. Hi there, being a newbie to affinity photo I tried to follow the Affinity Photo-cutting out video with an own photo. Everything went fine, masking was in fact very easy and I succeeded in copying the masked area of the photo. But as I pasted it into another photo, there was no way to resize or turn it in any way, may it a photo or a new Document. It was always pasted without any anchors, where I could turn, resize, move up or down the object. Really annoying compared to what could be seen in the movie, Can anyone give a hint - I viewed the video over and over, looking if I could find any clicked option - nothing to see. Btw. searching the forum I didn't find anything about cutting except for AD. It could be helpful if the questions resp. answers could have a tag AP or AD Greetings from Berlin docesen
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