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  1. I would like to have the function of pasting in front or back. It saves an incredible amount of time in Illustrator to target an object and then use the function to paste in front or back.
  2. Using Affinity 1.6.3 on a iPad Pro 12" (first model). I'm having issues with this feature introduced in 1.6.3: - Support pasting of images from other applications. Steps to reproduce: Open a new affinity file Open this image in safari: https://unsplash.com/photos/0wroxMXvPxk/download Long-press on the image and select "Copy" (this copies the image to the iOS clipboard) Go to Affinity > ... > Pasteboard > Paste The copied image should be pasted as a new layer. This worked for me only twice. Nowadays it pastes som
  3. AD pastes a copied object in exactly the same position as it was originally on the same doc (which is great!). However, is there any auxiliary key that allows one to paste the copied object in the middle of the the screen on which one is working?
  4. I am trying to copy text from another app (notes, email, pages, etc) into a frame text box in AP, but I am having quite a bit of difficulty. I cannot seem to copy text from any app to AP. Is this feature not supported or more likely am I doing it wrong? Thanks.
  5. Affinity Photo is able to paste images from Procreate, but only until you copy something inside AP. After that, it seems AP takes full control of the clipboard and doesn't allow pasting anything from other apps. The only way around this is to close and restart Affinity Photo. Additionally any image with transparency pasted from Procreate comes into AP in the full size of the original document. Even if it's a small paint blob in the middle of a transparent canvas. A "trim layer" option would be useful to clean up any pasted layers with transparencies.
  6. I want to paste the text, but keep the Affinity format.
  7. Hello, I've been using Af Designer since october but since then I see that when I copy something like a rectangle form one document to another both its dimensions and its lines stroke change. In Example from the starting the rectangle is 1pt stroke width, when copied in another file something change...it's weird because exportations are good but I never trust on strokes. Same thing happens on the dimension of thw drawing... hope this could help Denis
  8. Hello, I seem to be missing how to copy and paste fill and stroke for text exclusively. When I copy and paste style, to text, my text sizing and spacing changes also. I only want to copy the fill colour, and the stroke (colour, weight, mitre, draw behind fill) and paste that onto my art text. I do not want to also copy font, text size, character spacing, and other position and transformations. Is there a quick setting I am missing. thank you very much for you guidance. Mars
  9. Trying to copy an image on top of another image and move it around like I did in Photoshop with no success. Two separate images. Have tried paste inside and I do see the new layer but it does not show up. Help appreciated, I am looking in help file as well. Thanks
  10. I've searched the forum and online and haven't been able to find too much, or even a specific topic about these paste features. I use a lot of artboards and find that copying and pasting from one artboard to another to keep the same position of the copied contents on the different artboard would be the best. Equally, being able to paste the copied contents in front or behind a selected item/layer would be even better.
  11. Is there any way to paste an object into the exact same place (X & Y coord) from one artboard into another artboard in AD? Every time I try it seems to retain its Y coord, but not its X coord. Thanks for the help! :)
  12. I must be missing something. 1. Open existing file. 2. File=>New then specify size. You will see a blank document. 3. Switch tab to opened existing document. 4. Select eyedropper tool. 5. Select color. 6. Return to new file. 7. Fill (Shift+F5) is greyed out?? 8. Select Flood Fill Tool. 9. Click on new document. 10. Right click on document. Nothing happens. Try a new intermediate step. 7A. Select rectangular marquee tool. 7B. Draw a rectangle around the entire document. Proceed with 8-10. Nothing happens. So, what is the se
  13. One feature Freehand used to have was the ability to paste shapes into text areas. I'd love to be able to design an icon or special bullet shape and then paste it into an artistic or frame text layer and have it flow according to the character/paragraph/tab rules. It's been many years since I last used Freehand, so I can't remember if it was possible to scale the shape when it was within the text area, but having some way to do that either by hand (or via the text area options, e.g. setting the font size) would be trés cool, indeedio. I would assume that any inline shape pasted int
