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  1. The one feature that would completely move me from AI would be the ability to copy a set of curves and past them as masks in After Effects. This feature works great in AI but I hate having to load it up to just make an advance mask for AE. Please! :D
  2. BUG: Affinity Designer Crashes after copy & paste of selected window capture. I have try several screen capture applications (for example Voila, Jing) and all available Chrome extensions. All of them after you paste copied from clipboard screen capture selection to Affinity Designer window cause Affinity Designer crash or pastes an empty window. The selected area copy and paste only worked with only one app Snagit.
  3. Would be really nice to be able to copy/past Apple Numbers spreadsheet tables into Affinity Designer. Right now it is pretty rubbish, and If I want to get a table pasted into Affinity Designer I need to Copy from Apple Numbers, Paste into Adobe Photoshop, export as PSD, import PSD into Affinity designer. I say Apple Numbers because the table design tools are the best there is, fast easy and very good quality. This would negate Affinity Designer having to get too involved in creating its own table designer, In Design tables are trash also, but I can copy/paste from Apple Numbers.
  4. I'm fairly new to AD and loving it! I've been designing patterns for a messenger bag to be made of leather and, before I knew how to use artboards, had separate documents for various bag parts (e.g., front, inside pocket). I designed a strap, for example, that will be riveted onto a pocket. The strap is in one file and the pocket in another. They are all drawn actual size. But, when I copy the strap to paste it onto the pocket, the strap appears huge compared to the pocket. I fear I may be missing something obvious but I don't know what it is. I've made sure both documents have the sam
  5. Hi! I noticed this problem a some time ago where colors in objects are changing unpredictably when I'm moving objects from a document to an other. I use to store some of my assets to other files so my workflow doesn't suffer from lagging. However, when I open both the new- and the old files and copy & paste grouped objects from the old to the new one, sometimes colors get messed up! I would like to know if there is coming and fix for this. http://imgur.com/1C8ZN7I(the spruce should be all green) I'm using: OSX 10.11.2 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2,2 GHz Intel Core
  6. Somebody please help me. I've made different boxes designs and I need to copy only shadow effect to other boxes. :wacko: Somethings like 'Paste Layer Style' in Photoshop
  7. Layers are not pixel aligned when pasted, even when the "Snapping Manager" is set up to snap all geometry to pixels and "Force Pixel Alignment", "Move by While Pixels" and "Snapping" are enabled in the toolbar. As a result, I have to manually pixel align every layer pasted by editing the values of the x and y fields in the Transform panel. This gets old really fast. It would be great if Affinity Designer would automatically pixel align all content when pasted.
  8. How do I introduce a jpg into a canvas to begin working with it? I can't seem to copy and paste the jpg. When I open one tab with the canvas and another with the image I can't select and copy the image - it's greyed out. Thanks
  9. It would be great if the paste style feature worked on typography as well, like a format painter.
  10. Hello, I had search a lot but no answer i want remove the outline of each similar image when i pasted them. Please help me.
  11. Hi folks, Again, thanks for the “New From Clipboard” feature! Works perfectly but for vectorial shapes. Steps to reproduce: • Creation any shape (even a basic rectangle) with any other app. • Select the shape and copy it. • On Affinity Designer / Photo, ⌘⌥⇧N --> the new document canvas size is bigger than the pasted element.
  12. Greetings, I often copy images from other sources (e. g. screenshots from webbrowsers, selections from other documents) and want to paste them in a new document. When I create a new document I do not know the dimensions of the copied image. It would be nice if Affinity Photo could detect if a copied image exists in memory and fill in its dimensions into the "new document" dialog. I (and hopefully many others) would not need to crop or enlarge the document after copying. Best regards habsi
  13. As soon, text is added, the frame extends to the right side - also if unwanted. Manually changing document format has no effect on copy & paste. Example: If I copy this: I get this inserted, please aware additional unwanted space at the right side. It's the text making the problem: ends here, please aware blank space I found no workaround for this... without text, copy & paste works as expected: ends properly here, no unwanted blank space right of design Greetings, Roland => Please see pdf attachment for screen shots. AD bug - copy paste.pdf
  14. Hello Affinity goeroes, I found a problem while copy pasting some text. When i paste it, it shrinks.. Is there a way to fix this? For more information look at the video. Affinity-bug-copy.mov
  15. 1. Trim transparent pixels. 2. Paste from layer to mask's layer.
