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  1. Hi, how do I copy and paste a selection made with the marquee tool?! I am trying to duplicate some parts of an image and also try to copy a part and paste it as a new image (ctrl+alt+shift+n) Edit: Is it possible to switch the shortcuts for the Marquee tool?! I couldn't find it in the settings. Subtracting selection with Right+Left Mouse seems to be rather weird to me, especially since I have to make sure I release the left mouse button first, otherwise a new selection will be created. I would like to exchange it with DRAG+Ctrl since moving the layer is something I never did :huh:
  2. Hello to everyone, when I copy and paste a layer or a group, should move that object into position according to the cursor and not above the same object. Is interesting that when the copied object is not in frame, is pasted where the cursor is. I attached a video https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcaz29l8slbf9i3/2016-12-01%20at%2018-03-13.mp4?dl=0 Thanks
  3. When I copy text from another programm (browser) and paste into affinity designer it is paste out of the canvas. See scteenshot.
  4. Hello, maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I have my Affinity document set up to use Pixels as units. The drawing is 580px wide exactly. I copy everything and paste it in photoshop as curves, yet it's pasted at 154px (100%). If I scale the image to make it 580px, there is some white , jagged-fraying on the edges of the curves and it looks like crap. What am I doing wrong? Why aren't the programs 1 to 1 with each other? Thanks
  5. Hi, I just downloaded Affinity Photo (and also bought Affinity Designer), hopefully a good replacement for the horrible PP Pro and Inkscape :) I would like to know if it's possible to turn off the brush preview, I just need the outlines of my brush tool (its annoying that I can't see what's underneath my brush, especially while using my Cintiq 13HD with pressure controlled brush sizes). Using the pressure controlled brush always shows a full black circle, then, upon drawing with minimal pressure, I can draw a thin line, but upon releasing my pen, the preview for my brush tool is the wh
  6. Hi, We develop for Autodesk (external) and have a tool that allows users to copy/paste svg into Maya. We've been getting requests from users to better support Affinity so we're testing it out but getting an issue we can't get our head round. Our current workflow (or one of them at least) in Maya is based on the ability to copy SVG info out of e.g. Illustrator/web etc to your clipboard and then paste that directly into Maya (to create 3d geometry). I'm new to Affinity so maybe missing a workflow here but it seems this isn't possible? I've tried copying the clipboard from Affinity into a
  7. Dear Affinity team, it is part of my workflow to import vector graphics from the statistics program Graphpad Prism into Affinity designer. When I copy a given plot in Prism and paste it in Affinity the vector nature is preserved. However, I found that the size of the graph's components changed, e.g. a 0.5 pt line would end up being a 0.7 pt line and so forth. I found that when I set the document's dpi to 104 the dimensions seem to be preserved, but since I also work with raster images from other sources within the same document I don't want to switch back and forth changing the dpi for th
  8. Being able to paste any layer into the mask to give it a custom look is a must honestly. Especially useful for photomanipulators that need to work flexibly.
  9. When I copy a shape (alt + drag or cmd-c cmd-v) and drag it, it does not always stay in the position I put it. It often jumps back to its previous position. Sometimes it will stay where I put it but then will jump back to this position when I try to position it again. See attached video. - new document - create circle - cmd-c, cmd-v to copy & paste - move copy to new position - copy stays where it's put (doesn't always do this...) - change copy colour to orange - move copy to right - copy jumps back to original position - go back 2 steps, repeat OSX 10.11.6 AD 1.5
  10. In Affinity Designer Beta, I have an EPS vector with more than 1000 icons. I want to drag a selection box around one of them to copy or recolor it. But Designer selects ALL the icons with the Move tool, or individual elements of each icon with the Node tool. In Illustrator, I can easily drag around any icon to select it. How do I do that with Designer? 1111_XXL_set2.eps
  11. I have nested groups of text frames and shapes that I copied. These groups were inside a layer in another group. I want to place these groups inside another layer and still retain the original groups---- but when I highlight the layer or place where I would like to paste this copy, it always ends up outside of all layers and also doesn't retain the groupings made in the copy-all frames and shapes get pasted as individual items on their own layer. Is copy/pasting groups not there yet?