  14. AD fam, On many of the AD tutorials I see a click/drag operation used to select an item you want to isolate for copy/paste purposes. My question, is the click/drag done while holding down a keyboard key (i.e., the 'alt' or 'command' key)? When I click/drag over a given area that I'm trying to cut out, I see the light blue square/rectangle cover said area...but when I release my finger from the mouse it seems I'm unable to 'capture' (copy) the selection. I know I'm missing something simple - please have mercy on me. Thanks in advance. -Christo
  15. I've never used GIMP or Photoshop, so I don't know how common this feature is, but how about an option in the Edit drop-down (and also the right-click context menu) for Paste To Pointer. This would be useful in both Photo and Designer. The software I've always used it in was Corel PhotoImpact X3, and it has become a great convenience to me. Having the copied object attached to the pointer helps me when I'm zoomed in to an area where the original copied object is not located (saves having to zoom out to pick up object, move to the needed location, and then zoom in to paste precisely). It's also
  16. Hi there, I have been using Photoshop CS4 for some years but thought I would give Affinity Photo a try. I am stuck at what seems a very basic hurdle. I have a PSD 420 x 287 px. Within it I have several layers each an image of 400 x 267 px. The background is white and therefore gives a 10 pixel border. All I want to be able to do is merge visible, select all and copy and paste to another layered PSD, this however only ever copies the image and not the image plus background ... how do I copy and paste the whole area selected? Thank you
  17. In this quicktip [ GERMAN | ENGLISH subtitles ], I'll show you how to transfer styles and effects from one object to another object in Affinity Designer. https://youtu.be/gqp_dTqYppI Keep on drawin' Norbert
  18. Apologies for the newbie question here, I have the feeling I'm overlooking something very obvious but can't seem to figure it out. I've created a logo which consists of 6 layers. The layers have been grouped together. My question is a 2-parter: 1) how do I duplicate the group/image-as-a-whole...then separate (drag?) the dup from the original? and, 2) how can I then copy/paste the dup(s) to a new document or artboard? Thanks in advance for any help on this. christo
  19. Hello, I've been using AD since the first beta. I'm encountering problems when copy-paste simple drawings from a file to another one. It happens that Designer changes the dimensions of the drawings, sometimes the scale, sometimes the stroke thinkness. :wacko: When I close it an reopen, it goes ok, but minute after minutes copying and pasting, the size of the drawing changes pasting from file to file. :blink: AD 1.51.43 :ph34r:
  20. Hi I have just started using Affinity Photo and have yet to find I use Serif Photoshop and also Gimp. Both of these have the option to Copy a Selection and then Paste as A New Image where the selection was made into a new image whose size was automatically set up by the command. I haven't yet found a way to do the same in Affinity Photo. Can anybody tell me if it can be done Ian
  21. Hi , i was wondering if it would be possible to copy and paste content in SVG code or HTML5 from Affinity Designer to any text editor?
  22. Hello, I have a issue when copying files from and to Illustrator. When copying geometry from Ilustrator to Affinity Designer it reduces the scale. Example: 10 mm in AI > 2,4mm in Affinity Designer. When copying geometry from Affinity to Illustrator it reduces the size about 20 percent <<< solved by setting "copy as svg" in Affinity Someone has a solution? Thanks and best regards pseudox
  23. If I make a marquee selection, :: Pause :: It still has that problem where I have to change tools and come back to the marquee tool to manually transform the dimensions :: UnPause :: then copy flattened, then create a new file from clipboard, it is inexplicably larger than the selection by exactly 2 pixels. So if I make my selection sized 1280 px by 720 px, in a document sized 1920 px by 1080 px, then create a new document from that selection, the new document is 1282 px by 722 px. If the selection is the same size as the document, it doesn't do this. If my document and selection are the sa
  24. Hi, I've been using AD for the past two weeks and I am very impressed so far. It ran smoothly for the first portion of my using it, but then it started freezing when I try to copy a layer and I have to force quit AD every once in awhile. I'm not sure what's causing this issue since it seems to happen quite randomly -- I can copy/paste layers most of the time just fine, but there's no warning to when the freeze happens.
  25. Ja use PrtSc-button to take a screen capture, then in APhoto: I create a new document with "New from clipboard" I make a "Rectangular selection" (or any other kind selection I assume) I try to "Cut" (ctrl-X or menu) or "Copy" the selection. Result: the whole layer is either deleted or copied. Loading an image normally and all works normally. Also pasting PrtSc-screen captures to existing documents causes similar behaviour.
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