  16. I work with a couple of Sketch files from before I discovered Affinity Designer, and that I need to maintain. I use Designer to design/manage icons that I use in these Sketch mockups, and until recently I've had zero trouble copying & pasting shapes from Designer to Sketch. Unfortunately, after the Designer 1.2 update, I seem to no longer be able to copy and paste from Designer to Sketch... when I go to paste a shape into Sketch, nothing is pasted. I acknowledge this might be a Sketch issue... but I suspect that maybe something changed in Designer in 1.2 that is giving Sketch troub
  17. If I copy a selection to clipboard I often open a new document with the dimensions of this selection and paste the selection to the new document. I think you should add the following options in New Document > Dimensions: Copy clipboard dimensions [x] Paste clipboard into new document
  18. Hi. I have just started using Affinity Designer after being a (non expert) PhotoShop user. After working on an image successfully, I pasted it into Word, but thousands of random characters similar to some e-mail attachments appeared. This happened several times. The only way around it was to paste into PhotoShop, copy it into clipboard again, then paste into Word. That worked first time. I was disappointed, and rather surprised. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks, Sarah (Mac OS X 10.10.12)
  19. Hi there as the title says, it would be great if i could copy paths i draw in Affinity Photo and paste them into a document in Affinity Designer so I can continue working with the paths there and fill them and so on. I love the idea of an alternative to Photoshop/Illustrator and am ready to completely leave them behind as soon as the features i need are all implemented in Affinity Photo and Designer thanks!
  20. I was copying a simple vector ——————————————— Process: Affinity Designer Beta [3352] Path: /Applications/Affinity Designer Beta.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Designer Beta Identifier: com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.beta Version: ( Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Designer Beta [3352] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2015-02-11 00:06:55.324 -0500 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.2 (14C109) Report Version: 11 An
  21. When I Copy something and then Paste it, traditionally I expect the result to be placed smack in the center of my current view, unless I use a Paste in Place command (typically Command Shift V, or an alternate Command V modifier key combo) — which AD doesn't support yet. It's very handy for quickly centering objects on a page, and I use this all the time: Cut (Command X), Zoom to Fit (Command 0), and Paste (Command V)... Boom, DONE!
  22. Hi there, I am sorry for asking that stupid question - I am feeling very ashamed about this. How do I copy and paste objects like a simple circle between documents? When I press copy (e.g. CMD C) and then CMD V in a new document the circle gets not inserted. I only get a new empty layer called "(Frame Text)" and it's empty blue stroked modify box. Please see picture. What am I missing? Where is my mistake? Please help! Thanks!
  23. I have a simple drawing (attached), just vectors created entirely in AD. When I copy and paste into other applications I get a variety of strange results. This may be something odd in AD's clipboard content and is certainly inconvenient. Pasting into: Pages 4.3 (my intended destination) sometimes works and sometimes pastes a file name (eg file:///var/folders/h1/djnp3y4j1x5bk3sb9dszfn4c0000gp/T/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Clipboard.svg). Selecting just the ellipse can give different results to selecting all the objects. Pages 5.5.1 (the latest) sometimes does the same as 4.3 and sometim
  24. I wanted to get rid of a shadow by pasting a patch of grass over it. I copied a patch of grass: and moved it to cover the shadow: and pasted the copy back to fill the hole: The pasted back section did not completely fill the 'hole' and left a while line to left and below. It doesn't show up too well in this photo and when I blow it up the white line is miniscule: It does not show up on the exported image, so appears to be a display issue. Maybe this post should be in the Bugs forum... Thanks. RPJ
  25. I was uncertain whether this would rather be a feature request, but than: This is to my point of view such an elementary function long established on the mac, it just has to work: I am not able to copy pixel-content from Affinity Designer to another software, neither by selecting with the rectangular marque tool, nor by just selecting a pixel element from the layer palette. Neither any of Adobe’s CS5,5 programmes, nor Text Edit, Preview, etc accept the pasteboard’s content. Finder is just showing “Content unknown” when displaying pasteboard. Does it really not work (yet) or do I have to us
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