  12. I'm using Designer and its great. One thing holding me back from Photo unfortunately is that when i copy and image into the clipboard and paste it into Photo, it doesn't automatically size the artboard/canvas to the size of the image. Photoshop does this as follows. When you copy something into the clipboard, you do a cmd-n and Photoshop starts a new tab with the Canvas defaulting to the size of the image in the clipboard. This is really useful. I am copying images and pasting into Photoshop all the time. In Photo, unfortunately, it doesn't auto detect and set the size. This would be l
  13. I tried all of the copy and paste possibilities, but nothing helped. How to copy and paste from one layer to another transform values? Appreciate any help! :)
  14. Whenever i copy a picture (from web or my own files) on my clipboard and i try to paste it on my affinity canvas it pastes as text (https type link). It did not used to do this. The workaround includes a lot more steps. Can anyone help me revert it back to where it wont do this and just post the image?
  15. I'd like to see support added for SHIFT+DEL, CTRL+INS, SHIFT+INS shortcuts for cut / copy / paste, as is standard across many Windows applications. This is in addition to the existing CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V shortcuts that already exist. Currently it's only possible to reassign the existing shortcuts rather than add additional ones, and it isn't possible to assign SHIFT+DEL. My earlier comments and related discussion on this topic here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22639-affinity-designer-public-beta-1507-windows/?p=107136
  16. Hello, I purchased Affinity recently and trying to do some work now. I tried to place an image but the app crashes. I tried to copy/paste, drag to dock icon etc. but it keeps crashing no matter what I do. Running on Mac OSX Version 10.11.5 (15F34)
  17. Steps to reproduce: create a new page with the type "Print" instantly switch to the "Pixel Persona" select the "Paint Brush Tool" Paint something select the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" select a part of the painted line press ctrl + x to cut out the selection without doing anything else instalty press ctrl + v to insert the cutted back to its original place from the menu select "File" --> "Export..." and export it with default settings (png ...) View the file and zoom in to see light borders where the part was cutted. Settings for the new page were: Sidenote
  18. OK what is "paste Inside" for? Like Crop in Draw?...Power Clip in Corel Draw? Need some better documentation.
  19. Both Designer and Photo crash when I attempt to paste from the "Snagit" application: https://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html When I use "copy to clipboard" function from Snagit, then attempt to paste to either Photo or Designer, the application immediately crashes. While this may be some bug in Snagit, I have not had problems pasting Snagit's images into any other applications.
  20. ...rather than have to first rasterize (convert to pixel) layer before being allowed to copy selection to new layer.
  21. Hi When I copy/paste an image within AD the inserted image is very pale. I attached a screen shot to show the effect. It doesn't matter if I copy/paste within the same document or into a new one. The image has the RGB color profile, the document CMYC.
  22. Hi, I've to integrate a client provided design made on Photoshop (yeah… <_< ). Basically, I've to copy texts from the design to my code under SublimeText. When I copy the text, I've no way to paste it on SublimeText (note that it's really copied and present on the clipboard). To get it work, I've to paste my text first on TextEdit for example, then to copy it back again from there and then paste on SublimeText. Any idea? Cheers,
  23. When i screenshot & paste image with Affinity Desinger it inserts images x2 size probably because of Retina display. I wish it insert same size i see but i can't find any settings =(
  24. hello, i seem to be having issues with the marquee tool in the pixel persona layout. i have a large object i would like to take a sample from. so i have gone into pixel persona layout and drawn a rectangular marquee over the area i would like to use. however when i try to copy, i do not get any response. pasting simply pastes the last layer i copied earlier. is there a trick to this? thank you.
  25. I brought an eps file into Designer which has several shapes inside one layer (which is being described as 'Curves' in the layer menu). There was one shape that I wanted to copy and paste into the same set of curves, so that the file retains one set of curves, but I can't find a way to do that. Every time I go to paste the shape, it creates a new separate layer called 'Curve'). At the very least, I know that merging the layer called 'Curve' and the layer called 'Curves' into one would achieve the same desired effect, but I can't find a way to do that, either. So to use the nomenclature o
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